Free HTML and CSS Forms for Your Designs 1

Free HTML and CSS Forms for Your Designs

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The following CSS Forms are free to use for a variety of purposes including contact, credit card checkout, interactive forms, logins, sign ups, search, and more. If you need to implement gorgeous, functional forms on your site and don’t want to code from scratch, these are a great option.

Free Contact Forms

Minimalistic Form by Matheus Marsiglio

A simple and beautiful contact form. Useful and easy to modify. A single box will collect all the contact details and transfer them to the actual dynamic script. A beautiful design, not to be missed.

Vintage Inspired Contact Form by David Fitas

A mobile-friendly, simple yet effective contact form. Validation not included, but will be made available upon request.

Contact Us Form by Justin Felcan

A contact us form with envelope animation. A great thing to attract and impress your visitors.

Free Credit Card Checkout Forms

Checkout UI by Stuart Williams

Checkout UI with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Check it out.

Credit Card Checkout by Daniela Andersson Waara

A credit card form with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Credit Card Checkout by Momcilo Popov

A clean and simple credit card payment checkout form with css3, html5, and little bit of jQuery just to make a slightly better UX.

Free Interactive Step-by-Step Forms

Step By Step Register Form by Jerome Renders

A step-by-step register form with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Step By Step Form by Jonathan H

A take on the codrops version with the possibility to go back and confirm all inputs.

Step By Step Form by DevTips

An HTML, CSS and JavaScript step-by-step form.

Free Login and SignUp Forms

Material Design Login Form by celyes

A material design login form with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Login Form – Modal by Andy Tran

A material inspired login modal with 2 panels. A login panel, and a registration panel which is hidden by default.

Sign Up Form by Johnny Bui

A sign up form with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Free Search Forms

Search Bar Animation by Milan Milosev

A search input with morphing effect.

Loooong Search Bar by Oltika

A long search bar with HTML and CSS.

Simple Mobile Search Input by Tommaso Poletti

This is an example of search input, that could be put in a mobile template for e-commerce purpose or much more.

Please ask for more in the comments. What would you like to see in the next post? You’re welcome to offer.

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