eClipse Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme

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    Latest WordPress
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    Surfing the Internet, you can see a great variety of well-crafted portfolio websites which are corresponded to the best web practices, possessing original design along with high potential. Starting your own professional website can be quite complicated because the level of competition is very high. So if you are faced with this challenge we can offer our help to solve the issue.

    Meet our brand-new Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme that will become your lifebuoy in this stormy ocean of the web world. Whether you are a designer, illustrator, photographer or just a freelancer, you definitely need to showcase your works online to other people, expressing your creativity on the one hand and approving your professionalism and reliability on the other hand. This theme represents a perfect blend of awesome design and developing techniques.

    The main advantage of this really flexible WordPress Theme is a wide range of homepage layouts, image, video, pattern and color backgrounds which will simplify your customization work. There are Stripped Page, fullscreen Masonry Portfolio, Kenburns Gallery, fullscreen Masonry Blog and fullscreen video patterns. To better reflect your portfolio’s style, we included two-color option so you can choose between light and dark skins.

    Moreover eClipse Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme comes with all features on board: drag & drop GT3 Page Builder Plugin, easy Font and Color Management, advanced Theme Settings Panel, Contact Form 7, Mailchimp and WPML support.   

    So pick up this full-rate WordPress Theme and present your portfolio website in the best light.

eClipse Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme


  1. gt3themes Reply

    The new features are coming soon. Follow us on twitter and facebook to stay tuned.

  2. gt3themes Reply

    The theme has been tested using WordPress 3.9. Now you can update your WordPress to the latest version.

  3. gt3themes Reply

    The new feature “autoplay” has been added to the fullscreen slider. Now you can set default state for the slider, either to start playing or paused by default.

  4. Fred Currie Reply

    I like the look of eClipse. Will it work for giving clients a place to
    order prints? Will FotoMoto, Fine Art America or some other print
    service work?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Do they have the WordPress plugins/widgets to integrate the work into WordPress?

      • Fred Currie Reply

        Yes. Just wondering if you had one that you have tested and approved. Now that I think about it, I understand why you may not want to recommend print services as each has their own pros and cons. I am in the process of setting up my site with your theme now. Cheers!

        • gt3themes

          We did not test such services.

  5. Joseph lemons Reply

    Does this support Woo commerce

  6. Maggie Reply

    Hi! Great theme. Noticed that you have the Ken Burns effect in the Gallery Page. Can it also be used for the Home Page? And am I able to change the titles of the menu categories and logo? Thanks for any help… trying to make a decision.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Sorry for the delay in response, got no notification about your comment 🙁 Sure, you can do all those changes within the theme.

  7. Danny Campbell Reply

    can this theme be used with smug mug gallery?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Do they provide any embed code to display the gallery on the site?

  8. Coco Reply

    Hey i just wanna switch the Navigation from left side to the top. Like in your live Demo (dark) how can i make this possible?

    • gt3themes Reply

      First, you have to download the latest theme version, it is available in your account at themeforest. Once it is done, there is an option in theme settings panel to change the menu position.

      • Coco Reply

        Thank you!

        • gt3themes

          You are welcome 🙂

          • Coco

            one more question: my theme says its just able to display 1 menu instead of the docu… how can i enable the footer menu?

          • gt3themes

            You can set only one menu.

  9. klickzbysri Reply

    Hi, I have some pre-sales question, appreciate if you can answer:
    1. Can I have a full screen slider with thumbnails on home page?
    2. Can I have a password protected client proofing page where clients can select their pictures for prints or edit?
    3. Finally, can I have a footer with copyright information and social icons at the bottom of of the page?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Sorry for the delay in response. It looks like I missed your message.
      1. Yes, you can do that.
      2. Yes, you can do that, but they can’t select and edit.
      3. No, the footer is available only in the sidebar where the menu is.

      • klickzbysri Reply

        Thanks for the response. I was eagerly waiting for it. So if I understand correctly:
        1. I can easily configure my website to have the homepage with full screen slider + thumbnails (just like Gallery > Slider)?
        2. I have checked Gallery > Proofing, but doesn’t see any option on the demo screen where user can mark it for selection or can comment on the picture that they liked. How is it done?

        • gt3themes

          1. You have to choose the required custom template in the list. It is explained in the documentation.
          2. It is a just private gallery, there is no option, I mentioned about it above.

  10. Fiona Reply

    Hi, where can I access the theme documentation?

    • gt3themes Reply

      The documentation is included in the main zip file.

  11. Omar El-sayed Reply

    Hi , can i show all portfolio by author like show posts by author
    and i can show profile for users

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Omar! There is not such option available for the portfolio custom post type.

  12. Johan Ståhlberg Reply

    What kind of slider or plugin did you guys use on the first page? (top image above here). Cant really manage to find it. All the best!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Johan!
      It is a custom solution developed by our team and a part of this theme.

  13. Johan Ståhlberg Reply

    Hello again! I did buy this theme and is very saticfied! But a question I cant manage to solve. When i have made a post (and using the full screen blog o the page) My text gets very long, can I shorten the preview somehow?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Helo Johan!
      The only thing you have to do is to use the excerpt option, if you can’t see it on the post page, please click “screen options” top right corner and check it.

      • Johan Ståhlberg Reply

        Excert option? Not sure I understand what you mean? Can u do a screenshot maybe? Ty for your respons!

        • gt3themes

          Here you go

  14. Johan Ståhlberg Reply

    Hello again! Maybe I shall get a direct mail to you guys, haha! I cant manage to find where to add an image for my products? The usual option is missing where I upload the image to display the product.

  15. Tebogo Tai Reply

    Hi there,

    I get the 404 error when trying to access page 2 of the posts. Can you please help in this regard. Screenshots attached…

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please send your site credentials to help at gt3themes dot com and we will check it. Please note, do not choose the page for the blog posts in Settings -> Reading.

      • Tebogo Tai Reply

        There is no page selected for the blog in the settings -> Reading. Anyway I have send the details to the email help at gt3themes email. I hope this can be resolved soon.

        Thank you very much

        • gt3themes

          OK, we will check and get back to you asap.

  16. zygomatique Reply

    Hi there !
    How can I disable menu icon ?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Which one?

      • zygomatique Reply

        this one.

        I just need menu without icon like on the top menu

        • gt3themes

          They can be easily removed from the Menus section.

          • zygomatique

            How ?

          • gt3themes

            If you open the documentation that comes with the theme, you may find a section “Menu Icons Setup”. This will show you how to add the icons, in this way you can remove them.

          • zygomatique

            no way !

            even if CSS classes was inactive, and even if I create a new menu, icon is automatically inserted.

          • zygomatique

            my screen shot

          • gt3themes

            Please do not make any changes in the css. Please provide your wp-admin details and we will add a test menu item. You can send them to help at gt3themes dot com. Do not forget to specify the question that you have.

  17. m smith Reply

    Hi there, I bought this template back in April and trying to install it (finally!), but I’m getting this error:

    Installing Plugin from uploaded file:

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the plugin…

    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

    Plugin install failed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Malcolm

    • gt3themes Reply

      It is not a plugin, it is WordPress theme, please read the documentation first.

  18. Michiel de Bruin Reply

    Hi, how can I the text area in the screen? In the live preview of the theme the white text area is in the middle of the screen. On my current website it starts right at the top. Does anybody now how I can change this?

  19. Michiel de Bruin Reply

    Hi, how can I the text area in the screen? In the live preview of the theme the white text area is in the middle of the screen. On my current website it starts right at the top. Does anybody now how I can change this? Hope to hear from you guys!

    • gt3themes Reply

      You have to choose “Vertically stretched” template and use 2 page builder modules “Text Area”.

  20. Lisa Rigoni Reply

    Does this theme have the full screen slider home page and albums option for galleries that the black diamond theme has?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Lisa!

      Yes, we’ve almost finished the albums functionality for the Oyster theme, you can check it here The only thing is missing is likes, it will be completed today.

      • Lisa Rigoni Reply

        Is the albums functionality with likes available in Eclipse theme?

        • gt3themes

          We thought about it but not sure if there is a need.

          • Lisa Rigoni

            You guys really make it hard to get support. You don’t actually answer the questions people ask. If the answer is “no”, say it so I can move on to find a more suitable theme. If the answer is “we are working on it and it will be available in 2 weeks”, say that…Answer the questions we ask. It will be far more helpful.

          • Lisa Rigoni

            Is there a way to add albums into Eclipse? Or is there a way to add woocommerce to Diamond theme?

          • gt3themes

            The woocommerce is available only for Oyster theme, the Diamond does not have full woocommerce support.

  21. Alex Casado Reply

    Hi! I have purchased this theme time ago but I can’t find the option for put the gallery like this! can any one help me please?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Can you please let us know the gallery you are referring to?

      • Alex Casado Reply

        Hi, good morning, I think there is something wrong in my Slide Gallery, It doesn’t work, the others, Masonry, Kenburns,etc… works perfectly. I bough the theme trough envato, and also yesterday I updated to 2.5 version… I don’t know what to do

        • Alex Casado

          Hi again, I think I have resolved the problem, I was using very high resolution images, can you tell me which one is the maximum resolution this gallery can support? Thank you very much!

          • gt3themes

            We recommend to use not higher than 2000px by width.

          • Alex Casado

            Yeah, thank you very much!

  22. Alex Casado Reply

    Hi, The Slide mode on Galleries doesn’t work, I set this mode and any image appears, others like Grid, Kenburns, Masonry those ones works perfectly. One more question, Can I set the velocity of the slides in those modes?

  23. Rahal Reply

    can I add a drop down categories menu on the Grid in light version of the Eclipse theme so that the photos in the grid changes with the category the user chooses?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Sure, you can add the categories to the main menu.

      • Rahal Reply

        I can’t find the function, how can I do that?

        • gt3themes

          What function do you mean, please be more specific?

          • Rahal

            From where can I add this categories drop down list over the portfolio? no on the main menu, but seperately

          • gt3themes

            Are you referring to this page?

          • Rahal

            yes, I’m going to categorize the posts on this page. Then use a categories dropdown list so that the user can see posts that belongs to each category using that drop down list

          • gt3themes

            Simply enable the filter

  24. Tamás Reply

    Hi! I just spotted an error in the theme. In Safari, e.g. on this page: when you click the next image, the image is cropped and stays the same size as the first image in the gallery, works as intended in Chrome – screenshots attached.

    I’m not sure if you know about the error, but a fix would be highly welcome!


  25. Rahal Reply

    I created the main menu in wordpress, and it appears on the site, but it doesn’t expand when I click on the stripes on the top of the menu as usual

  26. Scott Villalobos Reply

    Hi I purchased this theme Thursday and by Saturday I was getting license expired messages and can no longer add or change content to my site. I’m unsure how to embed the license info or reactivate. Please help.

    • gt3themes Reply

      What license do you mean, we do not have any expiring licenses to our themes?

  27. Jon Holloway Reply

    Hi there, I just bought your theme and am enjoying getting to know it. I currently cant seem to find how to change the icons. Where abouts is this located?
    Best and thanks.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please read the documentation “Menu Icons Setup”

      • Jon Holloway Reply

        Thank you but where is the “Menu Icon Setup” documentation located?

  28. Jon Holloway Reply

    How do I change the icons on the left?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please read the documentation “Menu Icons Setup”

  29. Sven Reply

    Hello ! I was wondering if it’s possible to have the menu on top in the Light version ?
    Best 🙂

    • gt3themes Reply

      Yes, there is an option in the theme options panel to do that.

      • Sven Reply

        Thank you for the quick reply.
        Best 🙂

  30. Jon Holloway Reply

    How do I create a ‘Fullscreen Image Post Without Info’ like you theme? I cant seem to get it looking like that as a post or a page.

  31. Ruud Ravensbergen Reply

    How do I get the menu op top?

    • gt3themes Reply

      You should have the latest version of the theme, so you can change its location in the theme options panel. Having more questions, please post them to our help forum.

  32. emrah Reply

    Hi, I use Eclipse photo theme, and confgurated as white like theme color; But now i can’t see social media buttons. They exist but there isn’t any color option for social buttons. Is it right? Could you help me?

    PS: DO you think about put a frame gallery for eclipse photo theme? I would be very interesting.

    • gt3themes Reply


      What page are you referring to? Its better to post your request to our help forum

      • emrah Reply

        ı refer to main side bar review. it’s white and I can’t see social buttons below the categories.

        • gt3themes

          You can update the icons to your own ones here img/icons but please note that you have to keep the names of the files.

  33. Willem Van Asperen Reply

    I can create a Portfolio page showing portfolio postings from one or more categories only. But when I then select one of these postings, I can move to the previous and next portfolio posting, irrespective if these are in the same or different category…

    Is it possible to only link to next and previous portfolio postings that are of the same category?

    • Willem Van Asperen Reply

      I have now found the function that I probably need to change. In template single_port.php the functions next_post_link and previous_post_link are used to get links to the next and previous links. These functions support the option “in_same_term” which means: only the next / previous post with the same category as the current one. Exactly what I need!

      But changing the code removes the links. Is the Portfolio category of a different taxonomy?

      • Willem Van Asperen Reply

        Got it! Changed the code in single_port.php to use the “in_same_term” feature of next_post_link and previous_post_link. Had to tell it not to exclude anything and use the taxonomy ‘portcat’.

        • Willem Van Asperen

          Oh and do not forget the forward/backward arrows in the top right corner 🙂

          • gt3themes

            Unfortunately it can’t be done within WordPress functionality.

          • Willem Van Asperen

            Ha! That’s what I thought but it can be done. The functions previous_ and next_post_link provide the option to keep these links within the same “term” under the taxonomy ‘portcat’. This way you will only be presented with portfolio posts within the same category. How cool is that >)

            All it takes is a tiny customization of the single_port.php script. If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll share the details.

          • gt3themes

            But what if the item has 2 or more categories

          • Willem Van Asperen

            It will show prev/next items of any of these categories. As the documentation says: ” If the post is in both the parent and subcategory, or more than one
            term, the previous post link will lead to the previous post in any of
            those terms. ”

            Read about it here:

  34. Jon Holloway Reply

    Hi there. I bought your theme and was having trouble creating a fullscreen image post without info. Decided to improt your sample material to see how its done and am not seeing the image
    I cant work out the what could be different between your demo and my site with the same content.

  35. lottekramer Reply

    Can I also blog on this site? (I want to combinate photo’s with a blog / quotes)

  36. missX Reply

    how can you delete or ad new menue icons? and is it possible to hide the author/ comments/ date line in posts?

    • gt3themes Reply

      For the menu icons, please read the documentation that comes with the theme. As for the blog meta, yes, it is possible to hide them, please submit your request to our help forum

      • missX Reply

        thanks i read the documentation and i dont wanna chance the icon i would like to add a new one or delete it completly. can you help me out with this?

        • gt3themes

          Do you want to add the custom icons? You can hide the icons, please post your request on our help forum.

  37. Jaswinder Reply

    Hi, just checked the theme. Can I use this page of light version –
    as homepage ?

    Also, demo content will be there or not ?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Yes, you will get that version as well. There is an option to change the skin.

  38. Lim Reply

    I am having trouble understanding the difference between Portfolio and Gallery.
    Is it that Gallery is just a collection of images while each Portfolio is a mix of media (image and/or video) with text?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Gallery is the set of images and videos, Portfolio has a single portfolio item, like a blog post.

  39. Mohammad Tahawi Reply

    Is there anyway I can create tags for different kinds of photos, (landscape , animals , art, etc … )

    • gt3themes Reply

      What do you mean tags? Please be more specific.

  40. pm Reply

    How do I make a page like this:

    I just want to make a website for viewing photos without content of texts (blog) and want to add some TAGS to photos but It looks like I can`t do it with this theme.So I will put photos to albums like the “nextgen-gallery-2” page.Hope You can show me how to do that.

    • gt3themes Reply

      We use nextgen gallery plugin.

  41. oliver Reply

    Can I add the pagebuilder to set pages like Gallery and other pages so I can insert content after the images?

    • gt3themes Reply


      What page are you referring to?

      • oliver Reply

        like ken burns gallery as an example can the page builder be used below the slider?

        • gt3themes

          No, it can’t be used on the custom templates like fullscreen ones.

          • oliver

            Ok….. how do I change the page colour to transparent so I can only view the background image with the text and images on the page. example light skinned version the page colour is white?

  42. Elif Soydan Reply

    I spent long time this site 🙂 this site is great…I like it,but you should share Doğa Resimleri

  43. Johan Ståhlberg Reply


    On my startpage (strip page, where I add image, title and such) in the field LINK is it possible to have an external link to another website? I dont manage to make it work.

    Ty for help and a amazing theme!


    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Johan!
      Can you please post this request on our help forum?

      • Johan Ståhlberg Reply

        Sure! Where do I find it? 🙂

        • gt3themes

 You have to use your Envato purchase code to register.

      • Johan Ståhlberg Reply

        ´Sorry, I cant access that. wouldmu mind send me an email and help?

  44. pluviosilla Reply

    I will have over 1,000 photos on the website. Can visitors access all 1,000 photos directly from the landing page and paginate through them?

    • gt3themes Reply

      If you put 1000 photos on one page, then you will have a huge server overload, it will take a lot of time to load the entire page which is not good for SEO

      • pluviosilla Reply

        I want to lazy-load them. In other words, the photos don’t have to all be loaded, but the photos can’t just be window dressing. They are access points. People see a picture of a sick child and want to know more, so they click and are taken to a fullscreen description, as with I love the Eclipse Photo theme but if you have another theme that is more suitable for my application, please let me know.

      • pluviosilla Reply

        Doesn’t need to be one page. Do you have pagination capability?

  45. pluviosilla Reply

    I see 17 photos on the sample landing page for Eclipse Photo. What’s the limit?

  46. pluviosilla Reply

    Just purchased Eclipse Photo. When I try to install it, I get the following error message: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”

    • gt3themes Reply


      It happens because you are trying to install the entire zip file with the PSD, documentation and other files inside. You have to use installable zip file. Please open the downloaded file, unzip it and read the documentation that comes with the theme. If you have some tech related questions or concerns, please use our support forum

  47. pluviosilla Reply

    The formatting options in the page editor do not work for me. I can bold some text but when I view the page the bolding does not appear.

  48. Peter Reply

    Can I add to home page 6 photos?
    And if they may be links to categories of products in stores?
    Can I add to the home page logo or menu bar?

  49. Peter Reply

    Can I add to home page 6 photos?
    And if they may be links to categories of products in stores?
    Can I add to the home page logo or menu bar?

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can set any page as a home one.

      • Peter Reply

        I mean the amount of vertical images on the home page.
        So can it be 3 or 7 pictures?

  50. valeria Reply

    Hi! I have this theme Eclipse two year ago…but now I cant add images in pages. The fuction “Add multimedia” doenst work anymore. What can I do?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please update WordPress and theme to the latest versions.

      • valeria Reply

        Thank you! So…I did but the error exist yet. Help me please.

  51. zbigniewp Reply

    Can not publish text in text area GT# Page Builder. The text disappears after updating

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please update the theme to the latest version.

  52. zbigniewp Reply

    I have 2.9 version Looks like it is up to date

    • gt3themes Reply

      The latest version is 2.9.1

  53. zbigniewp Reply

    ok this up date you have mention 2.9.1 does not show up yet

    • gt3themes Reply

      Its available on TF, Last Update26 August 15

      • zbigniewp Reply

        I did update to the last version unfortunately Text Area is not working.

        • gt3themes

          Its impossible. Please provide your wp-admin details and we will take a look. You can send them to help at gt3themes dot com

  54. Antonín Lavrenčík Reply

    hi, I just bought the theme and it is perfect but somehow I can’t add images to testimonials … would u help please? Tony

  55. raja Reply

    Portfolio Masonry page category not in displayed i receive No category available. Please add new category in the portfolio section. how can i slove this issue

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please post all tech related questions on our help forum at

  56. peifkes Reply

    Hi, eclipse looks great and I want to purchase that theme. But first one question. Is it possible to show all of category or title on stripes since from the start without hover effect?
    Many thanks for answering.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Its better to contact our help team at help at gt3themes dot com

  57. robbiemilton Reply

    How do i stop the colour selection on striped page ? as I don’t want a colour selection ?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please post all tech related questions on our help forum

      • robbiemilton Reply

        sorry will do

  58. Danny Campbell Reply

    I purchased this theme in 2014, I don’t like the Striped containers any longer and want to update my Landing page. How do I create something new and fresh that shows my company name and categories on the landing page? my website is

  59. FGM Reply

    I have a problem, last year I bought this theme and now I’m changing my webhost and I’m gonna lose the theme. I don’t have a backup! Do I have to buy it again or is there some solution for it? Please help! You can see on my site that I have it


    • gt3themes Reply

      You won’t loose the content if you do the xml export and then import that file into your new host, but in this case you need to have both hosts available online.

  60. Hans Reply

    Got an update notifigation from 2.9.2 to 3.0.4.
    Now the site I was building has been gone….

    How to restore?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Hans!
      Please make sure that you did it in the right way, replaced the old theme files with the new ones via FTP.

  61. Hans Reply

    This is what WordPress showed on the update tag.

    Eclipse PhotoJe hebt versie 2.9.2 geïnstalleerd. Naar versie 3.0.4 bijwerken.
    (You have got version 2.9.2 installed, update tot 3.0.4)

  62. Hans Reply

    The updated theme was from an other theme builder. I reinstalled the Eclipe them and everythig was back.. pffff
    Strange that I get an update notifigation and an other theme is installed after updating

    • gt3themes Reply

      That’s really strange, maybe someone uploaded the theme with the same name on Please note that you have to update the theme once you receive an update notification from themeforest. We do not make any auto updates. Thanks

  63. Sevdalina Kinova Reply

    Hey! I am trying to understand how to create a password protected page with gallery, where my clients can select their photos. I’ve actually managed to create the page, but the problem is that below each photograph is displayed the consecutive number (ex. 1/52), but I need to be displayed the photo’s title, which comes from my camera (ex. DSC_1234).

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please post this tech related question on our help forum.

  64. Jennyfer Löb Reply

    Hi! I have this theme, but i don’t see where to change the images on the homepage. Can you help me?

  65. André Kwakernaak Reply

    My portfolio-pages are not working anymore. Even when I import the demo content. I get the 404 error…page not found. What i’m doing wrong?

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