Newest WooCommerce Plugins for Your eCommerce Needs

Newest WooCommerce Plugins for Your eCommerce Needs

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WooCommerce is the most widely used WordPress eCommerce plugin which comes with tons of extensions and plugins developed for it on a regular basis. We’ve hand-picked some of the best premium WooCommerce plugins that will give you more power of control over your online store, its pages and products. Here’s a plugin for just about everyone, so have a look and let us know which one is your favorite.

WooCommerce Facebook Pixel by GetMogul

A great plugin which allows to track and target your campaigns very accurately. You will be able to easily track all events, set up your conversions rate for each of them, adjust your average conversion value with or without tax, shipping, fees and more. You will be also able to add custom events with and/or rules for precise tracking. Use the additional parameters to segment your targeting.

WooCommerce Nochex Payment Gateway

A great WooCommerce plugin based on the famous UK’s independent payment service for startups as well as small and medium merchants. The plugin provides an easy and direct payment platform which will be easy to use for your customers and simple for your to receive payments. The plugin is backed up with a world-class fraud prevention capability on secure and reliable PCI-compatible payment pages.

Ultimate Woocommerce Page Templates Builder

A comprehensive plugin for Visual Composer which allows to build ultimate WooCommerce page templates for your online store. You’ll be able to create various page templates for your eCommerce website including a single product details page, a cart page, checkout pages, and more pages with the help of a popular and user-friendly Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder plugin.

WooCommerce Stock Text

A WooCommerce plugin which allows you to add in stock and out of stock text displayed on a product page. You can change the standard text of the products in stock, choose whether to display the amount of products or only a label. You will be also able to change the out-of-stock items text and inform your users that a product will soon be available. Set your custom rules, customize the fonts and color, and take a full control over your online store.

WooCommerce Vtiger Integration

An essential tool helpful to synchronize orders, products and customers data instantly. Do it automatically and without manual entry. Forget about manually entering your eCommerce sales into your CRM. Save hours by doing this automatically with the Woo-Vtiger Syncing plugin. This is the only plugin with smart sync feature that makes it possible for scheduled background sync; no manual input is required from your CRM or website users.

CTL WooCommerce Search by SKU

Are you looking for isbn code in WooCommerce? With CTL Woocommerce Search by SKU you can hide SKU from product description page and allow your users to search products by SKU code.Boost your website with CTL plugins technology.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing Pro

A WooCommerce extension providing an ability to better succeed with wholesale pricing. You can easily manage your existing store with wholesale pricing. Just add a wholesaler customer by selecting their role as a “Wholesaler”, and those prices will be only visible by wholesaler customers and not by public ones.

WooCommerce Multisite Product Sync

A perfect solution for sync products including simple, grouped, virtual, downloadable, external/affiliate and variable ones in your WordPress Multisite network. Types of multisite network should include multi-domains, sub-domains and sub-directories. Want to find out what else you’ll be able to sync? Visit the plugin’s homepage to review its features.

Catalog Mode for WooCommerce

A plugin which allows to transform your WooCommerce shop into an online catalog either for all users or only for guests that don’t have a possibility to purchase a product. You will be able to disable “add to cart” button on shop pages and on single product page, disable prices on shop pages and on single product page, and have a control over your online store.

Display a Map Where the Goods are Being Shipped

A plugin which helps to let your customers know where goods are being shipped by displaying a map and a marker. Customers sometimes make mistakes when it comes to typing their address. So by showing a map at the end of the checkout process will allow them to verify that the address is the correct one. Your customers will be confident that they get their products without any delays ‘cause no mistakes in shipping address will be made.

So are there any other ones you personally use for your online store? Share please in the comments.

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