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    Developing this Photo WordPress Theme, we tried to fulfill the very first need of any photographer or blogger – flexible and user friendly design that can be easily transformed according to your taste. Oyster with its elegant layout and unique capabilities is exactly what you’ve been looking for a long time. Without exaggeration, this theme will become the thought-out solution for your web project.

    The main concept of the Oyster WordPress Theme is to emphasis the content in the best way, including a great variety of images, videos and posts. That’s why its structure is simple, style is minimal and background is soft gray. At the Home page you can see Masonry portfolio with images and different viewing options, so you can choose which frame is more appropriate for your web project. There are Masonry style, horizontal or vertical striped, Revolution slider, fullscreen image, vimeo or youtube background. To underline the great flexibility and scalability of this WordPress theme, we also provide you with fully customizable Gallery, Portfolio and Blog pages.

    For your convenience, Oyster Theme has double menu: the main menu and additional, so you can divide your artworks into several categories, for example, Advertisement, Cities, Fashion, Nature, Portrait and Stuff. In such a way that your visitors can browse the particular photos on the selected topic or choose just to look through all of them. Moreover, we include additional pages, such as About, Before/After, Coming Soon and 404 Error page for better website performance.

    Theme Options panel allows you to modify Oyster to your needs by editing logo, favicon, header slogan, sidebars, fonts, socials, contacts, view and color options.
    But it is better than any words just to check the Live demo and see this awesome theme in action. Take it into service and start your own professional website in a matter of clicks!


  1. Magnus Souverein Reply

    Hi, I have problems creating galleries and adding new pages to the menu since I updated to the latest version of WordPress. Is this a known problem? Even pages that used to be in my menu, that were removed in the past cannot be added now. Any solution?
    Kind regards,
    Magnus Souverein, http://www.illumination.nu

    • gt3themes Reply

      It looks really strange, please provide your site credentials and we will check it. You can send the info to help at gt3themes dot com

      • Magnus Souverein Reply

        I have added a temporary user, so you can check. Username is gt3themes pw is GT3_themes.
        Funny thing is, that I have another website running on the same server with Oyster and I have no problems there!
        Looking forward to your reply.

        Kind regards,
        Magnus Souverein

        • gt3themes

          Do you have separate licenses for both sites?

          • Magnus Souverein

            No, should I?

          • gt3themes

            1 license can be used only for one project. When you purchase the theme there is an info about the standard license.

  2. Magnus Souverein Reply

    Is there any way to have a homepage in Oyster with the menu directly available? Now my visitors have to click on the plus sign first to see the menu. When you visit the site on a phone there isn’t even a plus sign, so visitors can’t see any menu ever!
    Kind regards,
    Magnus Souverein

  3. Tatiana Mendonca Reply

    Hello! I have a question. I love this theme, I am just not sure if I can use it to sell digital photos. Also if the client can just download it after paying. Till now other themes or plugins I´ve found with those features look horrible! Thanks in advance for your reply. 😉

  4. Nick Minore Reply

    Quick question about the theme…I’ve created a photo gallery page, but when I click on the image, the title and meta sections are empty. In WordPress Media Library, all the info is filled out. How can I get it to fill in the metadata? Thanks!

  5. Ogün Adsay Reply

    Hello, i’m currently working on this theme. My customer wanted me to count photos inside a category. Is there a way to do that? I have experience with PHP, if there is any code for that or is there a way to do that can you tell me? Thanks

    • gt3themes Reply

      All the tech related questions should be posted on our help forum forums.gt3themes.com Thanks

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