Freshest HTML5 Ad Templates for Any Products Promotion

Freshest HTML5 Ad Templates for Any Products Promotion

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All of the following ad banner templates are going to help you get rid of the necessity to design them by yourself or hire an expert for this purpose. They are absolutely ready to use and easy to customize with Google Web Designer. All of them are compatible with Google AdWords and Doubleclick, so enjoy!

Creative Agency – Web Design Services HTML5 Banner Ad Templates

A web design services HTML5 banner ad templates with simple hover effect for AdWords and DoubleClick Studio. They are easy to use and customize with Google Web Designer free software.

HTML Animated Banners

HTML animated ad banners coming with great effects, very easy to edit and customize. Edit them with Google Web Designer, the set includes 7 sizes to work with.

HTML5 Animated Banner Ads – Multipurpose (GWD)

Multipurpose banner ad templates crafted with Google Web Designer, super fast and simple to customize, compatible with AdWords and DoubleClick, pixel perfect and cross-browser compatible.

Online Shopping AD Banner 26

Online shopping ad banner which is a beautiful set of banner templates exclusively made for all types of online shopping. Every banner is made with care; anyone can edit and recreate their own banner set.

Blog App | HTML 5 Animated Google Banner

An animated Google banner including a beautiful set of banner templates made for all business purposes. It comes in 7 standard sizes which are easy to edit with the help of Google Web Designer.

Multibiz – Multipurpose Business HTML5 Banner Ad Templates (GWD, GSAP)

Multipurpose HTML5 banner ad templates with simple hover effect for AdWords and DoubleClick Studio. Using Google Web Designer you can change text in all text blocks and adjust layout properties via CSS tab.

Multi Purpose HTML5 Banners – 7 Sizes

Multipurpose HTML5 banners made with Google Web Designer and with the use of Google fonts. All the files including icons and shapes come with the download file. The set is available in 7 sizes.

HTML5 Animated Banner Ads – Beauty & Health (GWD)

Beauty & health banner ad templates that are exceptionally easy to edit and customize, come with pixel perfect design, are available for AdWords and Doubleclick.

HTML5 Animated Banner Ads – Digital Agency (GWD)

Digital agency banner ad templates that you can also easily edit for your needs with the help of Google Web Designer. Use them in AdWords and Doubleclick to earn money from your interested visitors.

E-Commerce Banners – HTML5 (Elite-CC121)

Easily editable eCommerce ad banners which come in 7 sizes and are available for easily editing thanks to the detailed help file included. Customize them with Google Web Designer software.

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