PHP Project Management Tools to Stay Organized

PHP Project Management Tools to Stay Organized

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The following PHP scripts can both work separately or within a CMS and help to organize and manage your any business or activity. This collection can be useful for schools, institutes, businesses, websites with subscriptions, and much more.

School Management System

This tool is an ideal way to manage complete school operation. The system has different access rights for Admin, Teacher, Student and Parent. Try it out.

Ultimate Church Manager

An ultimate church manager providing effective and easy to use all-in-one church management solution for a reasonable price. You can focus on ministry and loving people. Explore each powerful feature to find out how the tool handles both simple and complex tasks.

Videoflix – TV Series Movie Subscription Portal CMS

A video subscription platform which is designed as a content management system to create your own movie and tv series website. Sale videos to your customers in a monthly subscription and build up your video content business.

AdminLTE Laravel

A Laravel version of AdminLTE. It’s build with Laravel 5.5 and HTML admin template AdminLTE 2.4.0. It depends on two main frameworks including Bootstrap 3.3.7 and jQuery 1.11+. All form elements are converted to Blade.

Engine File Manager

A perfect solution for managing files, folders and hyperlinks on the server via web interface. It has two panels and hotkeys for quick control. The script is developed on pure PHP and JS and can be either deployed separately or integrated to any CMS.

Codeigniter Simple User Manager (Material Design)

A simple user management system that can be a starting point for a web app development or can be integrated with and existing codeigniter project based on Codeigniter version 3.1 and hmvc (hierarchical model view controller).

Signer | Create Digital Signatures and Sign PDF documents Online

A PHP system that allows users create signatures and sign PDF documents online. Signer allows users to manage files through a database file system and folders.

IMS Pro – Institute Management System

A simple, affordable and professional solution with multi branch and multi user that has everything you need to manage your institute. You also get free Android mobile app for students, where student can download assignment, view their fee and attendance details.

Email Newsletter Builder – CodeIgniter Version

Create your own creative email newsletter with 27 different elements, 5 language, 50+ different options. If you know HTML or prefer to design your own emails, this tool is an excellent newsletter builder for you.

AMC Master – Annual Maintenance Contract Management System

An annual maintenance contract system. It includes features like Admin, Employee, Customer and Supplier users, automatic service reminders, to do service list, KPI reports for complain, AMC invoices and payment management, service and sales modules, and much more.

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