25+ Free WordPress Widget Plugins for (Almost) Any Tasks

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Widgets are useful tools making it easy to pack more useful information into every nookery of your website. Free widget plugins for WordPress allow to add contact forms and banners, insert social links, add newsletter subscription forms, and more.

Depending on the WordPress theme you are using, you can find plenty of functional plugins which are sure to be very helpful for you to extend the functionality of your website. We’ve collected a number of very useful WordPress widget plugins you can download and update absolutely for free.

Custom Sidebars Free WP Widget Plugins

It’s great to be able to add custom sidebars whenever you require. Check out the following plugins and make it easy.

Custom Sidebars Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A free widget plugin allowing to choose what widgets to display on every page or post of your website. The plugin is helpful to display custom sidebars on any page, post, category, post type or archive page.

Custom Sidebar Links Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A free widget enabling a list of all pages, posts and custom post types to be selected as links on the sidebar of any page of your website. The plugin gives you full control on what links to be displayed on the sidebar on a page-per-page basis.

Pluton Custom Sidebars Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A free widget plugin allowing to create unlimited number of sidebars and assign limitless amount of widgets.

Social Free WordPress Widgets

The following bunch of widgets allows to display your social links on your website.

Multi Social Free WordPress Widget


A free WP widget plugin allowing to display your social photo streams from various social photo sharing networks to your WP website. The plugin is quite simple to use and it is clean and interactive as well.

WP Social Free WordPress Widget


A free WP plugin which takes a simple and extendable approach to display links along with social icons to your social networking profiles in WordPress. The widget options include the ability to change background color, icon color, and much more.

Metro Style Social Free WordPress Widget


A lightweight free WP widget displaying social icons in the sidebar as well as showing links to your social network profiles. A lot of options are available for the plugin to display Follow and Like button on the social icons so that your users can immediately like and follow your page or profile without leaving your website.

Instagram Feed Free WordPress Widget Plugins

The following three plugins will be useful to integrate your Instagram feed on your website.

Instagram Feed Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A free WP widget plugin allowing to display beautifully clean, customizable, responsive feeds from multiple Instagram accounts. The plugin also allows to show Instagram images from any non-private accounts both in the same single feed or in multiple different ones.

Instagram Feed Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A free WP plugin available to display your Instagram posts on your website. The plugin also allows to show Instagram photos on your website with plenty of customization options. You can display a completely responsive and customizable feed on your website.

Instagram Feed InstaShow Lite Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A free WP plugin being an all-mighty Instagram feed for creating amazing galleries of photos from Instagram on your site. This is a Lite version of the premium-quality Instagram Feed plugin for WP InstaShow, so it allows to set up gorgeous grids of photos from your account and share them in any place of your site.

Newsletter Options Free WordPress Widget Plugins

The following plugins will help you transform one-time visitors into return readers and even loyal customers.

MailPoet Newsletters Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A free WordPress plugin allowing to send newsletters, post notifications or autoresponders from WordPress site with ease and elegance. The plugin allows to capture subscribers by creating newsletters, automated emails, and more. You can drop images, posts and social icons into your newsletters as well as change fonts and colors on the fly.

Knews Multilingual Newsletters Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A free WordPress newsletter widget plugin available for making multilingual newsletters quickly and professionally. The plugin allows to create and send automated newsletters without any effort. It is a powerful multilingual plugin allowing you to build professionally looking newsletters and segment subscribers in different mailing lists as well as sort them by language in a matter of minutes.

Tribulant Newsletters Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A free newsletter plugin for WordPress allowing to capture subscribers and send beautiful bulk newsletter emails. This is a fully-featured plugin which fulfils all subscribers, emails, marketing and newsletter related needs for both personal and business environments. The plugin has robust, effective and unique features.

Recent and Popular Posts Free WordPress Widgets

Check out the following WP widgets for displaying recent and popular posts on your blog page.

Recent Posts Slider Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A great free WP plugin allowing to display recent posts using slider. You can show the posts either with excerpt or thumbnail image or display the first photo of the post with slider which can be customized in many ways. Change the width, height, post per slide, and other specifications of the slider with ease.

Recent Tweets Free WordPress Widget


A free WP plugin displaying recent tweets on your website. The plugin uses the new Twitter API v1.1 and stores the tweets in the cache. So it is able to read status messages from your database and it doesn’t query the Twitter.com for each page load so it prevents you from being rate limited.

Popular Post Free WordPress Widget


A simple and free WP widget allowing to show your most popular posts based on views of your post. You can put it into any widget area from your WordPress dashboard and it will automatically show 5 most popular posts which will be most visited after you activate the widget.

Popular Posts Tabbed Free WordPress Widget for Jetpack


A free WP plugin showing a tabbed widget for most popular and most commented as well as latest blog posts. The most popular posts tab uses the data from Jetpack Stats module.

Sidebar Polls and Surveys Free WordPress Widgets

Find out the interests and qualities of your target audience with the help of polls. The following widgets will be helpful if you run a business and own a corporate website or a blog.

Poll, Survey, Quiz & Form by OpinionStage Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A powerful free WP plugin for adding surveys and polls to your website. Add any quizzes, forms, polls, and other related widgets on a website with exceptional simplicity.

Poll Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A wonderful free WordPress widget plugin which is a great tool for creating polls and survey forms for your visitors. You can create posts, pages and polls without any coding knowledge. The plugin allows to create different forms right from your website.

Polling Widget: Ranker Lists Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A free WP user ranker available to create a custom “ranking poll’ – a highly engaging crowdsourced list that is sure to increase time on page. This plugin allows to create a fully-customizable ranking poll which means creating a list of any topic your visitors impact by voting items up and down.

Contact Form Free WordPress Widgets

It’s a great idea to create contact forms on your website to let users leave comments, opinions, suggestions and questions once they visit your website. The following plugins will be really helpful.

Contact Bank – Contact Forms Builder Free WordPress Widget Plugin


An ultimate free WP widget plugin which is a convenient form builder for your website. The plugins lets to create contact forms in seconds and with exceptional simplicity. It has more than 200 features and designed to craft simple but powerful contact forms easily and hassle free within few seconds.

Contact Form Free WordPress Widget Plugin


A free WP widget plugin allowing to save your precious time on creating contact forms simply and efficiently. This plugin is the easiest way to build any responsive form for your website. You won’t have any fuss or messing with code because you will create the form you want with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder.

Contact Form Builder by vCita Free WP Widget Plugin


A free WP contact form builder available to create and integrate forms in minutes. This plugin will help you capture more business opportunities and get real time mobile notifications for new leads. This is sure to increase your traffic.

Calendar Free WordPress Plugins

Calendar is one of the key features for business and promotional websites. This is perfect for sharing happy hours, conferences, webinars, and more. Check out the following plugins which are sure to have you covered.

Calendar Event WD Free WP Plugin


A free plugin for WordPress letting you organize and publish your events in a simple and elegant way. The plugin allows both to display a single event and multiple events on the calendar if required. You can easily organize the events using elegant views.

Calendar Free WP Plugin


A free WordPress plugin crafted for showing your events. This is the best choice for those who want to be original on their website. The plugin is flexible and allows to connect to your database and show up your event days on a view.

Ad Banner Free WordPress Widgets

Here we are. The ad banner widgets for monetization which is crucial for most websites and blogs.

Banner Effect Header Free WP Widget


A free WordPress widget allowing to replace standard header image with dynamic animated banners. Just enter email address you used when created banners with Banner-Effect software and pick out the certain banner you want to be shown on the top of your website.

Banner Slider Free WP Widget


A free banner management component for WordPress which is helpful for supporting multi banner transition and ajax file upload feature. The slider can be resized to any height and includes some great features available with using plugin option Version 1.0.


Make sure to learn features of all the mentioned above widget plugins for WordPress and choose the most suitable one for your particular needs.

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