Giveaway: Get Free WordPress Themes

Giveaway – Get 3 WordPress Themes for Free

  • Pin It and – the promoters of this giveaway and photo quest, and these are our promo terms – please read them!

The giveaway runs from 10am Tuesday 8 April 2014 to 10am – Tuesday 15 April 2014 Eastern Standard Time (EST). No submissions will be accepted after that time.

Anyone can enter this giveaway so long as they are over 13 years of age. If you’re under 18 please get your parent or guardian’s permission to enter.

To enter you have to do the following:

  • please click this link and install iSnapQuest app on your iPhone
  • open the iSnapQuest app and sign up
  • click on this link from your iPhone’s browser. This will bring up iSnapQuest app and take you to the giveaway snap quest we created “Fun moments in my pet’s life”.
  • start uploading photos of your pet (DO NOT upload someone else’s photographs or your account will be suspended)
  • tap on the “Share” button in the right upper corner of the quest screen and share this quest with as many of your friends as possible so that they can like the photos you’ve uploaded.
  • the creators of the top three most liked photos in our giveaway snap quest will get the free themes.

The prizes are:

The first place winner will get 3 WordPress themes:

  • Photography Theme
  • Business Theme
  • eCommerce Theme (online store)

The second place winner can choose any of the 2 WordPress Themes and the third place winner can choose one theme from the list above.

WordPress Themes Demos

frame photography wordpress theme


mavericks business wordpress theme


shopper wordpress theme

The quest will continue during a week. It will take 2 days to summarize all the votes and determine the winners. To keep you updated we will announce the winners in our blog post, Facebook, Twitter and in the newsletter.

You promise to us that any information that you give to us is true and correct and your entry is your own original creation and work, and does not infringe the rights (including copyright) of any other person. You promise to indemnify us in relation to any loss or damage resulting from any breach of this promise whether it is on purpose or not.


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  1. gt3themes Reply

    Nice to see first posted photo. Like it, nice doggy 🙂

  2. fabio di marzio Reply

    i have already purchased the 3 themes up for grabs! 😉

    • gt3themes Reply

      Wow, thanks for choosing our service 🙂 Anyway you can participate in this quest just for fun.

      • fabio di marzio Reply

        i’m tryin to use the app but it doesn’t work on my iphone :((

        here the boss!

        • gt3themes

          Cool photo 🙂 Do you get some errors? What is the issue? We will pass all the available info to the developers.

          • fabio di marzio

            no error
            after the login when i click on the search bar the app crash.
            i’m using an iphone 4s iOS 7.1 operator vodafone italy.

          • gt3themes

            You can go directly to Most Popular – > Fun moments in my pet’s life.

          • fabio di marzio

            here a screenshot
            i can’t do anything

          • gt3themes

            We’ve already sent the info to the developers.

  3. gt3themes Reply

    The giveaway is over. We will announce the winners on Friday.

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