WordPress 4.7 is Soon to Come Out. What to Expect

WordPress 4.7 is Soon to Come Out. What to Expect?

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WordPress 4.7 is going to be released on December 6, 2016 and the developers are ready to unveil the features of the upcoming freshman. We also expect for the final release date to come, and the improvements we are waiting for are as follows:

Default Theme Improvements


Twenty Seventeen is a default theme which comes with each major release to help you get started with simplicity. A lot of exciting features are going to be available for the theme in the upcoming release, and they are:

  • a new layout is now available;
  • you can make a lot of modifications right through the WP Customizer;
  • you can install a theme directly from Customizer, update is removed;
  • you’ll be able to edit the site title, description, header, control menus and themes;
  • you’ll be also edit the entire page and change the themes with the starter content;

New Pleasant Abilities


Some pleasant updates are going to ease your life.

  • a Customizer panel will look differently as well;
  • a new WordPress 4.7 offers a new way of changing the colors of your website;
  • you can also upload an URL of a video to be displayed in the header. By the way, you can add a header image to be shown while the video is loading;
  • you’ll be able to set the page layout, add new pages or edit the existing ones.

Customizer Updates


  1. A New Tab in the Customizer is now available.
  2. Now you can add CSS right from the Customizer with a live preview as well as save and publish it to allow the change on your website.
  3. You can edit shortcuts from Customizer preview mode.
  4. In new WordPress it will be possible to edit and preview elements before making any change to a live website.

Custom Post Types and Editor Improvements


If you’ve used custom page templates for specific pages of your website now you can easily create a custom post type template to imagine how the posts look with your own requirements. By the way there are several changes in the post editor: for instance, the paragraph and heading selector menu is now at the top bar, and other small changes have been also made.

Other Changes

  1. You can change the language of the admin panel.
  2. A new WordPress will show you a thumbnail preview of all PDF files so you can easily sort out a necessary one.
  3. A lot of updates have been made for the developers.

Visit the official website of WordPress to find out more significant updates for front-end users and developers expected to be available in the upcoming release.
Just a few days are left before the release, so you can test the WordPress 4.7 Release Candidate yourself before it is shipped. Good luck!

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