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    Here we go with our new fullscreen photography WordPress theme designed with care and diligence. Choose it to impress your future customers with your photo works featuring them in the amazing fullscreen slider on the homepage and upload unlimited pieces of art into the gallery. You can select from Shift or Kenburns sliders or showcase your photographs either in Ribbon, Flow or Grid galleries to demonstrate all of their advantages in the most attractive manner.

    As the theme is available in light and dark skins we can confidently say we’ve crafted our JohnBlack design to meet the varied tastes of our dear customers, and this is not the only stunning feature. You can pick out either image or video background to make your photography website even more astonishing one. You can also prefer the striped layout to introduce yourself and your creation in an original and uncommon way.

    It’s of course impossible to imagine a creative photography website without a spectacular portfolio, so choose from 1 Column Grid, Grid with Page Title, Fullscreen Style or a few Grid Types of displaying your portfolio content and make your online presence really stunning. It’s also very easy to select from several available portfolio posts including a Fullwidth Type or opt for a post either with Left or Right sidebar.

    If you want to run a blog, there is also a big terrain for your activities: you can pick a Fullwidth blog type rather than selecting a Right or Left sidebar or vise versa. You are also free to choose from several Journal Posts including a Gallery Post, a Fullwidth one, or a post either with Left or Right sidebar.

    This brand new photography WordPress theme boasts eye-catching typography, a bunch of custom modules, a fully pre-configured Coming Soon page, 404 page as well as pre-made About, Services and Contacts page layouts. Check it out and create your prosperous portfolio website without a delay!

    Note: The images are not included in the theme pack, but you can purchase them at depositphotos website.


  1. gt3themes Reply

    Hi there! You have some questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. Thanks

  2. moksahero Reply

    I bought this theme and xml upload is not working. johnblack_import.xml is not uploading pictures. Please help.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hi there!
      That’s correct, instead you should have grey image placeholders. The theme does not come with images, its mentioned on the item page.

  3. Alexa Reply

    hello! i bought theme,install in my wordpress, but have no any idea how set up all pictures and pages,where i can find help,please? thank you

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please download the main zip file, unzip it and you will find “Documentation” folder, simply open index.html and you will see the entire documentation. Thanks

  4. Karine Reply

    Hi, I’m trying to install the page builder plug in version 1.4.4, but wordpress cannot let me do it. I have the John black themes version 1.5.5. I got this msg (see below). I unzipped the files and put in in the right folders in my FTP but still not working. I did updated it too. What should I do! Thanks in advance. Also. I noticed that the revolution slider was a zip files too. Should I do the same with it?

    msg error: Downloading install package from ……
    Download failed. Not Found
    Plugin not activated. A higher version of GT3 Page Builder (For Johnblack Theme Only) is needed for this theme. Please update the plugin.

    • GT3 Team Reply

      We do not provide tech support vie comments. Please use the support forum

  5. alessandro matarazzo Reply

    I can’t find the johnblacklight.wordpress.2016-09-22_res.xml !

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Please log into your personal gt3themes account submit a support ticket, our team will assist you.

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