When you are ready to post your website or blog on the Internet, the first thing you need is to find a reliable hosting service provider. Because the demand for WordPress is so high, almost every reputable web hosting site has some recommended plans specially made for this software. Continue reading

If you are going to present your works or projects in the effective way, then creating a successful portfolio will be the real “must-have point” in your professional development plan. But of course it is the most challenging task for any beginner (whether you are photographer or designer), as a portfolio should demonstrate the whole bunch of your skills, knowledge, experience and creativity. Continue reading

When it comes to icons, it’s necessary to mention that the creative use of these essential details can add a certain personality to your design and influence to the overall look of your website. Continue reading

This time we are excited to bring you our new freebie - One Page Template that comes in PSD format and will become a great headstart for your web project. While creating this template, we tried to convey the special fusion between creativity and design trends. Clean and pure layout along with the wooden patterns gives you a great opportunity to introduce the content in a simple manner, giving to your website original look. Continue reading

Gaining a place as the most popular Content Management System WordPress is powering thousands of different websites and blogs all over the world. WordPress platform helps to each average user to edit and maintain content of the website in the simple way, without any additional skills. But now it’s no longer just the web software, today WordPress turns into the great solution for online business. Continue reading

Taking advantage of using WordPress as the free and easy customizable platform, we still need to have some helpful articles and guides about its implementation at hand. Continue reading

The number of business websites based on WordPress is constantly growing and this fact can be explained by the great fusion of easy editing process and high-powered functionality of this popular platform. WordPress offers the most reliable way for any business area to engage with the customers as well as communicate with them for further working relationships. Continue reading