25 Best Admin Templates For Easier and Faster Work

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Every online application has its user interface which allows to work at its back-end. Dashboard is considered to be the most convenient user interface which was built for exceptional usability. If you own a custom made website or a web application, admin templates are exactly what you need for a custom administration section. These templates are created as the pre-designed dashboards available as a base for any type of back-end system.

A developer can integrate an admin template with any platform they want and help a user easily work with an app. Admin templates are based on popular frameworks like Bootstrap and allow to save plenty of time while developing a theme. Such frameworks have a great library of advanced UI elements required for building a regular web-page. No need to write a code, just a bit of customization is required.

We have collected the best and the most fresh admin templates to satisfy various needs of app developers, web designers and common users.

1. AdminPlus Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard


A functional and user-friendly admin template with a number of pre-made contemporary themes. Except for nice dashboard designs, the template contains multiple custom pages and components as well as specific samples for third party plugins integration. A half-year support and several extras are available for everyone who purchases this theme.

2. Framework Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template


A responsive admin template powered by a popular Twitter Bootstrap Framework. The theme is “equipped” with simple and mighty plugins and UI elements providing easier and faster work. The theme is fully responsive and customizable, and it has a clean design which is sure to meet the needs of your customers.

3. Administri Material Design and Node Based Admin Dashboard


A responsive material design template built for Google’s Material Design framework for Angular JS. The framework includes its unique custom services, styling, icons, and other elements integrated with Bootstrap 4 for creating layouts and CSS structure. Full documentation is included into the pack.

4. Alliance Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template


A fully responsive premium theme based on Bootstrap and available for any type of web apps. You can choose it for project management systems, content management systems, admin dashboards, and so on. This is a flexible, powerful and well-organized template which boasts a modern and eye-catching design. Exceptionally easy usability and cross-browser support should be also mentioned as its main advantages.

5. Paper Material Admin Theme


A colorful responsive admin template which is sure to make a developer’s life easier and meet the most versatile needs of users. The theme is based on material Design background by Google and focuses on convenient user interaction. Expressive color scheme and seamless animations provide a really unique user experience.

6. Adminto Responsive Admin Dashboard


A premium admin template based on Bootstrap framework. The most significant features of the theme include a fully customizable layout, clean user interface and various widgets. This fully responsive theme is represented in three different color schemes and provides a powerful solution for a developer to turn it to the real web app.

7. Electric Admin Panel Dashboard


A great admin panel dashboard for comprehensive backend and frontend management. The theme with exceptionally engaging layout has been created to be used either for single or multiple projects. Plenty of fully developed pages, a lot of functional widgets and unique dashboard styles are only several noticeable features of a theme.

8. Packet Angular JS Web App


A fully responsive Angular JS admin panel dashboard has been specifically designed for developers to offer them limitless resources for any types of projects. The theme is compatible with any CMS, CRM, backend system or any other related applications. Numerous default color schemes, 6 different layouts and 4 level sidebar menus allow you customize the theme as you need.

9. Reactor Bootstrap Admin Template


A premium fully responsive and customizable admin template based on bootstrap and available to help you easily start your project. The theme is cross-browser compatible and includes beautiful cards and widgets to provide a top-notch user experience. Reactor contains all you need to build a robust web application. All online and offline documentation is included in the pack.

10. Ubold Responsive Web App Kit


A premium and fully responsive admin template built on the basis of Bootstrap together with several modern web technologies. A great amount of ready-made handcrafted components are available in the theme. Moreover, Ubold is a great template which boasts clean and intuitive design and offers a great power for developers to turn their projects into life.

11. Material Lite Admin Dashboard


A clean admin template based on Angular JS with Material Design Lite (MDL) by Google. The theme includes two bonus pages with 2 frontend examples and a good-looking admin dashboard which allows to develop an app fast with MDL. Make your changes and build your own version of the dashboard with the help of Gruntfile.js added to the pack.

12. Avenger Massive Bootstrap 3 Admin Theme


A very flexible template which can be chosen by anyone familiar with Bootstrap. The responsive layout with off-canvas menu and touch support make the theme work easily with any screen resolutions. This is a well-documented and cross-browser compatible template which has a clean and intuitive design and brings unrivaled user experience.

13. Westilo Bootstrap Responsive Admin Template


A powerful admin template which can be used as the administration section of any CMS, application software, web admin, and so on. The theme is extremely easy to use and integrate and is “fitted out” with custom widgets and massive forms elements. Font icons with various styles, a lot of useful widgets, tooltips, and other features are available here to make a theme become a complete admin panel for any variant of web presence.

14. Limitless Responsive Web Application Kit


A professional admin template based on Bootstrap framework and LESS pre-processor. The theme is flexible enough to suit any online application. It contains more than a hundred plugins and extensions, a single main and three alternative layouts as well as more than a thousand html pages and components with a variety of features and options. The theme is proud of its clean and user-friendly design.

15. Slant Multipurpose Admin Web App


A premium developer-friendly admin dashboard template based on both the Bootstrap 3 and Angular JS frameworks. It is specifically designed to provide an admin panel with elegant look and allow easy customization. Multiple layout options, lazy load features, numerous widgets and full responsiveness – are only a few main virtues of the theme.

16. Quirk Bootstrap Admin Template


A great responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template with clean and modern design. This theme can be picked to make a project attractive and easily customizable. It contains plentiful ready-to-use widgets, unique designs, jQuery plugins, and other extensive features that make your life easier. Quirk is a perfect choice for a developer to meet the needs of their picky customers.

17. Altair Admin Material Design Ulkit Template


A professional fully responsive Material Design admin template based on Ulkit framework. The theme is a high resolution and easy customizable one which has been built with handlebars.js library and Bower package manager. It includes multiple custom pages and custom components for providing a better customer experience.

18. Remark Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template


A premium admin dashboard theme based on Bootstrap includes a variety of custom components that make it easy to edit. Components of this theme cover the best practices on the web and mobile. Remark can be easily integrated into your projects and provides you solutions for creating designs easily and quickly.

19. MatMix Components Mix Bootstrap Admin Template


A powerful super responsive and retina-ready admin template pre-designed for website owners, application developers and online entrepreneurs. The theme has been developed with easy integration method in mind and is the great variant either for a skilled user or a novice to make an admin panel powerful and easy to use. Multiple smart features including numerous plugins and widgets make the theme powerful and user-friendly one.

20. Moltran Responsive Admin Dashboard


A fully featured premium admin template which has been crafted on top of amazing Bootstrap framework and other advanced modern technologies. Various handcrafted components are included in the dashboard to be easily used on a web page. Any developer can easily transform a theme into real web application and provide their customers with excellent user experience.

21. Intuitive Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template


A powerful admin dashboard theme fully supported and structured by LessCss. All UI components available for the dashboard are sorted in separate files so you can easily find and edit them. Moreover, you can add components into the pack or remove them. Intuitive is fast, responsive, easy-to-use and light weighted theme for your various needs.

22. OneUI Admin Dashboard Template and UI Framework


A flexible User Interface framework based both on Angular JS and Bootstrap frameworks. The theme is available for you to easily build your backend and frontend pages. It comes packed with 4 separate versions to provide ability to quickly kickstart your project the way you want it to be. A lot of unique features are sure to make your user happy.

23. Proteus Responsive Admin Web App


A clear, responsive and modern multipurpose admin theme which is specifically designed to bring much comfort while using an online application. Web developers can pick this theme to shorten a development time and speed up their workflow. The theme uses the latest concepts which make it appropriate for easy customization and update.

24. Triangular Material Design Admin Template


A unique admin template which was built using Google’s own Angular Material Design project. The template includes several handsome color themes and allows a developer to create their own themes. A lot of example elements pages, three dashboards, unlimited color combinations and many more features are available for the theme.

25. Avenxo – Responsive Angular JS + HTML Admin Template


A developer-friendly and flexible admin template with a lot of color schemes and layouts. Any developer with minimal experience can pick up this theme to meet the needs of their users. Avenxo is built on the ground of Bootstrap framework, but standalone HTML and Angular JS versions also come with the theme. The template has a responsive design and comes with separate and detailed documentation.

Choose any of these perfect admin templates to work with your application without any complications.

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