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    Are you talented and ambitious? Trying to sell your ideas or products? Want to attract new customers, or upgrade the website to make it unique? You have found the right place to stop and look around.

    Ladies and gentlemen, GT3themes are happy to present the new, fresh and clean theme. The beautiful and user friendly Home page gives an impression of using a one page website: hidden is the menu, leaving the filter of the portfolio categories on top of the page for displaying the images of the items that your store sells. The large slider can be personalized easily. You can change the photos and customize the wordings, which is great for promotional purposes.

    Let’s move on to the menu. The Search option allows searching stuff through the entire site. In the About page you will be able to share the information about your store, your services or whatever you think is going to be appreciated by the visitors.

    Next is Features. Here you have an opportunity to list items’ descriptions, talk about your partners, and explain what makes your store oh so special. Also in this section you will find additional categories, such as Advertisement, Events, People, Staff & Studio, Video.

    You can have your own Blog that can be displayed in 4 different ways (see the examples in demo version). It supports videos as well.

    Available are 7 layouts for your Portfolio section, where you can create galleries of your designs and items.

    Shop is where your customers can manage their accounts, the shopping cart, or proceed with payment.

    Contact Us includes the active contact form and integrated Google map. You can select between the 2 layouts for this page.

    Canvas supports WPML plugin, and is truly one of the most feature rich templates, perfect for either a small business or a larger company. It is designed by creative minds for the same.


  1. Chris Reeves Reply

    Does this theme use woocommerce for the shop? i didn’t see that specified in the description only mentioned as a tag.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Chris!
      Yes, it runs Woocommerce plugin on board.

  2. Lussocasa Reply

    Hi guys!

    I have a problem with portfolio pages…

    If you go to and choose second page, it shows products on that page as it should be, but if you change language to LT and choose second page, it does nothing, it stays on same first page… What’s the problem? What I should do?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please send your wp-admin and ftp details to help @ gt3themes dot com and we will check it.

      • Cipsas Reply

        Can you share the sollution? I have the same issue

        • gt3themes

          Please send your request to help @ gt3themes dot com with your site credentials.

  3. CT Reply

    I should add that I hope to be able to use the “red dot effect” on the Modern Interior WordPress Theme, which I will purchase shortly. Is this possible?

    • gt3themes Reply

      You won’t be able to do that because it does not include Revolution slider.

      • CT Reply

        Even if it is not included, Is it possible to use the Revolutions Slider with the Modern Interior WP Theme in order to get this effect? What would you call this effect? ie: “hover red dot caption” effect. Is it quite difficult to implement or fairly straightforward? Thx

        • gt3themes

          Its not difficult, but it requires some custom modifications.

  4. CT Reply

    I just purchased your Modern Interior theme and would like to use this FS Slider with it:

    Please tell me where I can purchase this?

    Thanks – CT

    • gt3themes Reply

      It is a part of the theme, we can integrate that slider into Modern interior only as a custom solution.

  5. Humberto Hernandez Reply

    we purchased your theme and I need to know how I can change the header height and color if possibble, also I dont see where to adjust the font sizes. thanks

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Humberto!
      Thanks for the purchase. Please post all the tech related questions on our help forum at

  6. Emmanuel Reply

    Good day. I purchased your theme and updated wordpress to 4.3 but now I cannot edit text section because the text is no more visible. Kindly view screenshot attached

    • gt3themes Reply

      The update is not available on themeforest yet.
      There will be an update today.

  7. CMS Reply

    Good day. When the homepage loads on mobile screen of 320px to 240, the page width is wider than the screen. Please what do I do. The site is . Thank you

    • gt3themes Reply

      What phone do you test it on?

      • CMS Reply

        Android and blackberry

        • gt3themes

          All our themes are adapted to apple devices.

          • CMS

            So what do I do?. At least this should have been mentioned about your theme so that we can decide to buy or not. Majority of mobile users use android or blackberry. Should they not have a good experience on the site as well?

          • gt3themes

            Can you please provide the screenshot from your phone?

          • CMS

            Kindly find attached. Thank you

          • gt3themes

            We start using the responsive from 320px, your screen resolution starts from 240px (vertical)

          • CMS

            Good day. So what can I do. Is there a code I can add or something that can help?
            Thank you

          • gt3themes

            We will try to help you but it may take some time. Can you please send your request to us using the contact form on our Themeforest profile page. Thanks.

          • CMS

            Good day,

            I sent the request ever since and not gotten a response.

            Thank you

          • gt3themes

            We did not get any request. We answer within 24 hours to all the requests. If you provide your TF username we will do the search.

          • CMS

            Good day,

            I have sent it again.

            I believe the request page is as shown in the attached screenshot or you send me the direct link to the request page.

            Thank you

          • gt3themes

            The request has been received. We will get back to you asap. Thanks

          • CMS

            Good day,

            Please any update on the request?

            Thank you

          • CMS

            I have been waiting for a solution for an issue I’m facing and I’m receiving an email that I did not purchase the theme. Why then will I ask for support. It’s insulting and you guys should do your homework before you come out bluntly to say something like that.

          • gt3themes

            Its not our fault that there are bugs in TF stats. We’ve already reported about this issue to TF support.

  8. BenjaminH Reply


    I set my static page but it shows the blog page on my homepage (set in Customize). Any idea what I do wrong?

  9. Lakshmanan VR Reply

    Hiii Mobile via browser i am using this theme not show for total number purchase cart in Menu bar ..

  10. Lakshmanan VR Reply

    Not Shown Total Number of Purchase in Menu bar from mobile responsive

    • gt3themes Reply

      The cart is not available on mobile.

  11. Short Inspiration Reply

    Hi, Can I insert on homepage only 3 product in fullscreen?
    And I need to create a menù with categories and in the category insert multiple photo product. Can I do this?

  12. AWC Reply

    I’m hoping to find the where the WooCommerce sorting is within your theme. Perhaps I’m wrong, but it seems the theme overrides WC’s sorting or any plugins that hook into WC for sorting.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please be more specific, what’s wrong with the sorting on your end. Put the link to your page with the sorting option.

      • AWC Reply

        I want to randomise product listings, which may be out of your support scope. If it is out of your scope, I’d like to know which file takes care of product sorting so I can roll my own.

        • gt3themes

          You should contact Woocommerce support regarding this issue.

          • AWC

            So gt3 doesn’t try to override default sorting via js or anything? I’ve tried a plugin and custom coding that usually works, but neither worked with this theme.

      • AWC Reply

        Using the 2015 theme I was able to randomize products, but when using Canvas, it won’t work. This makes me think that there must be WooCommerce product sorting happening within the Canvas theme files that overrides WC’s. If you can point me to the theme file where that happens I’ll be happy.

  13. Le Chat bleu Reply

    Hi, I am unable to get the widescreen for my pages. I set it to Default page. Where can I set up the fullscreen?
    My website :

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please post all tech related questions on our help forum at

  14. Tolga Mertler Reply

    Hi, Im looking a template for my new webpage and i loved red bubble open it on pictures could i use on every image or its just work on slider plugin by wordpress .

    • gt3themes Reply

      It can be done only within the slider.

      • Tolga Mertler Reply

        thanks yr quickly reply ..i have looked over your wp template which has revolution slider module.Will i use that bubble anyone of them …thx

        • gt3themes

          Sure, you can use them in any slider.

  15. Евгений Reply

    Hello. In the near future I want to buy this template. To try out your work, I installed free theme “Pure”. But I had a problem. I installed the plugin Contact form 7. I’m trying to set up the unique design of the feedback form (using css). But I can not change the button style. Contact form 7 use theme’s buttom style. I can not even change the text on the button in eedback form!
    1.How can I change this?
    2. Will I have a same problem with this theme (CANVAS INTERIOR & FURNITURE PORTFOLIO WP THEME) and other premium themes?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hi there!
      You’ve downloaded the free theme which is limited in the functionality and is not supported by our staff. The premium themes have the detailed documentation and support forum for the clients.

  16. Devesh Reply

    Hi What is the Grid you are showing on home page?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Its a slider + portfolio items grid.

      • Devesh Reply

        Is this a portfolio plugin comes with the skin?

        • gt3themes

          Its a custom post type + our GT3 page builder.

          • Devesh

            Nice you meen to say its just a blog post which can be visible in the grid? if yes can I custom pick the blogs I want to showcase in the grid?

          • gt3themes

            Its a portfolio post, not a blog post. The portfolio items which are available in the custom post type “portfolio”

  17. Devesh Reply

    one more question in the slider will it possible to change the arrows to dots

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can change them in theme css file.

  18. Sjoerd Vonk Reply

    From your demo, some of the pages don’t seem te be responsive, like the fullscreen portfolio page. So is it only partly responsive?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please be more specific. How do you test it?

      • Sjoerd Vonk Reply

        I test it in my browser, by scaling down the width, and the fullscreen photo does not scale along

        • gt3themes

          The info has been passed to our developers, will be fixed asap.

          • Sjoerd Vonk

            In other words, the whole thing is supposed to be responsive, is it? It’s important for me to know in order to decide to buy or not.

          • gt3themes

            It does, but it looks like something went wrong after the recent update.

          • Sjoerd Vonk

            cool, thanks

          • gt3themes

            Thanks. It will be fixed shortly.

  19. Devesh Reply

    Images are cutting in album.. please let me know what settings needs to be changed?
    Also responsive on and off are not working..

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Please post all the tech related questions on our help forum and you will be assisted.

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