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    The new generation of the photography WordPress themes. Absolutely new features come with this awesome wp theme, among them custom made Fullscreen Slider with image and video support, Gallery categories support, Photo and Video support, Galleries with margins etc. This WordPress theme is based on the custom templates system, the best and very easy to customize. Almost all our customers are satisfied with it, that’s why we keep using it in this photo WordPress theme. We made a lot of changes in the import system which is also very important for the end user. Now all the content with the images can be easily imported, you can use built-in import tool. Having a fullscreen layout, the end users still have the option to use the standard fullwidth layout, either it is a simple page or a blog with right or left sidebars. It is real solution for photographers, videographer, all the people who want to have a website with cool online portfolio. Take the advantages of this super top-notch Photo WordPress Theme. Stay tuned!


  1. Andrew McDonald Reply

    Does the slideshow support portrait as well as landscape images? I find this is the number one failure of most slideshow plugins.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Yes, it does.

      • Kyoko Johnson Reply

        Does the FullScreen Slider (which has the circular thumbnails) support portrait/vertical images too, i.e. will show the entire image? Or is it only the other Gallery types (Portrait; Portait and Landscape) that support portrait/vertical images? Thanks for the clarification.

  2. Viche Maidan Reply

    hello, is it possible to keep the page from entirely reloading every time you click? i.e. if i move i looking at ‘about us’ and click on ‘gallery’, can the screen not go white as it moves from one page to the next? thanks.

    • gt3themes Reply

      It is not ajax based theme, that’s why it won’t work in the way you described above.

  3. mactep Reply

    I see this theme comes with the GT3 page builder built in, can you get upgrades to this plugin over time as I see there are new features added all the time? Or are you stuck with the version when you buy the relevant theme?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Every theme comes with its own version of the page builder, because all the themes, especially photography ones, have advanced functionality, custom templates etc

  4. Marcin Reply

    I paid for this theme, installed it and I have quite a few problems. It’s not working as showing on Live Demo. Main problem is that menu is not allowing me to go to submenu (and I did set it up properly), which makes it impossible to access all the pages on my website. Any help with that?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please make sure that you put # sign to the parent menu item to have it open on click. Please check this screenshot http://prntscr.com/557szm

      • Marcin Reply

        Thank you. It’s working now. That was helpful.

    • manoj Reply


  5. Joseph Ryan Cannon Reply

    Where is the documentation for this theme?

    • gt3themes Reply

      It is located in the main zip file. You can download it from themeforest

  6. qcarson Reply

    Being new to wordpress, is there a place to download the content and setup that is found on the preview for the Diamond theme?

  7. bilgin sasmaz Reply

    How can get help, I have some problems

  8. Nikola Reply

    Main problem is that menu is not allowing me to go to submenu (and I did set it up properly), which makes it impossible to access all the pages on my website. Any help with that? My items in menu contains #.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please check the answer that we provided to the Marcin’s question below. The same question was raised.

      • Nikola Reply


        I saw Marcin’s question, my menu parent items contains #. Any other solutinos? My items in menu contains #. My menu only work on Simple Full Width image post 🙁


  9. iSocialWeb Reply

    can I use this theme with WPML plugin?


    • gt3themes Reply

      Yes, you can.

  10. Lee Harrison Reply

    Is there a light theme option to this? If I can have the backgrounds white and text dark grey/black, then I will buy this, but its the wrong colour as it stands 🙂 (I currently am using your frame theme but want to change it up)

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Lee!
      Unfortunately there is no light version.

  11. Nushke Grobler Reply

    Hi, I have followed all of the instructions in the documentation I got along with the diamond theme, however the Gallery-Albums page attribute does not display any images/albums or really anything for that matter – http://www.vdbjmilan.com/albums/?slug=leopard.

    On the site I have activated the Gallery – Grid page attribute until I can get the albums page to work. Please help/advise on what might have gone wrong? Thank you in advance

    • gt3themes Reply

      You have to post all tech related questions to our help forum http://forums.gt3themes.com/viewforum.php?f=73

      Can you please copy/paste your questions with your site credentials so that our support team could check it for you.

  12. Nushke Grobler Reply

    Hello, I need to know how you embeded a Gallery into a Post, as can be seen on your live demo: http://www.gt3themes.com/demo/?theme=Diamond%20WP
    Please help?

    • gt3themes Reply

      You put the link with iframe, which does not show what page you are referring to. Here is a link to the demo without iframe http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/diamond/

      • Nushke Grobler Reply

        okay, here is the link again http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/diamond/portfolio/simple-fullwidth-image-post/
        The page is under Works>Posts>Simple Full Width
        I want to know how to embed the gallery into the post please?

        • gt3themes

          We used the page builder module “Gallery”.

          • Nushke Grobler

            Why don’t I have a gallery option?
            Attached is a screen shot, I can only select images.
            I already have about 8 galleries set up, but I can not add the page builder module “Gallery” as you have done, why is that?
            I really need this functionality.

          • gt3themes

            You forgot to attach the screenshot. Maybe you are trying to add the gallery to the blog post? The page builder modules are available for the pages and custom post types like portfolio.

          • Nushke Grobler

            Thank you for your help, I have found that it was not a post but rather a portfolio entry. Appreciate the advice.

  13. Olivier Simon Reply

    Hello, This theme looks great, i’m thinking about purchasing it but i have a question. Is it possible to disable the clickable heart icon display on each photo ?
    Thanks for your answer.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Yes, it is possible to hide it via .css

      • Olivier Simon Reply

        Ok i’ll check the sheet
        Thanks you for your quick answer

  14. plauer4 Reply

    Where can I view the fonts available in Black Diamond? I see a fine long list in the dashboard but cannot review and compare type families to choose one for my new site….Help!

    • gt3themes Reply

      The supports only google web fonts.

  15. Michelle Reply

    Nice theme.

  16. Martin Kunze Reply

    Hey Guys, i have a Problem with the 2nd level menu items. on Klick 1st level it shows up shortly but when the page target page is display all secon level items are hidden. http://www.mamo-photo.de/impressum/

    anny solutions?

  17. Rich King Reply

    Ive posted a question in the forums for this regarding the Album error that I am getting. Id like to know if I can get a response as I am under a bit of a deadline to get my site finished.

    My posted question to the forum:
    I am looking to create a page that displays my portfolio in album form.
    To deeper explain, I have created several gallery’s with various category tags as well.

    I then created a page called “Portfolio” and in the right attributes I selected Gallery- Albums. And published. When I did this and view the page, the page populates the proper albums (from the galleries I created) with their names and all. When I click on one however, it takes me immediately to the 404 page.

    I cannot figure out what is the proper configuration to get an album view of pictures on a page, and then be able to click on that album picture (which is the featured image in the gallery) and it bring up the picture slider view. I am not sure of what I am not doing correctly. Please advise

    Also it seems that the eye and the heart for clicking are in reverse. It shows the name and the icons over the picture and when I try to get to them to click it they show the picture. I don’t know if this is how it should be or not. Please advise.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Rich!
      The support is provided via the help forum only. Please wait for the response from one of our support rep. Please note that all the request are reviewed in the order they were submitted. It may take 24-48 hours to get a response. Thanks

  18. plauer4 Reply

    Is there support for a “One Page” version of Diamond? Also, is there modual for parallax scrolling in the GT3 page builder or a compatible plugin to accomplish this?

    • gt3themes Reply

      There is no one page version. The theme has mostly fullscreen design. We do not not use parallax scrolling, because it affects the performance of the site.

      • plauer4 Reply

        Thank you for the response, and I fully understand the logic for you choices…just curious if you had explored these ideas…and it seems you have. I hope to have the biginings of my Diamond themed site up in the next two weeks. Would it be appropriate to post a link to it here?

        • gt3themes

          Sure, feel free post a link to your project with Dimond themed.

  19. krunal Reply

    Hi, i had bought this theme but i cant see all the options which is shown in live demo and some of them is not working properly like gallery, grid etc, I attach a snapshot with this .please give me proper solution.

    Thanks for the answer

    • krunal Reply

      also gallery album
      gallery grid style
      grid style 2
      is not working

  20. Bliss Nogueira Reply

    I’m just curious if I’d be able to add a blog to this theme or if there are any password protected galleries available?

    • gt3themes Reply


      Sure, WordPress is a blogging platform. Yes, this theme supports password protection for galleries.

      • Bliss Nogueira Reply

        perfect thanks!

        do you think adding a blog section would be an easy add? I’m not very strong when it comes to wordpress?

        • gt3themes

          Sure, you can do that easily.

          • Bliss Nogueira

            just one last question, is this theme fully responsive as well as jetpack compatible?

          • gt3themes

            Yes, it is fully responsive. We did not get it with jetpack, hope there won’t be any problem 😉

          • Marie Laure Marciano

            In the proofing section, can a single proofing section lead to distinct galleries based on the password enter ?

          • gt3themes

            You can password protect any gallery.

  21. Froodster99 Reply

    Hi, can you give me a little more info on how to get the contact form working please? I’ve added the email address in mail.php what else do I need to do?

  22. Mihail Mitov Reply

    Hi. I am using Diamond Theme and I really like it. I just have a question. On my Blog page I am using Fullscreen Blog with vertical pictures and it looks great, but when I go to individual blog page the vertical pictures are now in horizontal layout and they look very bad. Is there a way to completely remove the post pictures assign as a Feature image to show on the individual blog posts or make them vertical instead of horizontal? Only on the individual Blog posts.Thank you in advance! Michael

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Michael!
      Yes, it is possible to do, please post your request on our help forum and you will be assisted. Thanks

  23. Angeline Nicolai Reply

    Hi, I’m using Diamond Theme, everything is going well on a computer, but when access from an Ipad the website overflows the frame and from Iphone the menu doesn’t even work, is there anything I could do to avoid that? thanks in advance! Angeline

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Angeline!
      Please make sure that you have the latest theme version and you did not make any changes to the theme files. Also, please note that some 3rd party plugins may affect the work of the theme.

      • Angeline Nicolai Reply

        Hi, just installed the lastest theme version but it didn’t change anything. I didn’t change any set up or additional plugins. is there somebody who could look into my website and help me to make it available for mobile? thanks in advance

        • gt3themes

          What is the link to your site? You can send your site credentials to help at gt3themes dot com

  24. Marie Laure Marciano Reply

    I have a question, I’m a wedding photographer who want to buy this theme : In the proofing section, can a single proofing section lead to distinct galleries based on the password enter ?

  25. Elizabeth Buehring Reply

    Hi I am also having issues with this theme on mobile as well and the sidebar menu is not visible. The theme is up to date and I have not added extra plugins that would conflict. I bought this theme because it was a responsive theme and hope this can be fixed.

    • gt3themes Reply

      It is fully responsive. It works in the same way like on the demo.

      • Elizabeth Buehring Reply

        It is “responsive” with the borders on a computer but does not work on mobile or iPad. This is crucial or the theme is useless to me. I really love this theme and hope someone can help troubleshoot!

        • gt3themes

          It works like a charm on mobile devices http://d.pr/i/qZag Iphone 6+

          • Elizabeth Buehring

            Yes, I have the demo work fine on my phone, but proving that doesn’t help the issue I’m having. I would like to see if there’s any help for troubleshooting on my site since it’s not working for mobile. I have “responsive” box checked on the theme options and no other plugins installed. The site is http://www.foodiegal.com

          • gt3themes

            It sounds really strange, because the icon is right there by default.

  26. vishal Reply

    hi is it woocommerce supported theme?

  27. Anna Amalfi Reply

    Why the sub-categories are not visible in the menu-mother?

  28. steeve Reply

    Can you use pictures landscape and portrait in the categories albums ?

    • gt3themes Reply

      The thumbs have the fixed format. If you want to change it, then it can be considered as a customisation service.

      • steeve Reply

        Thank you . So i don’t use pictures landscape & portrait in the same categorie?

        • gt3themes

          Its hard to understand your question.

  29. Martin Kabat Reply

    Hi I am using Black Diamond and active GT3. Sorry for my English as I come from Prague. My question is related to frontpage. I have home done page exactly like the first picture here ( menu on the left and full screen gallery). Can I add more elements to page ? Like text under ? Footer or another text box ? If I do so in page editting I can’t see it using fulll screen slider. Any ideas ? Seems to me using GT3 builder and full screen slider there is no way to add anything else. Or am I wrong ?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Martin!
      Please post all the questions on our help forum. Thanks

  30. Stasha Reply

    Please Help me with this.
    Gallery Albums Page Setup
    please go to Galleries section in the main WordPress menu and click Category;
    create categories to dipslay filtering system;
    click Add New in Galleries section;
    there is section called “Select Media” ;
    simply click any image that you want to add to the gallery;
    when gallery is ready, it’s time to create a gallery Albums page, please go to the pages and add a new page;
    on the right in Page Attributes section select the Gallery-Albums template. Please, don’t forget to publish the page.
    the Gatogories selector will be available on the page.
    Note, you can adjust Gallery post page settings in Diamond theme settings=> Gallery options.
    I did all like this but when I am on the home page and when I choose Gallery from the Menu I see only the background from the Home page. How can I tie a Page with gallery with Gallery Menu item . It seems that do not do that automatic.

    Thanks for any suggestion which may be helpful.

    • gt3themes Reply

      If you need some kind of tech assistance, please pos your request on our help forum. Thanks

  31. Andy B. Reply

    I love the theme and want to purchase it, but need to know if it has a white background version.

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can change the global color via a theme options panel.

  32. Martin Evans Reply

    This looks an amazing theme – what are the options to control the ken burns effect on the homepage slider? need to control the speed and length of time each slide is shown – is this possible?

    • Martin Evans Reply

      (Not purchased yet so cant register and ask on forums)

    • gt3themes Reply

      It can be changed in the js file.

  33. Tayo Oyeleye Reply

    Howdy.. I purchased the Black Diamond a while back via Envato and it was used on our website.. We have since reset the website and in the process of reusing the Template on the same website.. ISSUE: It uploads to WordPress but I can’t find any of the Templates and I can’t also import demo data.. Please help.. Thanks in advance.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Maybe you do something wrong, please follow the steps in the documentation.

  34. David Silva Reply

    Hello, I´m interested in buying this theme but before I would like to know if I can edit for example under GALLERIES the margin color and PORTRAIT FORMAT and PORTRAIT & lANDSCAPE the background color? It wasn,t available under ADMIN PANEL, thanks in advance.

    • gt3themes Reply

      1. Are you referring to the portfolio page http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/diamond/portfolio-grid-3/ ?
      2. What do you mean “PORTRAIT & lANDSCAPE the background color” ?

      • David Silva Reply

        Under Works and Galleries, whatever is white i would like to make it black, thanks!

      • gt3themes Reply

        Yes, it is possible to change the background color via css

  35. Haris Vithoulkas Reply


    I purchase today the template via themeforest.On your demo when I click to menu WORKS – MASONRY WITH TITLE i can press the icon heart on the thumb and make like.On my site i import the sample data and when i am going to the same menu i cant press the heart and i am going direct to the photo gallery.Please check the following link.


    please tell me how to create the masonry with titles menu i want it exactly as in the demo here.Thanks


    same problem with GRID WITH TITLE

    • gt3themes Reply

      Thanks for the purchase. Please post all tech related questions on our help forum and you will be assisted forums.gt3themes.com

  36. Felipe Fernandes Reply

    How can I put my profile picture exactly as the second image listed above?

  37. Sam Reply

    Is it possible to add youtube or vimeo video on the home page?

  38. Yannick Mauguéret Reply


    Is it possible to create a multilingual website with this template?

    Secondly, Is it fully RESPONSIVE?

    Finally, can you confirm that I will be able to add UNLIMITED pages afterwards?


    • gt3themes Reply

      Yes, you have to use WPML plugin in this case. The theme is fully responsive. Yes, you can create unlimited pages.

  39. R. Opinion Reply

    Can we see an example of the light skin demo?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello! There is no light skin demo in this theme.

  40. Andrei Popescu Reply

    Hello, how can I put more then 159 photos in the gallery?

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can try to increase the limit in .htaccess file on your server. Please add the code indicated below to the end of the file:

      php_value max_input_vars 3000
      php_value suhosin.get.max_vars 3000
      php_value suhosin.post.max_vars 3000
      php_value suhosin.request.max_vars 3000

      • Andrei Popescu Reply

        Thank you, that worked 😀

  41. Harry Reply

    Is it possible to get a flow gallery in this theme?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Its possible to do that as a custom solution at the moment.

      • Harry Reply

        Ok, what is that process?
        And how do I get text over images? I see it on some images in the demo, but can’t figure out how to do it. Thanks!

        • gt3themes

          Please send the detailed request to help at gt3themes dot com and our staff will review and get back to you asap. Thanks

  42. Stefan Reply

    I’m having an issue with comment section in portfolio, it says 6 comment but when i click on it nothing happen, also there is no comment form to write a comment. Any suggestion?

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Please provide your site credentials using the contact form on our website and we will take a look.

      • Stefan Reply

        I can’t because site is under development in offline mode so it’s not accessible through internet. Is there any other way to fix this?

  43. Phil Reply

    This theme is offered at $49 on this page with unlimited support as noted on the home page.
    When I click “Purchase” I get sent to a themeforest site with a price of $59 with only 6 months support? I asked this on chat but got no answer in 10 mins.

    • admin Reply

      Its was a cache issue, now it’s resolved. Thanks

  44. Laide Reply

    How can I make the header go to the top and make the body go down using css code or any other way?

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Hi there!
      The support is provided via personal gt3themes account or you can send support inquiry via a contact form on our website.

  45. Nicola Reply

    but before buying it I need to understand if it can suit my client’s requests:

    1. there are 3 logos instead of only 1 (company name, male production line, female production line);
    2. social links are multiple, for example for instagram there is the company page and the two pages man and woman;
    3. the site will not use WPML but qTranslateX

    Alternatively, do you recommend another theme that allows you to browse the photos of the men’s and women’s collections in full screen?

    thank you

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Hi there!
      1. What do you mean, please be more specific?
      2. We can add as many social icons as you wish but as a custom solution. It’s an extra paid service.
      3. That plugin qTranslateX is not updated for 2 years. You can use another one which is regularly updated.

      You can check all our photography themes here https://gt3themes.com/wpcat/photography-wordpress-themes

  46. Marion Reply

    I would like to know if it’s possible to change the background color on fullscreen slider page? I set up “fit always” for images and I have a white background. I would like it black… Possible?

  47. Олег Reply

    Редактор GT3 Page Builder (For Diamond Theme Only) не адаптивный, на мобильном в админке все сползает и неудобно работать.

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Hi there!
      Please get back to us in English.

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