10 Helpful SEO Plugins for WordPress: How to Improve Your Website’s SEO

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Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for every website, and it is obvious. Engines like Google can bring tons of traffic, improve various aspects of SEO and the website’s overall visibility. As we know, WordPress is the “out of box” SEO-friendly platform which is technically perfect for site optimization process. The best plugins developed for it by the world community will help to get much better organic SEO results for exceptional website’s popularity and your business’s success.

Make sure you use a quality WordPress theme for your blog or any other website and then top it up with the selected plugin for increasing your traffic and boost conversions. You can choose the most helpful WordPress SEO plugins among a great amount of the newest ones, and we will discuss the best of them in this post.

1.   Yoast SEO


This is the most complete plugin developed by Joost de Valk and his team to bring SEO to a higher level. Accept for technical components which include all necessary things starting from a real time page analysis to a snippet editor, this plugin helps to write better content. Every time you create an article, Yoast makes you choose a focus keyword and make sure it is used through the whole article. Features included in the plugin are as follows:

a)      Video SEO module (developed for websites striving to optimize their videos for Google or
other search engines).
b)      Local SEO module (for sites wanting to compete in Google Maps).
c)      SEO Video manual plugin (contains video instructions for editors and Admin section).

This is a solid solution for those who need a free and efficient SEO for WordPress. Moreover, you can check out premium add-on modules for Yoast.

2.  AIOSEO (All In One SEO Pack)


This plugin allows to start optimizing website without any custom settings. After the pack is installed, all required functionality is available by default. Just review settings and options to set the plugin up to your individual requirements. AIOSEO is going to automatically  optimize the titles of your blog posts and other content for search engines like Google. However, you can change titles, meta descriptions, and keywords as you require.

Premium version of this plugin includes a specific tool to make a site quick thus improving the user experience. The pack handles the snippet functions to help every post stand out from the crowd in the search results. Other helpful features of AIOSEO include:

a)      Twitter Cards and Facebook Planner ( to share posts automatically);
b)      Canonical URLs;
c)      Google Analytics Support;
d)      Built-In API ( to allow other plugins extend functionality);
e)      404 pages and 301 redirection;
f)      SERP tracker;
and many others.

By the way, the pack is translated into 57 languages.

3.   WP Social SEO Booster


Social signals are essential factors for search engines today. If the website is mentioned in social media for many times, it has better chances to boost its rate in the search results. Yoast offers WP Social SEO Booster plugin which embeds Rich Snippets Tagging for all types of your content by default. Some of the key features also include:

a)      Compatibility with other plugins (Yoast SEO, AIOSEO, and some others);
b)      Google authorship;
c)      Twitter meta tags;
d)      Google plus publish pages support;
and others.

The plugin is free.

4.  SEO Pressor


One of the most remarkable features concerning this plugin is the automatic keywords analysis. The integrated keyword research tool allows to search for long tail keywords related to the written content to make it more SEO-friendly. After the certain post is published you can run its overall analysis to get a correspondent score and find out if your post matches the current SEO demands. SEO Pressor supports all snippets recommended by Google and provides a lot of other possibilities. Some of them are as follows:

a)      Bounce rate reducing;
b)      Default options for increasing the ranking;
c)      Social media advantages;
d)      Various SEO benefits.

5.  RankScanner: Rank Tracking


This is the rank checker that helps to track website rankings on the search engines keeping a sharp lookout for every keyword position. You can watch all SERPs in your admin area with detailed statistics, graphs, and other specifics. Notable features are:

a)     The ability to track the unlimited amount of keywords;
b)     SERP rank tracking features;
e)     Automatic monitoring of Google positions;
в)     Free keywords tracking;
and some others.



This is the best solution to make your content both human- and bot-friendly one. It allows you to regularly monitor SEO Stats, get weekly SEO Audit, and select the best keywords. Every time you are writing a text, the interface will light up green to inform you that content is right and your text is fully optimized. When all lights are green, you are welcome to publish it. Other useful features include:

a)      A real time optimization advice;
b)      Progress monitoring;
c)      Every article analysis;
d)      Copyright-free images;
e)      Inspiration Box for Social Intelligence;
f)       Headline suggestions;
g)      Audit report by email;
and others.

7.  SEO Friendly Images


As an image search on Google is important for proper SEO, than having the meaningful image tags which reflect the content is really significant. This plugin updates all uploaded images with proper alt and title attributes.

It is supposed to make the best use of pictures.

8.  Lazy SEO


This is the excellent plugin which creates the precise match SEO keywords for title tags and meta descriptions which randomly rotate with every new refresh. By the way, if you need to replace the H1 subtitle, plugin will add the precise match H1 to the article. It can also replace the initial one (if it exists) with the same keyword or location combination.

9.  Query Strings Remover


If you serve resources having “?” “&” or some other symbols in the URL, separate proxy servers may refuse to cache the URL. The plugin removes query strings from static resources to improve the cache performance and overall SEO quality of the website. No configuration is required for the plugin that is why you should only install it and empty your cached resources after installation to get started.

10. WP On-Page SEO


This is the compulsory plugin for those who want to write better content and get a fully optimized website. On-page optimization is quite important because it refers to factors that affect the site itself and the web page listing in natural search results. The plugin adds a focus keyword to titles, URL, alt tag and images and “relieves” you from optimizing every page manually. The plugin is useful for everyone being relatively new to SEO.

Why is it better to use a quality plugin instead of integrated theme SEO functionality? If you some time decide to change your theme, a plugin will keep you safe from losing all the previous SEO settings. Choose a quality SEO plugin and make your website progress to the top of search results easily day after day.

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