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SaaS – Great Business Solution for Your Projects

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If you just started to explore the concept of SaaS, our blog post will help you to figure out it’s main definition and learn the main features and usage.

Short for Software as a Service, SaaS is a software delivery model by which a vendor or service provider is developing and operating a web application as well as providing customers with the access to the software via the Internet. It means that you don’t need to buy, install, maintenance and update the software, you can use it through the web interface from anywhere with the Internet connection. It’s the really flexible and efficient way that will save your time and money.

Basically, SaaS is a category of cloud computing which allows different activities (partnering, architecture, pricing, etc.) to be managed from central locations in a one-to-many model. In other words, SaaS makes use of a cloud computing infrastructure to deliver one application to many users. That’s why nowadays, cloud computing is a quickly growing system of delivering technology.

Coming back to SaaS, it has become a common delivery model for many business applications, such as management software, accounting, office and messaging software, collaboration, human resource management, etc.

Let’s highlight the key features of SaaS:

  • easy administration;
  • reliability;
  • cost effectiveness;
  • great accessibility;
  • enabling to access applications remotely;
  • automatic updates;
  • easier collaboration (all users will have the same version of software);
  • security;
  • instant scalability;
  • technical support, etc.

To help you make the right choice, we tried to include in this list some useful advices before choosing an appropriate service:

  • cloudsource carefully;
  • know your security and compliance needs;
  • compare service offerings by all options;
  • check certifications, prices and uptime;
  • find out what happens if the service falls down.

Let’s overview some of the most widely used SaaS applications that will help you understand how cloud computing services are working and how many benefits they can bring into your business life:

GoToMeeting – service for video conferencing:


ServiceNow – IT service management software:


Concur – travel and expense service:


Oracle – service that supports human resources, customer experience, supply chain and more:


Ultimate Software – cloud-based Human Capital Management for companies across all industries:

Ultimate Software

Cornerstone – cloud-based applications to recruit, train, manage and connect people across your organization:


Salesforce – Customer Relationship Management solution and cloud computing services:


Workday – Human Capital Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Executive services:


ConstantContact – cloud-based marketing and automation solution:

Constant Contact

Athenahealth – Electronic Health Records, practice management, patient communication:


As you can see, the spectrum of SaaS usage is really wide and in each business field Software as a Service brings its undeniable advantages. The thing is to choose application that you really need and which is help you to manage your business in the best way as well as implement your ideas in life. No doubt, with the cloud you have more control.

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  1. Erin Maccabe Reply

    True indeed that SaaS/Cloud has made its way into the digital workplace setting. The corporate world now notices the benefits they can get from SaaS which are truly unremarkable. SaaS users also find it helpful that there are SaaS support teams/experts (e.g. Lirik – – which specializes in Salesforce and NetSuite) widely available which to help maximize SaaS end user experience.

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