Meet the New WordPress 3.9 Version To Stay Update

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Just four month later since the last update, WordPress.org  presents the new version 3.9 named “Smith” that is recently improved by the advanced features and refinements. It’s a high time to start investigating which definite modifications have been made and what has been changed since the previous release.

To put it briefly, WordPress 3.9 is focused on enhancing the writing and editing experience. The team worked basically on the back-end modifications and admin functions. Most of the changes appeared in the text editor, media playlists and in the widget user interface. Let’s review the following features that were included in the newest version:

  • TinyMCE software, which powers the visual editor, has been updated to the latest version, so the visual editor has prospered its accessibility and mobile support; the interface has a fresh and clean look as well. Now you can add the text from Microsoft Word document into your editor without troubles.

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  • It has become much easier to edit and remove images while working with the posts, for example crop and change the image size.

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  • Also you can simply drag-and-drop images directly into the post editor where they will be automatically uploaded.

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  • Improved Add New Theme screen has appealing look and allows you to see the screenshots of the featured themes. You can preview and install themes as well as upload and manage header images with the rest of your site before going it live.

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  • Gallery is provided with a live preview in the visual editor, so when you add a gallery to your posts, you can observe images in the well-defined grid structure.

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  • You will be able to create audio and video playlists through the WordPress media uploader, so if you download audio or video file, the links will display in the media manager.

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  • With the help of Widget customizer you can easy add, modify and arrange all widgets; you can see the results of your work in the new widget previewer.

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Summarizing all above-mentioned, the recent version of WordPress 3.9 offers a lot of new features designed to make the customization process easier as well as to give pleasant user experience. We recommend you to Download it for your WordPress blog or website and stay up-to-date. And if you are planning to run your own WordPress site, you can browse our professionally made collection of WordPress Themes with attractive designs and great potential.



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