7 Compulsory Attributes of a Competitive Website

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You obviously remember the feeling when you enter a website and you are impressed with design and intrigued with content, so you can’t help browsing all of its pages until you get the most out of it. You can admit that unique websites attract more attention than standard ones, but there are several compulsory attributes that all of these websites should obviously have. If your website meets up-to-date requirements it is more likely to get as much traffic as possible.

So let’s see what are the most important things to be available for your website:

1. Clear and Efficient Identity


If a design is easy to perceive it is sure to attract more visitors and potential customers. Clear content along with reasonable distinctiveness and uniqueness will make a website engaging for your target audience and increase your traffic and conversions. This means that a clear identity ensures better effectiveness of any website.

2. Sticky Domain Name


Domain name invests a lot into the website’s popularity and success. If a domain name is easy to read and easy to remember the website has more chances to be attended by your target visitors as often as possible. If you are a developer you should pay special attention at domain name and make sure it is influential and productive. Domain name should associate with content as well as be meaningful and clear.

3. Accessible Contact Information


If you’re a website owner and you wish your visitors to easily find you in a matter of minutes, it is compulsory to make your contact information easy to access. Someone places the contact information in the header or footer to make it observable even if a user is running over the pages. Someone incorporates it on every page to make visitors contact you quite easily. Consult a developer or come up with your own unique way to insert contacts on your web-page and make them visible for your potential customers.

4. Well-Organized Content and Pages


Every designer should remember that every website is created for comfort and convenience of users. If navigation is intuitive, content blocks are perfectly arranged and interlinking is properly organized, then a website is surely going to be attractive for the majority of your target users no matter the tastes, location, and other specific details.

5. Quality Content


It is obvious that content should be quality, informative and clear for your target visitors. If you own a website and wish to succeed in your particular field, you’d better control everything which is published on your website and check your content for relevance and information capacity. It is better to consult an expert and hire a professional writer to make sure your content will meet all necessary modern requirements.

6. Safety and Reliability


Websites should be properly secured and updated in order to stay protected from potential threats. WordPress is one of the most secure platforms for creating different types of websites, so if you want to be sure in security, choose WordPress with no hesitation. This platform is regularly updated by developers so it is strongly protected from hacker attacks.

7. Customer Feedbacks


If you run a business you obviously know how important the social proof is. If you share your clients’ testimonials on your website you make the first step to building a strong reputation of your website, your business and your brand. Designers should always consider the testimonials section will be available on the website and decide where it is better to place it.


These are only a few essential attributes that define a quality and competitive website, let’s complement this list together? We’ll be happy to see your comments below.

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