Top-Notch WP Plugins to Better Manage Your Blog Posts

Top-Notch WP Plugins to Better Manage Your Blog Posts

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The following WordPress plugins are going to be helpful for bloggers when it comes to working with their posts. You can hide the posts from the homepage, show their expiration date, manage custom post types, receive front-end post submissions from visitors, generate a public preview link, etc. All of this is possible with the help of the following solutions, so browse them now.

WP Product Review Lite

A plugin which allows to post reviews in a better way. It comes with a review widget to place at end of articles, a top products review widget, rich snippets, etc.

Post Expirator

A plugin offering numerous ways to expire a post. You can change the status of a post to draft, delete or trash it, make it private and so on. Add a “[postexpirator]” tag to show the expiration date of your post.

Custom Post Type UI

A plugin made for managing the custom post types and taxonomies on your blog or website. It also provides an import and export tool to quickly import or export post types and taxonomies from or to other websites.

Bulk Delete

An excellent plugin allowing to delete pages, posts, users, attachments, and metadata in a single click. You can delete a post by its tag, category, URL, etc.

WP Hide Post

A plugin which helps to create hidden posts visible at your selected areas, but still indexed by search engines. You can hide a post from front page, category page, search results, etc.

Public Post Preview

A plugin to generate a public yet self-expiring link and give it to the third party. After they’re done reviewing, you can disable the public preview.

User Submitted Posts

a plugin for accepting front-end submissions. You can allow a reader upload their images, send their posts to you and publish their works on your web-pages.

WordPress Post Tabs

A plugin which enables you to add multiple tabs to a WordPress post. It helps using tabs without writing a single line of code, so it is very simple for everyone.

WP Old Post Date Remover

A useful WordPress plugin for removing dates from your old posts. It gives you the ability to hide the published date, so you can show an evergreen post like a new post to your readers.


A great WordPress plugin that helps to move blog posts which mean to easily change their URL addresses easily or automatically create redirects.

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