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    Shutterbird is a state-of-the-art photography WordPress theme perfectly crafted to meet the needs of creatives and make their life better. If you are a photographer, illustrator or artist, this theme is a perfect solution for creating a top-notch online portfolio with stunning photo-gallery which is sure to attract plenty of interested users and potential customers.

    This is a fully responsive, highly-customizable and feature-rich readymade design consisting of a good number of fully functional page layouts, including a number of custom shortcodes, amazing typography, and much more. Choose the theme to create a professional multilingual website for your promotional needs.

    Beautiful typography of the theme allows you define the look of your headings, paragraphs, html styles, blackquotes, dropcaps, and other kinds of textual content. A number of custom shortcodes are available to help you build your pages by adding icon boxes, tabs, dividers, counters, progress bars, testimonial sections, and so on.

    It’s easy to engage your clients with an interesting blog, therewith the blog page layouts are available. You can choose the appearance of your blog and run it either as a Fullwidth one or select a page either with Left or Right sidebar. Just express your thoughts either in Standard, Image, Video, Link or Quote Posts.
    You can also use the theme to create a multilingual website and translate it both into English, Russian, Spanish and French languages.


  1. Ruud van der Veer Reply

    Hi GT3,
    Are photo captions included in the overview page (start/home) as well as below each picture when clicked on in. In the demo they are not present.
    Thanks in advance!

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Which gallery type are you referring to? Could you please be more specific?

  2. Juan Ayala Reply

    Hello GT3,
    Many years ago I bought the Shutterbird template for a client, now they inform me that the template no longer works, that it has broken and I don’t know why, I suppose there are updates that are no longer compatible.
    Could you help me with this internally, I leave my email and the URL of the WP website that has problems.
    Thank you so much.

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Please submit a support request and our team will assist you

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