The Best Collection of Free Modern Fonts

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Font-faces and typography have a great impact on many aspects of how users perceive a website. Fonts can have an effect on the user experience, readability and mood and even have a kind of historical setting. It is much essential for a designer to understand basic principles of choosing the right typography to create an eye-catching and pleasing design.

A good amount of quality and modern fonts are available today for free. This means you have a great opportunity to choose the best professional fonts for your creative blog theme, business website design, or any other website. Check out the collection of modern fonts to choose the font style that fits you the best and enjoy new opportunities to express your creativity.

1. Cera GR
This is the newest font designed by Jakob Runge. It is available in OpenType format, includes 440 glyphs and supports Greek script as well as Latin letters. The font has 6 weights.


2. BellaBoo
A bold all-caps font designed by Marcelo Reis Melo. The font contains both Latin and Swedish characters and is sure to add a quirky flavor to your designs. BellaBoo is available in TrueType and OpenType format.


3. Bough
This is a hand-drawn font featuring a real vintage aesthetics and available in OpenType format. It contains regular and condensed characters, and an alternate glyph is available for each letter.


4. El-Capitan
This is a handcrafted typeface which can be used for various designs including headlines, logos, labels, and other. The font is brought along with vector illustration kit.


5. Aldi
A simple and solid hand-drawn font designed by Phil Goodwin and available in two weights. The font is free either for personal or commercial usage.


6. Nervous Energy
A new headline font designed by Pelle Sten. The font contains both English and Scandinavian letters.


7. Cabana
This is an uppercase handmade font designed by Adrien Coquet. This is a smooth font which works great with titles.


8. Valencia
This is a fully handmade rough font designed by Marianela Grande. It includes two script types and additional irregular fonts. Stylish alternates and ligatures as well as multilingual characters are available.


9. Hidden Cinema
A quirky free font designed by Edwin Servaas. This is a small handwritten typeface that can add a vintage feel to your design.


10. Zyana
This is a modern free font designed by Calum Adams. The font belongs to the Latin family type and available in regular and bold weights.


11. De Luxe Next
It is a new amazing font designed by Dichi and available in bold and bold italic weights.


12. Lev Black Distressed
A perfect display font designed by Leon Hulst and available in one black weight. This font is a distressed version of the Lev Slab Serif Black from the Lev font family.


13. WP Domino Novel
This is a free interesting font designed by Wisit Po. The typeface is inspired by the prototypes character of the Domino book cover (a book about incredible crime).


14. Theka
This is a vector font designed by Anurag J and inspired by the Indian Truck Art typography.


15. Timber
A free versatile font designed by Mehmet Reha. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters with lines aligned to be perfectly connected to each other.


16. NK57 Monospace
This is a 60-style programmer typeface designed by Typodermic Fonts for high-res displays. Its character set is decked out with Cyrillic, Greek and European accents.


17. Wild Spaces
This is a peculiar free font designed by Nathan Brown who says it’s been built for the outdoors and perfect for wilderness adventures.


18. Slot
A rounded font designed by Adrien Coquet together with Hugo Dath. The font goes with a semicircle pattern. The authors have released this font for free usage but anyone can support it by their own will.


19. Moon
This is a free rounded font designed by Jack Harvatt. The font is pretty simple and available both in thin and bold versions. It is free for personal usage.


20. Maxwell
This is an uppercase font designed by Ryan Pyae. It has a great vintage feel and look and available for any type of graphic design.


Choose any of these free modern fonts and create your best design projects with inspiration.

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