Best Marketplaces and Freelance Platforms for Developers, Designers and Writers 1

Best Marketplaces and Freelance Platforms for Developers, Designers and Writers

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We resolve to create a very useful list for all IT experts seeking for a job. If you are a graphic designer, an application developer, a writer or any other qualified expert, you can try to apply for a job on the following marketplaces.


It’s a content market for writers who want to earn money for their writing skills. Sign up and learn the rules of the website. To get started, you should provide personal information; contact information; and the list of disciplines you are proficient in.


The marketplace is for copywriters, journalists, publishers, bloggers, editors and other related experts seeking for a job in their field. You will be able to find a job, get an advice from experts, get professional CV writing services, and much more.

Freelance Writing Gigs

This is not only a content market but a good job finding platform for job seekers. You can either find a full time or a part time job or work as a freelance writer time after time.


It’s a marketplace for IT exerts including web-developers, network engineers, and more. You can find either full time or remote job, publish a new project or create one of three available types of freelance accounts.

Authentic Jobs

It’s a marketplace for experts in the field of application development, front-end and back-end-development, content-marketing, UI-design, and much more. You can either find a job by contract, a full time job or a project job as a freelancer.


It’s an online marketplace for those who develop website and applications. A freelancer can apply for a project and a manager will choose a contractor among all freelancers who applied for a certain project.


A global marketplace for designers from any countries. The website is specialized in corporate design, graphic design, polygraphist design, web design, and more. You can take part in a contest to get a great project to work on.

48 Hours Logo

A contest platform for logo makers. No matter what country you are in, you can sign up and try to apply for a job. A contest for a single project goes on during 48 hours. It’s a great place to practice and get professional experience.


If you are able to provide programming, translation, consulting or graphic design services, this marketplace is for you. You can either sign up for free or choose a premium account for a very small sum a month. You can also publish your portfolio and seek for projects here.

Practice and develop your skills and make a successful career in your field.

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