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Stay Advance with the New Version of GT3 Page Builder Plugin

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Important!!!  For those who purchased the premium WordPress themes from us, please do not update your current plugin version with this one. They have different functionality. Thanks.

Aiming to improve your WordPress experience and, at the same time, give you more opportunities in editing your website or blog in the way you like, our team is glad to deliver the new version of GT3 Page Builder Plugin. This updated version is fully optimized and has more modules which will add limitless potential and more flexibility to any web project. The main idea of our GT3 plugin is to make easier for you to build unlimited number of custom pages without any additional skills. No need to dig into the code, just use drag & drop page builder and bring to life all your creative ideas.

Now let’s get a clue about each fully customizable module which can be implemented to enrich your website and present it in a higher level:

  • Accordion – used to display collapsible text content panels for showing information in a limited amount of space;
  • Before/After – using this module you are able to show the differences between original and edited photos.
  • Blog – you can add as much Blog Posts for your website as you need. Also you can filter blog posts by categories;
  • Blog Posts – displays the newest or random posts from blog list, so you can specify number of posts to show along with the number of posts per line to show.
  • Content – using this module, you can demonstrate the entire content of the standard WordPress editor;
  • Counter – you can use this module when you need to display some statistics in your website;
  • Divider – simple horizontal line that helps visually divide content of the page and used to divide page section regions, also you can specify different divider types;
  • FAQ – in this module you can collect common questions and answers which can be arranged in the well-defined structure.
  • Gallery – allows you to display the photos and videos from the gallery section. You can easily configure the galley to display on the page.
  • Google Map – with the help of this module you can simply set the map to show your business address to the visitors and customers;
  • HTML – html module adds block with the custom html code on a page;
  • Heading – you can edit heading to any page area, highlighting the main idea of the text. Fill out the required fields, select necessary options and you can easily set it;
  • Icon Box – allows to insert a short description of something you might want to present and allows to assign a custom icon to it along with the title and description;
  • Icon list – using this module, you can easily create a custom icon list on the page.
  • Javascript – this module helps you to add a required Javascript code and shortcodes into your content;
  • Message Box – designed to display different kind of notification messages. Choose the desired icon, put the notification text into the text area, choose the notification type;
  • Partners – you can set this module to show the number of partners and select them from available list if needed.
  • Portfolio – provides you with a great opportunity to set your Media content without Ajax effects. Choose the necessary fields and customize it for your needs.
  • Portfolio Posts – this module displays the newest or random posts from portfolio list, also it supports the option to choose the post from the selected portfolio categories.
  • Price Table – it will fit perfectly for promotion or displaying different kind of business offers; you can set name, price, description, add link, etc;
  • Progress Bar – uses the percentage value to represent information in the circle style.
  • Promo Text – allows you to display promo information that can be easily linked to your main article. Consists of main text, additional text and the button;
  • Sitemap – this useful module assists you in displaying the whole website sections which are organized in hierarchical manner.
  • Tabs – single content area with different panels, each one associated with a header title in a list. Placement can be horizontal and vertical;
  • Team – with the help of this module you can show your coworkers on the website as well as create unlimited number of team members, set any social profile icon, link.
  • Testimonials – it will fit perfectly to show user or client comments or any other comments of that matter.
  • Text Area – with the help of this module you can edit text to any part of the page;
  • Toggle – add simple toggle style with collapsible components;
  • Video – allows to display videos from two the most popular video hosting services Youtube and Vimeo. You can specify Title name and Video Height if needed.

Also the new version of GT3 Page Builder Plugin includes such useful shortcodes as:

  • Blockquote;
  • Custom Buttons;
  • Dropcaps;
  • Divider;
  • Icon;
  • Video.

For your convenience, we prepared the introductory video to show you how many manipulations you can do with your website while working with GT3 Page Builder plugin:

gt3 page builder plugin video

Coming from this video, you can make sure that our new GT3 Page Builder will simplify your customization work as well as assist you in your website’s building. Our team is proud to bring this helpful plugin which you can download for free for the personal use. And if you would like to use it for commercial projects, you can purchase the Developer’s License, it’s price is only $45 (up to 5 sites). Please note that we also offer the Unlimited License (use in the WordPress themes for sale), please contact us for obtaining information.

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About the Author
Being involved in this diverse world of web design, I enjoy writing various blog entries regarding WordPress and all around topics, starting from its functionality and capabilities to the latest news and updates. Also I’m always ready to share some useful materials and free stuff that can be really helpful for your website maintenance.

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  1. Amigo Productions Reply

    Thanks for the update! 🙂

    • gt3themes Reply

      You are welcome. For those, who purchased our premium themes, please do not update it. You will receive the update from themeforest, in case if there is any new update available. Thanks for understanding 🙂

  2. Marcelo Araújo Reply

    hi, can use/update it with the free theme, corp theme? tks.

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can’t because corp has built-in version of the plugin. This is a standalone one.

      • Marcelo Araújo Reply

        OK, GT3. tks.

  3. Mark Reply

    Hi, nice page builder , if I would like to use this plugin included in my theme sale on themeforest, what should I do to get permission?

    • gt3themes Reply

      You have to get the developer’s license. You can send the request to help at gt3themes dot com and get more info about it.

  4. David Reply

    Hi, how / where can I buy the standalone GT3PageBuilder ? I saw no link on your site.
    Thanks in advance

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please send your request to help at gt3themes dot com to more information about the licenses. It will be posted on our site soon. There are 3 different licenses at the moment. Thanks

  5. Luis Orozco Reply

    Hello, very nice plugins, what/where is the shortcode documentation for video content

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can use the video embed code within a text or HTML module and it will work.

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