Trendy Fonts and Typography Inspiration

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Today’s post is about fashion. Not the fashion you all are probably thinking about, but the one that has everything to do with your websites’ content. Fashion trends influence every aspect of our lives, greatly and inevitably. So, in this article I would like to focus on the one which now has firmly settled in web design – typography.

2015 is rich with awesome creative ideas, and huge emphasis is being made on visualization. But what exactly makes the content look beautiful? Of course, the website layout you say. Most definitely killer images. And I agree. But no matter what your website is dedicated to, the visitors long for information. The art of word is a powerful thing, but with a couple of visual touches it becomes indestructible.

say it aint so font

Typography used to be a privilege: the graphic design tools were a rare thing, and could only be purchased by designers who had access to larger budgets. Today, however, these tools are becoming more and more affordable. And, as you know, Google Fonts decided to give those out for free.

To give you ideas what is in 2015 fashion and inspire you to create I compiled a list of the most gorgeous and fun fonts.

Canberra Bold Serif Free Font

 canberra bold serif free font

Havana Awesome Serif Free Font

 havana awesome serif free font

Chelsea Modern Decorative Free Font

 chelsea modern decorative free font

Cabana Free Font

cabana free font

Nivo Type Free Font

nivo type free font


maxwell free font

Silent Lips Experimental Free Font

silent lips experimental free font

Floki Typeface Free Font

floki typeface free

Moderne Sans Free Font

moderne sans free font

Braxton Free Font

braxton free font

Delhi Free Font

delhi free font

Oslo Free Font

oslo free font

Timber Free Font

timber free font

As you can see there is no limit to peoples’ creativity. The typefaces vary from bold and daring to lightweight and plain, but still the designers give their preferences toward the latter. This is happening due to the minimalist tendencies that have become dominant in web design this year, but you know what they say: fashion trends tend to return.

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