A List of Useful Content Locker Plugins for WordPress

A List of Useful Content Locker Plugins for WordPress

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The main purpose of content locker plugins is to lock a web-page or a piece of content on a page and display social share buttons in the pop-up window. After a user shares a content in one of their social media account, it becomes unlocked and a user can read it, download it or watch it. This feature allows to get more shares of your content in the social media and, as a result, get more traffic to your website.

Real Content Locker

A great content locker plugin available for free. You can add it to your WordPress website in a few steps and it will definitely help you increase your traffic.

Content Locker Pro

A functional WordPress plugin you can use to receive likes and shares for your content. This allows you to grow your mailing list.

Bloom Plugin

A great WordPress plugin used to gather more subscribers. You can choose between 6 various layout designs, all with beautiful displays.

Social Traffic Pop for WordPress

Another WordPress plugin offering a quick manner of adding a content blocker to your website. This plugin supports all popular browsers and has lots of features.

Social Content Locker for WordPress

A wonderful content locker plugin you can use in your WordPress websites. You can use it to lock the whole site or only certain paragraphs

Social Share and Locker Pro WordPress Plugin

A splendid WordPress plugin which comes with a bunch of useful features. You can install it really quick and add it to your website.

Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress

A simple to use WordPress plugin that allows you add a content locker to any section or page of your website.

WordPress Facelock – Content Locker Without API

A WordPress content locker plugin which is very easy to install and this can significantly improve your web traffic.

WordPress Like Locker

An outstanding WordPress plugin you can use to significantly improve your Facebook traffic.

Content Locker Pro for WordPress

Another WordPress content locker plugin you can integrate into your website to lock the content that you consider to be fit.

Be sure to increase your website traffic with ease with the help of social sharing enabled by content lockers.

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