Top 5 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Building your Website

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When the first WordPress version appeared in 2004, it was a real paradigm shift for many web developers. The platform was initially meant to be the instrument for blogging but very soon it managed to become a powerful content management software for building the entire website.

If you want to run a site on WordPress you don’t need any HTML or PHP knowledge, because the visual editor contains all required formatting options allowing to make your text look as well as it does in ordinary Word document. You can choose among thousands of graphic templates developed for WordPress to change the look of your website, you can upload any content easily to modify your web-pages, and you can select from “tons” of plugins available for WordPress to build almost any type of website for your business.

Millions of sites worldwide are powered by WordPress and we have singled out a few most compelling reasons to use this CMS for creating your perfect website.

1. An Open Source and Accessibility


The opensource CMS provides “plentiful” benefits either to a developer or a user, while the ability to use the software free of charge allows to save money and get the fully-functional platform for your various needs.

  • WordPress is easy to download and install.
  • You can use WordPress on your own servers.
  • You can revise the code to modify its functionality.

2. Support of International Community


Multiple “strong-minded” developers from all over the world provide various modules and fix bugs in time to make WordPress more and more usable and advanced CMS day after day. The global community of developers, users and supporters regularly update the platform with new security fixes, better functionality and operational stability.

3. Flexibility of Configuration

As the platform is regularly updated by the worldwide community of developers, anyone can modify the source to customize the WordPress further and make it be what they want to be. Plugins for this CMS are mostly represented as add-ons and installed in the dashboard area to provide additional features. Its flexibility allows to build any types of websites including social media, forums, galleries, business cards, and so on. You don’t have to hire any specific developers to customize a website because WordPress is ready to become what you want it to be.

4. Cost-Effectiveness


Sometimes it costs a lot of money to develop a custom CMS which will have the same functions as WordPress has. There is no need to spend that much. You can choose WordPress and just enjoy all the benefits it offers. Easy customization and exceptional usability is complemented here with flexible structure and adaptability.

5. Ease of Usage


You don’t need to be a technician to learn how to work with WordPress. It has got a user-friendly interface which is quite intuitive and understandable. Updating content with this CMS is as easy as editing a Word document. The backend administrator’s interface is visually easy to use and navigate, and a comprehensive Content Management Suite allows to power any type of content without any challenges.

WordPress is one of the best platforms with limitless possibilities. Moreover, it is easy to run a blog with WordPress ’cause blogging is a highly recommended part of any online marketing. A well-written code allowed the CMS to become the Google’s ‘favorite child”, so if you regularly update the content and show that your website is alive, your website rank is sure to be increased on a regular basis.

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