Best Anti AdBlock Plugins for WordPress

Best Anti AdBlock Plugins for WordPress

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In 2015 the use of adblocker increased by 42 percent. There was an economic loss of 22 billion USD. This trend is going to continue. Currently 180 million people use adblockers. Since you need ads to increase your revenue and not to lose your profit, you might want using an anti-Adblock plugin. That is why we have collected the following bunch of anti adblock plugins with different functionality and a set of features. Take a look and choose the best one for your needs.

Block Adblock

A WordPress plugin which allows your publishers lock their content until users disable their AdBlock add-ons. When a visitor comes to a site, they are asked to disable their adblock to get access to a website’s content.

Anti-AdBlock Script

An amazing WordPress plugin which allows you display ads even if a user has the adblock installed. The plugin can be downloaded for free.

Sorry AdBlocker

A wonderful plugin that detects Adblock software. The plugin shows a message which says that a user can’t see the latest content due to adblocker installed. Some little coding knowledge is required to install this plugin.

Simple Adblock Notice

A useful plugin which displays a popup message to ask users put your website into their whitelist. This is not an anti adblock plugin but it just notifies your website visitors to whitelist your website from adblocker extension.

Monitor AdBlock

Another WordPress plugin that displays a customized message and an image to users with AdBlock installed. This message asks them to disable their Adblock or put your website in their whitelist.

WP Adblock Dedect

An amazing Adblock WordPress plugin which includes an optional Adblock detected redirect page, no ads, show modal, and more features. It detects that you are using AdBlock of visitors to your site and displays a warning that you specify.


An excellent WordPress plugin warns users to put your website to the whitelist, and thus continue to receive ads from you. The text in the banner can be easily adjusted so you may demystify the side-effects of adblock use for the visitors.

Ad Blocking Advisor

A great WordPress plugin that displays a notification message only to the users that have an Adblocking software installed. The purpose of notification is to ask users to whitelist your website.

AdBack solution to Adblock

AdBack is a professional solution that analyzes your Internet audience using adblockers. It collects, decrypts and alerts you about the evolution of this audience. It allows you to react, inform and monetize your website even with this specific audience.

Adblock Alerter

A WordPress plugin allowing to detect if users have Adblock software that blocks your ads. It displays a message or image to disable the adblock or add your website to the users’ whitelist before viewing the content.

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