40+ Best Photography WordPress Themes of 2016

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More than 30% of all sites around the world are developed with the help of  WordPress. As it is an open-source CMS it allows to put corrections into code if they are required. WordPress has a very easy interface and every common user can easily edit and customize their websites with the help of this platform. One more reason for WordPress popularity is that it is supported by international community of experts developing new extensions and plugins for WordPress on a regular basis.

A great variety of customizable themes are available for WordPress today. These themes allow to create a website with a few steps. You should just unzip the template files and upload them to the server through the ftp client. After the template is installed it can be easily customized and edited, and you can upload any required content with the help of WordPress.

As photography is the most popular type of art, one can say that photography themes are probably the most requested ones for modern websites. A photo theme is ready to become a creative portfolio, a wedding album, an artist’s gallery, or any other site aimed to create a unique Web presence.

Of course there are millions of themes for WordPress and thousands of developers who create them. We have selected the best WordPress photography themes that would be really useful for creative people.

1. SolarWind Photography WordPress Theme


The latest retina-ready Solarwind photography WordPress theme is stylish enough for making a perfect portfolio. This minimalistic design is easy to customize and allows to upload countless photos into the gallery.

2. Geography Photography WordPress Theme


A minimalist Geographic photo WordPress theme is the greatest choice for personal blog. The theme sets an elegant tone through light-green and white aesthetics and allows you to bring visual changes into the look of pages whenever you wish. It is a great solution for travel photographers.

3. Florence Wedding Photography WordPress Theme

An amazing fullscreen wedding photography Florence WordPress theme composed in pastel shades allows to create the gorgeous wedding album online. You can show the photo albums to your friends on any mobile device thanks to its responsive and retina ready design.

4. Photography and Video Goodwin WordPress Theme


A new Goodwin photography and videography WordPress theme composed in black shades and flavoured with grey accents. Tones of available features make this wp theme easy to edit and customize to create the excellent photographer’s portfolio.

5. Soho Fullscreen Photo & Video WordPress Theme

A top-notch Soho photo WordPress theme which combines advanced technologies with unrivalled functionality. This fullscreen responsive design is a great choice for creating personal page of a photographer who can upload numerous photos to demonstrate his unique expertise.

6. Oyster Creative Photography WordPress Theme

This flexible Oyster photo WordPress theme with a fully customizable gallery is pretty popular among photographers and artists. It is a great choice for blogging or creating a personal page for sharing your creation with the world. Discover the power of real photo wp theme.

7. Malory Photography & Magazine WordPress Theme

This elegant Malory photography and magazine WordPress theme is available in dark shades. It is a responsive and customizable theme which is suitable for a freelance photographer, digital studio or an artist.

8. Bleeker Responsive Retina Ready WP Portfolio

A brand new Bleeker minimalist photography WordPress theme created especially for making a creative portfolio with a blog. It is a fully responsive and retina ready design with focus on content. Black color makes the content looking awesome.

9. Viewpoint Fullscreen Photography WordPress Theme

A fullscreen Viewpoint photography WordPress theme is ready to showcase the best works of an artist or a photographer. Its gallery gives a great preview to your projects and its minimal design perfectly frames your pictures.

10. Legrand Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

This minimalist Legrand portfolio WordPress theme designed in black-and-white shades is a great choice for creating online photo gallery integrated with a blog. You can easily customize it and upload countless bytes of content to showcase your best works to the public.

11. Outdoor Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme

This clean Outdoor photography WordPress theme with modern design is built especially for creating an excellent portfolio of a photographer or a designer. The theme is fully responsive and easily customized.

12. Lydia Photography Magazine WordPress Theme

A flat and responsive Lydia WordPress theme is developed for those who deal with web development, photography or digital art. This clean professional theme is the excellent choice for blog, portfolio of a freelance developer or business card of a photo studio.

13. Photography Responsive WordPress Theme

This responsive Photography WordPress theme with advanced gallery and featherlight design elements is an ideal variant for creative people seeking to represent their works to potential clients. You can upload plenty of works to show your expertise to the visitors.

14. Revolutionz Photography WordPress Theme

A fully responsive Revolutionz WordPress theme allows to represent the works of a photographer, designer or developer in a professional way. It boasts easy navigation and extended photography support.

15. Aster Photo WordPress Theme

A posh and well-designed Aster photography WordPress theme which can become a full-fledged portfolio. It is easily installed and customized to allow you express your inspiration uploading your best works into the gallery.

16. Toppic Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme

A responsive Toppic multipurpose WordPress photography theme is available either for creating a portfolio, building a personal page or blogging. This content-focused design is going to impress visitors at a glance.

17. Turin Photography WordPress Theme

An easy-to-edit Turin WordPress theme composed in black-and-white shades is the great choice to build or revamp your online portfolio. This theme is going to provide an excellent user experience within a minimal design.

18. Snapture Photography WordPress Theme

This fullscreen Snapture photo WordPress theme is created as a flat multipurpose design for making an eye-catching online photo portfolio or a blog. It sets a minimal tone through dark aesthetics flavored with light green and white accents.

19. Stamford Creative Photography WordPress Theme

An original minimalist Stamford WordPress theme for photo portfolio or blogging needs. It contains an extended photo gallery and allows to upload countless amount of graphics to showcase your works in the finest and the most professional way.

20. Amora Multi Concept WordPress Theme

A creative Amora photography responsive WordPress theme is a great solution for photographers wanting to showcase their works online. The wp theme with a distinct typography and well-balanced content sections is available in the dark skin.

21. Photology Clean WordPress Theme

A stylish monochromatic Photology photography gallery WordPress theme for perfect self-presentation on the Web. You can upload countless amount of photographics into the gallery and a lot of other content to the pages.

22. Horizon Photography WordPress Theme

A functional and elegant Horizon WordPress theme is suitable for creating a portfolio of a fashion stylist or photographer. This responsive WordPress theme is the best way to showcase your works and impress your future clients.

23. Candid WordPress Photography Theme

An elegant and stylish Candid WordPress photo theme is the finest solution to build up a site for creative photography-driven stories and other eye-catching content. The pages are designed in grey shades to make users focus on content.

24. Kinetika Fulscreen Photo WordPress Theme

A fullscreen Kinetika photography WordPress theme with plenty of portfolio showcase functions and Woocommerce support. This is the “compulsory tool” to let people know about the photographer or designer and evaluate their works.

25. Uno Photography WordPress Theme

A responsive Uno photography WordPress theme is for a personal page of a fashion designer, stylist or a photographer. The theme has a clean and valid code which is good for SEO. Its also responsive and retina ready.

26. Photome – Photo Gallery WordPress Theme

This is a pure Photome design with a fullscreen gallery and a fully responsive layout. The WordPress theme is a perfect solution for creative blog of a freelance writer or showy portfolio of an artist. It comes with huge number of home page layouts and custom functionality.

27. Andersen WordPress Photo Theme

A fullscreen Andersen WordPress photography theme to represent photographer’s works on the web in the right way. The theme includes galleries and portfolio pages that are easily customized to make an amazing personal website.

28. Timber – An Unusual Photography WordPress Theme

A bright Timber photography WordPress Theme which combines cutting-edge technology with great functionality. It is the unique solution to create the best Web presence of your artworks.

29. Panama Wedding Photography WordPress Theme

A modern and elegant Panama photography WordPress theme with responsive layout. This photo theme includes several galleries with different customization options and available for creating either a portfolio or a personal blog.

30. Symphony Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme

A monochromatic and fully responsive Symphony WordPress theme that allows to showcase your photos in a professional way. It has clean and modern design which makes it much more popular. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce plugin.

31. Pinetree Photography Modern WordPress Theme

A responsive photography Pinetree WordPress theme with photo slideshow and gallery page templates, and many other advanced features. The theme is great for creating a model’s or photographer’s portfolio either in light or dark skin.

32. Zolak Photography WordPress Theme

A powerful and retina ready Zolak photo WordPress theme which is designed for clarity. This minimal and content-focused theme is a suitable choice for creating a showy photo portfolio and present art works in the right way.

33. Maniva Photography Agency WordPress Theme

A stylish Maniva photography WordPress theme for anyone who wants to showcase the results of their inspiration. The photo theme features fully responsive grids, distinct typography and a vast photo gallery allowing to upload countless bytes of graphics.

34. Director Responsive Photo WordPress Theme

A fully-responsive and cross-browser compatible photography WordPress theme which is the best solution to create or redesign your blog. The theme includes numerous features which will meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

35. Houston Photo Responsive WordPress Theme

An elegant monochromatic WordPress photo theme designed in minimalist aesthetics. This responsive and easily customizable theme allows to create portfolio of a photo studio or freelance photographer.

36. Photographer Responsive WordPress Theme

A modern responsive photography WordPress with a stunning slider allowing to highlight your works in the best way possible. The theme is fully functional and SEO-optimized.

37. Online Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme

A modern WordPress portfolio theme with clean and minimal layout. This responsive template with fully editable pages and a fullscreen slider is the greatest solution to create your online presence.

38. Tomi Solas Photo WordPress Theme

A fully editable photo WordPress theme for building up an art or a photography website. This responsive theme with stylish transparent main menu bar and a fully editable layout is a great choice for making your online portfolio with integrated blog.

39. Photographer CV WordPress Theme

A professional Photographer CV WordPress theme for promoting your professional skills and increasing the number of clients. Such theme is essential for creating a portfolio to promote your best works.

40. Dan Adams Photography WordPress Theme

A fully responsive and modern photography WordPress theme which is a great solution for brilliant self-promotion. The theme is useful to show your expertise to your potential clients.

41. Photo Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

A responsive photographer portfolio WordPress theme with minimalist design and a lot of useful functions for building up a full-fledged website. The theme is fully editable and customizable.

42. Happy Moments Videography and Photo WordPress Theme

A happy Moment videography WordPress theme with responsive design and fully editable layout. It is suitable for creating a photographer’s or videographer’s personal website.

Choose any WordPress themes you like and share your inspiration with the world.

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