The Best Free Infographic Templates for January 2017

The Best Free Infographic Templates for January 2017

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Create an infographic that spreads with one of the following free infographic templates. A good collection of specimens to choose from and absolutely free to try. Check it out!

Infographics with 4 Colors Free Vector


Free vector including infographic elements in four different colors. You can use it for showcasing any important data you want to show in a diagram.

Foodstuffs with Omega 3 Infographic Free Vector


A free infographics template depicting food sources of omega 3. Use it to show a calorific capacity of products, and more related purposes.

Healthy Food Infographic Template Free Vector


A colorful infographics layout depicting the percentage of health utility of every single vegetable, fruit or meat product.

Planning Background Design Free Vector


Some jigsaw puzzles with a calendar, wordpad sheets and a pencil are depicted on this infographic template for planning needs.

Infographic Banners with Decorative Arrows Free Vector


Banners with arrows are depicted on this infographic template you can use for any purposes.

Infographic About Brain Operation Free Vector


A free infographics template depicting the brain anatomy and available for telling the information on how the brain works.

Circular Infographics with Three Sections Free Vector


A rounded infographics template consisting of three colorful parts with information to place onto them. The vector is fully customizable.

Ecology Infographic Template Design Free Vector


A hand-drawn beautiful landscape with plants, sun and the sky are depicted on this infographics template. It shows the steps of growing the plant.

Man with Infographics Design Free Vector


A free infographics template depicting a cartoon man showing the colorful diagrams hanging on the wall.

Infographic Template Design Free Vector


Another free infographic template depicting a global storage results. A map depicting a few continents and other graphic elements are editable.


Use the template to create infographics within minutes just by editing the vectors and inserting your unique information.

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