An Interview with Barry Schwartz – a Search Marketing Expert and Blogger

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“We Get to Work on a Ton of Interesting and Unique Ideas and See Them Come to Life”


Constant development is the key aim of any business. If you run it online, you obviously want your website to bring you more profit and opportunities day after day. You may improve your website content, you may revamp the web-pages to make them more attractive for target visitors… But all of that is not enough if you don’t keep up with the online marketing trends to decrease your costs and increase sales. GT3 Themes is pleased to collect small pieces of advice from the best online marketing experts of the world to help our readers gain more experience in SEO.

Barry Schwartz is a leading Internet marketing expert, news editor, blogger and speaker at search marketing conferences. Barry is a CEO of RustyBrick – a Web service company based in New York. In his exclusive interview for our blog he speaks on his career start, current SEO trends, his passions in business and the advisory work for Google.

1. Will you please share a bit about yourself and your scope of activities?

“I run a company called RustyBrick, it is a NY based web and mobile application consulting software company. We build software for companies as well as sell our own software as a service in specific niche markets. We also sell apps in the App Stores. I personally cover the SEM/SEO space at Search Engine Roundtable and Search Engine Land.”

2. What was your first step in search marketing?

“A client of ours wanted to learn more about optimizing for search engines. So I researched it and gave them a 3 day seminar on how it all worked. Much of it is still the same. Crawling, indexing and ranking.”

3. I know that you speak at many search marketing conferences, what was the latest one? How many times do you attend such events per year?

“The last one was SMX West in San Jose, California. I attend several search marketing events per year.

4. Current SEO trends are what set many companies apart from the competition. Will you please say a few words on the main steps a company should do to switch on?

The latest trends are around mobile, apps and AMP. So go mobile friendly, look into implementing AMP for your pages and look into Google App Indexing for your apps.”

5. What made you launch RustyBrick?

“Nothing really. We, my brother and I, launched it in high school in the mid 90s. It just grew organically from there. He loved building web sites and web software and we turned it into a business.”


6. Do you make all the company’s big decisions alone?

“My brother Ronnie and I run the company. I handle the business end, he handles the technical end. We have about 20+ full time employees. I make most of the big decisions, but he is consulted when relevant. It depends on if the decision is technical or business oriented.”

7. What do you like the most about your business?

“We get to work on a ton of interesting and unique ideas and see them come to life. We don’t work on small web sites or e-commerce sites, we work on large scale projects. So taking them from point A to point B is a fun challenge. We love it.

8. I know that you run a blog at A variety of subjects make me think you have started it just as a hobby, haven’t you?

That is just my personal blog. My real hobby blog is

9. What are your favorite subjects to write about?

“SEO and mobile”

10. Say a few words on your experience of providing an advisory role for Google?

“Back in the day, they asked me for advice across many products, like Analytics, AdWords, even Gmail. Of course, I know they read what I write every day and they listen to it even if they do not like it. It is nothing paid or anything like that. I am not an official “advisor” in terms of being on a paid advisory board.”

11. Are there any customers of RustyBrick your are proud to work with?

“All of them, yes. See some of our case studies to see specific wins.”

12. Can you please say a few words on how do you see SEO in the next two years?

“In short, more mobile focused and more voice enabled.”

13. How do you like from the standpoint of SEO? Just a few words.

“You definitely implemented the real core on-page fundamentals for SEO and you did a great job!”

Our team says many thanks to Barry for his time and for that interesting conversation.

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