WordPress Add-Ons to Improve Your Website's Functionality

WordPress Add-Ons to Improve Your Website’s Functionality

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The following addons are mostly designed for WPBakery and Elementor page builder plugins. They allow to add effects and animations on any WordPress website page, add video backgrounds, capture emails, use various ways to showcase your website content, etc. Check them out!

AshElement-Elementor Page Builder Bundle

An ultimate addon for Elementor page builder. It allows to go live without switching between backend and frontend. It includes 15+ elements to design and develop, smooth transition of elements, complete typography, margin, padding, color control for each and every element.

Ezra JA Extension – Visual Composer Addon

A WPBakery page builder addon to add video background and Divider line. Create row with video background and title, add 7 divider line styles either with text, icons, or border shadow.

WP Optin Wheel: Gamified Optin Tool for WooCommerce & WordPress

A great addon which allows to capture emails into MailChimp, Campaign Monitor or ActiveCampaign. You can link to any kind of software via Zapier webhooks. The addon is integrated with WooCommerce and includes a form builder.

Icon Boxes for WPBakery Page Builder

Let yourself to use different ways of showcasing your website content, features, services & products. The addon comes with creative layouts fully integrated with WPBakery page builder. Create custom pages in seconds with this fully customizable icon boxes bundle.

Visual Composer – Ultimate Pie Chart

AjQuery plugin that uses the canvas element to render simple pie charts for single values. These charts are highly customizable, very easy to implement, scale to the resolution of the display of the client to provide sharp charts even on retina displays.

Foreground Parallax Effect Visual Composer Addon

An ultimate parallax block builder addon for WPBakery page builder. It’s an ultra-lightweight and super easy to use plugin for parallax scrolling effect. You can set parallax scrolling effects to both sides of the any section, as well as add animation in individual element.

Visual Composer – Animated Text and Typing Effect

A WPBakery page builder addon which comes with 35+ in and out effects, 4 sequences, sentence list animation, repeat animation, character by character animation, word by word animation, texts and words animation, viewport animation, animation after/before callback function, loop and one time animation option, and many more features.

Sortable Tables Addon for Visual Composer

An addon to create responsive sortable tables on any page. Fully customizable, predefined templates are included in the plugin.

Bookly Waiting List (Add-on)

Maximize the time in your day with the Bookly Waiting List add-on. Add your clients to a waiting list when you’re fully booked. When an appointment becomes available, you can fill it immediately. This way you avoid losing the time and money.

Advance Progress Bar For Visual Composer

A modern WPBakery page builder addon. It has 10 unique styles, 3 types, 5 color options. You can use this alert addon on your project easily.

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