Creative Logos Inspiration, or How to Get the Branding Process Started

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It doesn’t matter if you are working on a completely new project or trying rebranding, you might get stuck on creating a new logo. When you think that every great logo has already been invented, we think that you haven’t seen or done enough to be in a funk.

What makes a brand successful? Peoples love, I tell you this. And what makes people love it? A great commercial, a memorable name, catchy slogans and tons of promotional photography. But it all starts with you. Behind every brand’s success stands a designer who brings its media side to life.

Among thousands of beautiful logos I have selected the ones that stand out the most. Also, in this article we will go through some great free and premium resources where you will be able to order custom logos, purchase readymade brands or learn how to become a logo designer!



Woodheart produce hand-made wooden accessories and furniture. They aimed for a simple and clean logo, yet it gives an impression of warmth and love for the craft.

Russian Billiard Technology

russian billiard technology

The concept is quite awesome: one of the Russian national symbols that is known in the entire world was transformed into the pool equipment.



This is a nice logo by Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza for The Wigwam Cabins.

Beer 30ty

beer 30ty

A great inspirational logo, in my opinion, by Mikeymike. What time is it? It’s beer thirty!

Spartan Golf Club

spartan golf club

This one isn’t new, but definitely a good one. This is what we are talking about thinking outside of the box.



This logo is currently not in use, and I wonder why. Love it!

Studio Science

studio science

This is an awesome logo by Brian Pennington for Studio Science who were rebranded after being KA+A. Great concept!



Unitech is a leading provider of facility management and man power services. The concept of the logo is letter U + a human + technology.

Young Wear

young wear

Young Wear is a clean and creative logo for clothing brand that displays a shirt formed by letters Y and W.



This creative idea by Jonas has gained many “likes” even though it hasn’t been used by any brand yet.

Three Five Seven

three five seven

This is a project by Wanda Priem, a designer who likes to play with shapes and numbers.

Elephant Studio

elephant studio

This wonderful logo belongs to a graphic design studio, which – in my opinion thanks to the logo – nailed the branding aspect of the business.

Cook King

cook king

Logo by Space Ideas. “Cooking” design can be so much fun!

Grizzy Bear

grizzy bear

Grizzy Bear by Logomotive is a cute version of one of the scariest animals on the planet. The lower case letter G forms a bear’s head and his paw.

Turtle Island Spas

 turtle island spas

A very nice job by Lundeja. He used a triangular stone and played with its sizes so a little turtle could be formed.



If you look at this logo by Logomotive a bit closer you will see a smiley face.



A great logo for fishing club by Bifoz. The colder color shades and “angry” fish make it fierce!

Upside Down Productions

upside down

This awesome concept by Jsae attracts many fans of creative logo design.



Interesting Boot logo designed by EmiCo.



This is a pretty popular logo with brilliant idea of forming a child by & inside the letter O.


If you are not a designer, but your hands are itching to get into the process of rebranding and creating a new logo for your business, here are 3 Free resources where you can practice:



This site offers pre-drawn sketches in 30 categories. You simply need to select the industry that the company relates to, and the site will generate the images that might fit. What is cool about this source is that you can select any color for the logo, choose typography, size, effects, shapes etc. Not bad for starters.



Here all you have to do is indicate the name of the brand and the industry, and voila! – Tons of automatically generated logos are ready. However, only 4 or 6 color options are available for each logo, and you will not be able to add any additional effects.



All icons are sorted alphabetically, but the rest is pretty much the same as at Logogarden: multiple options and features to customise the logo. After you’re done, it is sent to your e-mail.

Now, if these were more like do-it-yourself kind of sites, the next is the list of web design agencies that specialize on logos and branding. It is worth saying that while we are looking for the least expensive yet professional and unique design, we forget how important communication aspect of the process is. Each of the agencies below offers you to fill out an online form with your preferences concerning the design. Some of them are very detailed, but nothing will ever replace the live communication.

99 Designs

99 designs

We’ll start with the most popular one. 99 Designs offer all kinds of web design one can think of. The request for a custom design is a rather intriguing process: after answering the questions about it in the brief, we need to select the design package. You can go with Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum pack depending on your needs and the budget. And then the contest is being launched on their marketplace for designers to see whether they want the job or not. And if they do, they have to send you their ideas. All you do is select the one and give the designer their “prize”. Sounds like an auction.



These guys will not only create a logo for your brand, but also will help position its strategy, create a website and sell the products and services through implementing the Brand Immersing Marketing methodology. If you haven’t come up with the concept of your new brand, you can purchase a readymade one. They have offices in Sydney, New York, Dubai and London.



These guys offer a wide range of services in graphic design, from logos to “something else” (check yourself in Start Your Project section) for fairly good prices. You can get a Silver, Gold or Platinum package depending on your needs. Logoworks are willing not only to design a logo for your brand, but do the whole thing from the very beginning. The Startup package starts at $1099.

Canny Creative

canny creative

Canny creative is Newcastle based graphic and web design agency. They specialize in branding, corporate identity, design and logo design. The website’s concept is an excellent solution for this type of agency: every page contains images of their works. Not only do we get to enjoy the beautiful designs in this way, but also to memorize the brands (tricky marketing).



This is an agency that has some good ideas to offer at a more affordable cost. They do all kinds of branding and design services that are neatly divided into multiple packages. For instance, if you are looking for just a logo, there are 2 packages – Unlimited Logo Package and Business Logo Package. The latter will also give you a chance to get a 5 page website design, 1 year hosting and 2 free stationery design sets for $495 only. Except these two, there are also 6 more packages that will make you more than just interested in working with this agency. Plus they are open 24/7.




This agency has a wide range of services and a flexible price structure which is a huge plus. But when it comes to design, web design in particular, I don’t know how about you, but I think that the website that represents the agency is pretty much its business card. If these guys claim that they are creative and professional, it is kind of weird that their website looks quite outdated. What is appealing to me, though, is that they seem to be easy to get in touch with.

40 Dollar Logo

40 dollar logo

The name speaks for itself in this case, really. For $40 you can purchase the Startup package that includes 3 custom design concepts, unlimited revisions, 1 logo designer and 3-4 business days wait. The website does not stand out either and probably needs a revision.

One more great option that we suggest you absolutely trying is to visit the following resources where freelance designers share their art. In this way you will be able to enjoy beautiful galleries and see which designer will likely help you and your brand.

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