The Hottest Startup Ideas for Online Business

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It is not always easy to predict the results of a certain startup and it is hard to know for sure what amount of income it will bring. Despite of this, there are many new enthusiasts generating more and more brilliant and peculiar ideas for business both offline and on the Web. Nothing prevents them from multiple attempts to manifest themselves in their favorite field and reach success by doing things in a much better way than their predecessors did.

This post is for enthusiastic and decisive folks all over the world who don’t shrink from any risks and never give up. We consider the following great startup ideas to be on the front burner during the next few years, so we are happy to share them with you right away.

The Enterprise Mainstream 2016: IT-Startups

Current applications for tablets and smartphones still stay in-demand but this is not the only trend of the next few years. Tendencies that weren’t really popular would step up and rush off the edge of familiar reality. The following trends will obviously influence the world of startups in the closest future, so if you’re scheduling to start a business in the field of information technologies, the next ideas are worth to take into account.

1. Robotics


It is great to have a remote control over any working process and any object. This is the essential solution both for the production sector and the field of consumption because robotics is applicable either to inspect the team working algorithms or manage the team’s work on a full-time basis.

Another tendency here refers to applications developed to help the disabled people in their everyday life or assist sportsmen in pre contest preparations. Such robotic systems may be helpful for rehab services, allow to improve the therapy delivery, select the sports supplement, and more.

2. 3D Printing Software Tools


3D printing is one of the key innovations which influenced the development of modern manufacturing industry. 3D modeling software is extremely popular today especially when it comes to sculpting tools, freeform modeling and CAD tools. Such tools can generate models suitable for 3D printing in different ways.

CAD tools are mostly based on using geometrical shapes to build models, freeform modeling tools allow more freedom when they allow to create any freeform shapes, and sculpting tools mostly use digital clay which you can grab, pinch or pull to create the models. Just choose the category of popular software and develop the tools for it by your own.

3. Health Care Gadgets and Devices


Smartphones and tablets are gradually transformed into reliable assistants that help to monitor and control the health status of their owners. If you wish to run a startup, it would be perfect to start developing applications helping people get the quickest recommendations referring to their lifestyle, activity, nutrition, and overall health.

Experts say that such apps will be very useful in the next few years ’cause they will help to get rid of long-term diseases and control their flow to prevent the complications. Such startups mostly attract the investors for crowdfunding deals.

4. Cloud Servers for Information Storage


Today it is compulsory to have your own cloud library if you run IT business, but the fact is you can provide such storage space to everyone around. Cloud services are offered by many companies and it is a great way to earn ’cause they become more popular day after day. It is safe to store and deliver all information in Cloud keeping it inaccessible for any third party fellows.

5. Large Data Sets Processing Software


If you are keen in software development, then making a large data sets processing software is a good startup idea. There are many companies using immense volumes of information for their work so they are likely to become investors for such projects. Such startups will help retailers collect the necessary information and utilize it in their work with no limits.

6. Online Education


Online education is the universal system which requires the development of specific methods providing ultimate efficiency of interaction between professors and students. As lecture summaries of globally recognized professors are currently possible to find in YouTube and on iTunes, it is clear that startups referring to non-diversified education and practical trainings will be eventually requested.

7. Mobile Applications for Kids


Although almost any primary school pupil uses a smartphone or a tablet, it is hard to find the latest interesting educational offers for children. If you’ve got a startup allowing to ease the education process while playing, it is sure to be highly requested in the next several years.

8. Mobile Consulting


It would be really comfortable for people to get a mobile app with associated medical, financial, educational, legal and other consultation services in one place. For instance, the app can provide an information on average dentist’s prices in your city or offer the most secure loan program. To launch a project, collect the necessary information and then display it in mobile mode. Such startup will bring the most effective results within the definite locality.

Small Business Startups for the Current Year

Here are some popular projects for the small business.

1. End-User (or Software Developers) Training Course


Dozens of new software is released every year but most regular users aren’t able to work with it. You can run a course to teach users learn how to use any given application in the most effective way. It is also perfect to offer a course on learning the basics of programming, video processing, landing pages design, and more. Such startup is sure to be really popular both among younger and older age groups.

2. Outsourcing Services


Outsourcing services allow to help companies develop the separate components of business process management. Companies don’t need the staff for cost accounting, website administration, and other services because all of this is provided by outsource experts. Such services help companies cut their costs of office rent and get rid of a necessity to hire fulltime employees and pay salaries.

3. Online Translation Services

HELLO in eight different languages

It is a well-known fact that the same news, blog posts, and articles are published on many foreign websites if the information in them is relevant for many countries. If the article is taken from a foreign resource it should be properly translated into another language to become clear for native speakers. If you’ve got a team of qualified translators working online to provide quick and quality translation services, it is sure to become an interesting business project which will attract the attention of investors across the globe.

4. Usability Testing


Such startup is sure to be supported by many website owners running their projects for making a profit. A well-timed testing and accurate error correction is going to help the owner release an up-to-date and competitive project which meet all current usability standards. Website owners will spend their costs on promoting just potentially cost-effective projects and get rid of a necessity to spend money on cost-prohibitive ones.


We consider these business ideas to be highly requested in the closest future and may be even really profitable for the most enthusiastic startuppers. If you have any other exciting or peculiar ideas to complement the list above or you want to share the story of your success in business on the Web, you are welcome to share your stories and thoughts in the comments section.

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