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Great Website Examples of Successful Infinite Scrolling Usage

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Who doesn’t love an endless stream of cool stuff? When you don’t need to click on page links, trying to find the necessary information and when you can just browse content while scrolling. Of course it’s a pleasant user experience to look through these kind of websites on condition that infinite scrolling is really needed.

Probably, you have already noticed that such popular social networking websites as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr are the most successful examples of using this web design technique. And what is more important that infinite scrolling has been implemented quite naturally in these websites, due to the fact that they have a great flow of user generated content which is updated all the time.

But infinite scrolling has its pros and cons, because it is not suitable for each type of content. For example, if you have a goal-oriented website where users need to find specific product or service, infinite scrolling can play against you. That’s why in most cases infinite scrolling is using when your content is presented by images or you need to display article pages for loading recent or related posts. There are a lot of websites in which scrolling is implemented in the wrong way, so think thoroughly before put this trendy technique into practice.

In this roundup we included some beautiful websites which are demonstrating infinite scrolling at its best. So check out this great collection to prove that the appropriate usage of infinite scrolling is always provide quality user experience.

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