Oni – Photography WordPress Theme for Elementor

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    Meet the sensational photography-focused WordPress theme suited for creating your most captivating online portfolios!

    It is available with 6 homepage layouts including a pre-defined gallery page and a landing template. You can take advantage of galleries like masonry, grid, packery, split-screen, fullscreen, and more ones. This means you can perfectly showcase your photo works in a professional and eye-catching manner.

    As Oni is WPML and WooCommerce compatible, you can easily create a globally recognizable multilingual website or an eCommerce store. There is no problem to easily customize and change your theme to reach the desired results and build any type of a full-fledged website you can use either for promotional needs or just for revenue.

    The theme is fully integrated with Elementor front end drag-and-drop page builder, so you can use the pre-made content blocks and widgets to construct the structure of your pages as per your requirements and with no coding skills or efforts.

    Oni is an all-in-one readymade website design solution which saves your time and costs and allows building your worthy Web presence in minutes!


  1. Aid Reply

    Hello! I liked the theme, but I don’t want to buy it with WordPress. I need clean layout to use it with any framework. Could you sell me just the FrontEnd?

    • admin Reply

      Hi there!
      Unfortunately we can’t sell it.

  2. Bruno Reply

    Hi. Does the theme come with templates and the option to import data?

    • GT3 Team Reply

      You will get what you see. The theme comes with the demo import tool.

  3. Bruno Reply

    thanks! Just one more question. Can the Masonry gallery be set to only 3 photos wide?

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Yes, sure, you can do that, from 1 to 9 items per line.

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