Weird and Ridiculous Designs Who's Gonna Guess Their Purpose

Weird and Ridiculous Designs: Who’s Gonna Guess Their Purpose?

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There’s no doubt all the following photos and illustrations are quality ones, and of course there’s no doubt they are made with exceptional diligence. But wait a minute! Have you ever wondered what those designs are for? Would you personally choose them for your online projects or ads? Well, everything is possible in this world, but let’s guess, what startups, posters, banners or cards the following designs are suited for?

It’s also a chance to laugh, wonder or even feel disgust. Let’s start!

Awkward Designs for Free

1. Oh really? Is it an amazed guy? What was he told that made him react this way?

2. Please don’t interrupt a cat from cleaning its tummy! It looks really angry.

3. Well, of course they should be the best friends forever, especially the first couple.

4. Doesn’t it look like a pot of beer?

5. Of my Goodness! Why does the nun pray under the water? Would a goldfish fulfill her dreams if she wears those colorful glasses?

Strange and Funny Designs for a Few Bucks

1. Do you also consider them to be funny? Scary they are!

2. So let’s imagine the magazine cover with this photo, looks good, isn’t it? And what’s the headline?

3. One more “amazing” photo. Zebra looks concentrated, doesn’t it?

4. Is cat a real yoga lover? How do you think?

5. Gosh! A shell guy’s got a runny nose.

6. Why not? Cute and funny illustration.

7. No standards should exist! Muscles? Beautiful shapes? No need for them). But is it ok for a stock image?

8. Yes, it’s true love.

9. Zero sales since 2011, no, no hints…

10. Although the name is chosen correctly. Comments are needles…

11. Does he mimic a duck?

12. Yes, you’re right, buddy. See the name of the photo.

Guys, have you got some more examples of weird stock images, vectors or icon sets? You’re welcome to leave your comments and share whatever you want below.

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