Top 5 Phrases Designers Often Say But Not Always Mean

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Every freelance designer collaborating with a customer, is responsible for all stages of working process. If they work on the websites for freelancers, they share their professional experience, upload their portfolios to attract customers, choose the appropriate task, and deal with a customer themselves.

When you work with a freelance designer you may come across the situations when they misunderstand a brief, choose wrong colors, miss revision deadlines, or do some other things you didn’t expect them to.

To avoid force majeure situations and get a quality and well-crafted work in time, speak with a contractor on all details of your future collaboration and make sure you choose the right person to work with. Find out the skills, check out the portfolio and read the testimonials of your contractor’s previous clients, discuss the brief and ask for their similar works if they have any.

So let’s review the most common phrases freelance designers often say to ensure their expertise or responsibility. What of them are true and which ones are just the excuse? Let’s see.

1. Ok, I’ll use brighter colors to make it pop.


Developing an effective color scheme is one of the most common challenges that occur when designing a website. Color is usually used to stand out and attract attention and when you face decisions on color there are multiple options. If a designer chooses obscure colors for any particular element on the page or selects pastel colors instead of brighter ones, you may not be satisfied with the choice.

It’s sometimes irrelevant and not preferable to use pastel colors for websites referring to night clubs and parties, online games, movie portals, and some other online resources. It is also unacceptable to select bright and psychedelic color scheme for web projects devoted to newborn babies’ clothes, agricultural business, wedding websites, and so on.

When discussing a brief, make sure a contractor is aware about the suitable color scheme for your particular project and you won’t get any unpleasant surprises.

2. It won’t take a long time.


A really skilled expert will never state that a work will be finished urgently especially when it comes to designing a full-fledged website. They can say they make it as soon as possible, they can offer approximate terms and agree on a certain deadline, but they will never say they’d complete a task quickly until didn’t examine the brief.

If you hear this phrase from your potential contractor it should strike a warning note. If you are convinced your project requires not less than a month to be completed and a brief should be thoroughly learned and discussed, think twice before choosing the contractor saying that phrase.

3. Yes, the brief is clear.


Well, it seems great that a brief is very clear for a contractor once they see it. But wait a minute! An experienced contractor would always discuss a brief with a customer and make sure every step of their future work is clear as well as everything is understood correctly. Excessive self-assurance looks suspicious and it is better to think twice before you start collaborating with a contractor like that.

4. Ok, I’ll send the revision by 10 pm.


This phrase sounds as a good promise and you can consider this promise to be a trustworthy one in particular cases. But sometimes you may know for sure that a revision is going to take more time than it is supposed by the contractor. This means that a designer isn’t able to evaluate the real terms required for completing a task, as a result the quality suffers.

If you need your project to be done perfectly, make sure you choose a skilled and experienced designer whose work won’t require any revisions. If you suppose to make some amendments and update a brief later, discuss it with a contractor and agree on acceptable terms in advance.

5. You want a logo like that? No problem!


Logos are sometimes very similar by style but it is better to find an expert being ready to offer something really unique. Of course you may want to imitate some elements of the competitor’s logo, but it is better to make your brand identity stand out from the crowd to attract as much target clients as possible.


Now we hope you will choose only right people to collaborate with and you will get only well-crafted and unique designs every time you decide to work with a freelancer.

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