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The Best Twitter Tools for Your Effective Marketing

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Originally, Twitter is used as the online social networking and microblogging service, connecting people all around the world. It is the great way to express yourself, create and share your ideas and discover more interesting news, events and trends. Twitter is actively used by media to make TV more interactive and social, bringing the power of music, sports and entertainment to the wide audience. Businesses use Twitter to spread information about their products and services as well as build good relationships with the customers and partners. Also Twitter provides the best tools for developers to create engaging twitter interactions for our best experience.

Besides this, Twitter can be turn to the effective weapon for the marketing needs, because setting a professionally designed theme with a good functionality is not enough for gaining the maximum success. So if you want to drive more visitors or customers into your website, the presented here Twitter tools will assist you to achieve this goal. The following list includes different tools concerning to tweet scheduling, social media management and monitoring, content sharing and distribution, Twitter profile design and research.

So if you are looking for the new and creative ways to use Twitter for your marketing needs – this great bunch of the best Twitter tools will help you to move your website or online store to the next level. To better navigate you in this list, we are giving a short description for each tool:



This user-friendly tool helps you to grow and manage your community as well as organize your followers and identify valuable members. Using Commun.it, you can also prioritize your Twitter tasks and see who you should follow or unfollow.



Bufferapp.com allows you to save your tweets, schedule and send them automatically at the best time you need. To find out more stats and analytics on how your tweets perform, you can login to your dashboard.



This great social media manager is specially created for those people who are looking for the advanced solution for management and analysis of Twitter communities. Here you can discover more Twitter users, analyze your competitors, identify influencers, track your interactions and much more.



If you want to save your time, this comprehensive tool is definitely fulfil all your needs to improve your social media management and marketing. It will assist you in consolidating multiple social networks, so you can post the same content on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook simultaneously.



If you want to add a blogger’s RSS to your Twitter feed, making it automatically update with tweets to their content – TwitterFeed.com will accomplish this task with ease. You can bring the content to a wider audience and track the performance through the real-time stats.



This interesting search tool helps you to discover prominent people by similar interest. Wefollow.com is bringing together users from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram, creating the unique online community.



Implementing this tool, let’s you build, grow and maintain intentional relationships as well as discover new prospects and improve lead scoring. You have a great opportunity to track how social interactions can influence into sales.

Colourlovers – Themeleon

Colourlovers - Themeleon

The main idea of Colourlovers.com is to share the color ideas and inspiration with other people all over the world. Themeleon tool comes with the whole bunch of themes, patterns and layouts to help you in customization of your personal design for your twitter account.



Mention provides you with a new approach to media monitoring, so you can get alerted in real time via push notifications. You just need to create the alert by putting in the phrase you want to be informed for. Also you can receive a daily or weekly email digest.



If you want to improve the effectiveness of your hashtag campaigns – this tool lets you track who is using the hashtag the most and how much influence they have. You can measure your results and study your competitors moves.



This tool can enhance your tweets with polls, questions and surveys in the purpose to make your tweets more interactive and engage the readers.



With the help of this tool you can search Twitter bios, compare users, analyze, track and sort followers. Using FollowerWonk, you can explore and grow your social graph.



This useful tool helps you to find local tweets, connect with other twitters, post and browse local events and specials.

Strip the Blog

Strip the Blog

Strip the Blog is a great tool that makes it easy to find the most popular articles as well as analyze which topics are in great requests on your competitors’ blogs.



Topsy focuses on searching tweets since 2006, so you can discover and learn what keywords are trending on Twitter as well as get instant competitive analysis, exact counts, find influences and measure exposure.

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