The Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins for Your Online Store

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Gaining a place as the most popular Content Management System WordPress is powering thousands of different websites and blogs all over the world. WordPress platform helps to each average user to edit and maintain content of the website in the simple way, without any additional skills. But now it’s no longer just the web software, today WordPress turns into the great solution for online business. Getting an online store is not only about increasing your sales and reaching more customers, it is about moving your business to the higher level to stay afloat. Besides many advantages of opening an online store, the main benefit is to provide your customers with the positive shopping experience, giving them an opportunity to purchase any product from any part of the world at any time. So if you’ve decided to start your eCommerce website, you have chosen the right spot – in this post we are describing the most popular eCommerce plugins to simplify your work.

In general, you can easy run your online store by adding to your WordPress functionality the necessary eCommerce plugin which is the best fit for your needs. It will help you to promote and sell your products, manage customers and maintain your store. But if you are just a beginner and would like to know the process of creating your WordPress website, we can give you a brief outline how to proceed it:

Step 1
Find a web host and get great hosting while supporting WordPress at the same time.

Step 2
Design or purchase WordPress theme for your website.

Step 3
Download and install WordPress software (it takes you minutes).

Step 4
Read helpful information on support forums so you can become a confident user.

Step 5
Choose your favorite eCommerce plugin and download it. Make several customization tweaks and you are all set. Now your online store in live!

So let’s get back to our topic. Below you can find the following eCommerce plugins that will assist you in building your multifaceted and user-friendly online store:


WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

This helpful plugin opens our list as extremely popular and multifeature eCommerce toolkit. The most upstanding advantage is that WooCommerce includes not only many functional plugins, but also the huge collection of premium WordPress Themes (free and paid). WooCommerce plugin provides you with order management, powerful analytics, control over shipping and tax charges, social media integration, product and inventory management, simple offline gateways, coupon codes, sales reports and more. This plugin is free to download, but also you can find many useful extensions which available for purchase.


Cart66 WordPress Plugin

Cart66 is all-in-one model which handles every step of the process, from checkout to subscription renewal. It secures all aspects of your eCommerce store – your products, customer data, your customers shopping carts. With multiple shipping and currency options, it can also help you can give your business an international edge. You can easily place ads in any page and also use affiliate marketing for more profit. Also as it says on the website, Cart66 is the only WordPress eCommerce solution that makes your store PCI compliant.


eShop WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin packed with various features, such as multiple product options, basic stats and sales data, shipping and sales tax options, configurable email templates, basic inventory control, and more. eShop has really easy customizable settings and simple interface for quick editing.

WP e-Commerce

WP e-Commerce Plugin

WP e-Commerce includes features like flexible coupon codes and discounts, control over shipping calculations, product and category RSS feeds, multilingual, support for multiple currencies, PayPal and Google Checkout integration, one-page checkout, admin dashboard for sales overview, basic inventory control, and much more. The plugin itself is available as a free download, with a variety of upgrades and add-ons available for purchase.


Shopp WordPress Plugin

This premium plugin offers easy to manage storefront for merchants and unlimited flexibility for developers. Shopp integrates with over 50 payment processing services, half a dozen shipping rate providers, cloud storage services, tax services and fulfillment services. Also this plugin gives you a manageable number of starter templates to work with. But it is not free, a single-site license is available for $55.

Summarizing all above-mentioned eCommerce plugins, we would like to underline that each of them can be installed easily and quickly, they offer multiple options for product managing and can be combined with WordPress themes and designs. Your choice depends from your needs and marketing purposes. But, for sure, these appealing eCommerce plugins will help you to get your online presence up and running.

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