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    Very concisely and appropriately named, Pure WordPress Theme effectively underlines our main idea to help you display the elegant web presentation on the clean canvas without any distractive elements.

    This ready-made solution is specially designed for creating beautiful portfolio or blog projects which will compare favorably with the rest. Simplicity of this theme shows the way modern and professional website should be displayed. Transparent style and refined look compose the perfect minimal concept of the overall design. Intuitively, your visitors will pay more attention on the content which is organized in a well-defined structure.

    Speedy, fully functional and, at the same time, flexible, this Pure Theme is powered by WordPress software which gives the great potential and strong capabilities to this item. And you can prove it by checking the Live Demo and see our theme in action. Home Page opens with the dropdown navigation menu and catching header which you can replace if you want. We set Portfolio in the content part and it’s arranged in the grid layout, though you can choose other filters (Photo listing grid, All, Branding, Polygraphy, Video) to view the page. In Journalyou can post your blog entries in different styles, such as Grid, Masonry, fullwidth, single image, single slider, single youtube or single vimeo.

    Concerning the main features of the Pure WordPress Theme, we should mention about stylish typography, included About Page and 404 Error Page.

    During the editing process, you may need some good designer’s stuff for customization. So you will find icons boxes, portfolio posts, accordion & toggle, blog posts, gallery, promo text, tabs, testimonials, partners, message boxes, progress bars and custom buttons within this theme.

    Being fully responsive and retina ready, Pure WordPress Theme will bring a new sense of style, creativity and purity into your web project. And what can be more effective than a perfect blend of elegance and powerful functionality all-in-one product? If you love good design, Pure WordPress Theme is made right for you!


  1. Jesse van den Boom Reply

    How do you set the portfolio grid to homepage?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Jesse!
      Please read the documentation that comes with the theme. You have to use the page builder module “Portfolio”. Also, it would be much easier if you do the demo content import to better understand how all the pages were created.

    • Carlos Reply

      Hi! I have clicked the “Import demo content” button and then the download progress bar never finish :^( So I have searched the dummy-data file inside the Pure theme file, but I don´t find this. Where can I get this? Thank you!

  2. Izabela Guarino Reply

    Hello! How can I set the little menu with the Portfolio Category Options and grid/masonry view option (Home style 1)? Thank you very much and congratulations for such a wonderful work.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Izabela!
      Please read the documentation that comes with the theme for obtaining information.

  3. Lin Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this theme, luv it! Great job

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Lin!
      Thanks for your kind words, we do our best to deliver good products 🙂

  4. Fredrik Reply

    Thanks for a great theme! Just wondering if i can change the size of blog posts fetured image? Wich code file will i look into if it’s possible to change? I attached a image to visualize my problem. What i can think of from the image it’s based on the height of the image? The pictures are to big genrally for my taste

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Fredrik!
      It is a stretched theme, it resizes the image due to the screen size.

    • lulu Reply

      I found a solution, you can use the custom css on the theme settings.

      • Fredrik Reply

        Great that worked! Thanks =)

      • anebarone Reply

        Hi! If it isn’t too bothersome, could you include a link to this code that could shrink a featured image or a place that teaches how to set it up? (complete css noob here)

  5. Draft Dot Reply

    Download not worked.

    • gt3themes Reply

      It works fine, tested today.

  6. Rosa. Reply

    I love this theme. But I have a problem: I cant make sliders on portflio… I mean i can doi it, but then I get a not found page… why? 🙁

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please make sure that you followed all the steps mentioned in the documentation.

    • Adrian Li Reply

      I was confused too becuz this is not explained in the document.
      But then after lots of try and errors I figure it out:
      At the editing page, there should be a “Custom Layout” tab on the right panel, at “Page Style” choose “Style 2”->Slideshow. and “Style 1″=> display still images.

    • sungod Reply

      Hey, how did you manage to get sliders in portfolios? I have the same issue. I can do sliders in posts but not in portfolios. Did you solve that?

  7. Rosa. Reply

    I have to add that I did the demo content import…. and it happens always :S

    • gt3themes Reply

      Maybe you did something wrong. The theme installation, demo content setup and theme customization are the paid services.

  8. lulu Reply

    Hey ! First of all, thank you very much for this theme ! I manage to do pretty much everything i wanted but :

    I would like to change the line heights and the space between the letters of the title. I use the personalize panel and try to change it but nothing happens. (see on the picture below)

    Why when i go on editor mode and open the CSS file i only have a small description of the theme ?

    Sorry if thoose questions where a bit dumb it’s my first time on wordpress.


    • gt3themes Reply

      We do not provide the free theme customization. You can order one from our team.

  9. kormo Reply

    Great theme.
    I would like to “widgetize” my page.
    I found the solution – piece of code to paste into my functions.php file.
    It worked until I had to logout. I could not login anymore because of some cookie errors and additional errors in functions php

    Could you please give me some tip how to enable widgets using pure theme?


    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Kormo!

      The theme structure is not widget ready, that’s specific of this theme design.

      • kormo Reply

        Ok, but I’ve already enabled widgets. Then smth gone wrong. Untill I logout i had full control of widgets area.

        • gt3themes

          We recommend you to double check the code, maybe you did something wrong.

          • kormo

            Probably. The point is I don’t know PHP. I’m just an user 🙂

  10. FIL3101 Reply

    Hi! I love this theme! It looks very professional 🙂 I was wondering though if it would be possible to change the size of the content box and featured image? On some pages I’d like to have a bigger content box than the featured image. If that makes sense?
    I found a way to have a featured image showing on the homepage, but not have it shown in the actual portfolio and to have an image slider in the content box. So now it only shows the image slider (though very small), but the space for the featured image takes up a lot of space.
    Thank you in advance! And again thanks for the awesome theme 🙂

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hi there!
      Thanks for your kind words.
      That’s the specific of this design, which is a stretched. But, if you want to make some custom changes, you can order the customization service from our team. You can send your request using the contact form on our site.

  11. aviv Reply

    Hey! Thanks a million for your lovely theme.
    I have a question about your great work.
    I’d like to put an image/slider on the same line(in the same column) with featured image. It would be really grateful if you could tell me how can it be aligned right after the featured image, not in the right column. Thank you in advance.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Thanks for your kind words. Honestly you wont be able to do that without custom changes.

  12. JaNisha Cobbs Reply

    Hi. Thanks for this amazing theme! It really is amazing and exactly what I was looking for.

    I was wondering how I could get my Portfolio Item page to appear like the demo (specifically Demish Branding) where there is an image under the featured image. Even when I import the demo site, there is only the featured image. Did I miss a specific setting or is customization the answer? Just wondering if you could point me in the right direction.


    • gt3themes Reply

      We do really appreciate your feedback.
      It sounds really strange, when you do the import, all the content should be imported like on the deme. But if you can’t see the images on your site, it means that your WordPress uploads folder either not created or it does not have the right permissions. What is the link to your site?

      • JaNisha Cobbs Reply

        I can see the featured image, just not the second one following it. I was trying to follow the demo content to understand where to post that second image as well, but I can’t figure it out. I want all of my post to feature my project images on the left and the description on the right like the Demish Branding portfolio post like I said.

        my link is: http://janishacobbs.com/

        Thanks for the help.

        • JaNisha Cobbs

          The Environmental Logo page also does not appear like the demo if that helps as well.

          • gt3themes

            Please make sure that you have the same parameters for the post http://take.ms/tDi2e

          • JaNisha Cobbs

            Parameters are the same. It is also set to a standard format post. Content and Gallery module are set in the GT3 Page Builder as well. Everything is set just as it was imported.

          • gt3themes

            Then send your site credentials via a contact form and we will check it asap.

          • JaNisha Cobbs

            Done. Thanks!

          • JaNisha Cobbs

            No one ever got back to me. Perhaps it is a bug because I see several comments about it. Thanks.

  13. Thomas Hagens Reply

    Hi, how can I add multiple images (in addition to the featured image) to a single portfolio item (page) on the left hand side, as shown in the demo: http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/pure/portfolio/pellentesque-enim-lorem/ Thanks!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Simply choose the image post time.

      • Cawowine Reply

        Hello, where can I “choose the image post time” to add multiple images in addition to the featured image?

        • gt3themes

          Here you go: http://prntscr.com/4u4dce

          • Scott Conover

            I believe Thomas is wanting to know how to add images, not as a slider, but one below another in a blog post (exactly like what is done in the portfolio post). I too would like to know how to do this. Thank you.

          • Samantha

            From the PrintScreen above – click on Image. Under Custom Layouts – Style 1 is images one below the other and Style 2 is the slider with image transitions

          • Scott Conover

            Is it possible to put these “Portfolio Custom Layouts” and add them to the “Posts Custom Layouts” edit page? it would be nice to have individual images, one below another, instead of a slider.

          • Life Interwoven

            I tried the image post type but then the image in the featured image disappeared!

          • Mamiko Inoue

            I am running into the same issue.

          • Marta

            got the same issue

    • Bas de Bruijn Reply

      I found the solution!

      Don’t add the images as content, but choose the images for the slider. Than change the Custom Layouts to ‘Style 1’

  14. Alex Flueras Reply

    Hi, first of all many thanks for this premium looking template. I do have a little problem: when I change the category for the portfolio section – “Polygraphy” to “Web Design” – everything looks fine in the admin and the top menu of the site, but when you click on “Web Design” there is no item showing there, although in the admin I have added items to “Web Design” category. Here is the link if you want to have a look: http://www.web-design-brasov.ro. I would appreciate any help.
    Best wishes !

    • JatZ Reply

      The theme works in a way that it doesn’t understand spaces in a category name. You will see it in the class name, it will be “Design, Web” instead of “Web Design”. So to fix the problem; instead of giving the category the name “Web Design” replace the space with the non breaking space html character which is & nbsp; (without the space). So it will look like “Web& nbsp;Design” (again without the space).

      • Alex Flueras Reply

        It works like a charm! Many thanks JatZ !!!

        • JatZ

          You are welcome 🙂 Glad to help.

          • gt3themes

            We are aware of this issue, it will be fixed asap.

  15. Irene Reply

    Hello. Where I can get the documentation on this theme? Thanks and congratulations for this great work

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Irene!
      Please check Documentation folder.

  16. 01labs Reply

    Hi! First off, awesome theme! I’m new to WordPress but with this theme, it’s making diving in more fun. One question, what is the difference between gallery and portfolio? I’m a graphic designer and thought they were one in the same. Thanks!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hi there!
      The portfolio has the single portfolio item page with the content on it and the gallery has only lightbox popup.

      • 01labs Reply

        Got it. Thanks for the prompt response!

        • gt3themes

          You are welcome.

  17. JaNisha Cobbs Reply

    Lovely theme. Wish I could use it. x

  18. Jen Reply

    Hi, great theme!

    My site is http://optimisticallygreen.com/

    I am having trouble with the portfolio. I followed the documentation directions, I made a page and put the portfolio module as part of it. I called this page home. I currently have my front page directed to my about page so that my url goes directly to somewhere. But you can find home in the nav bar, the page that I have set to be the portfolio page. I have 3 portfolio posts up currently, along with the default content. So the problem is simply that it never loads. Any idea why this would happen and what I can do to fix it?

    Ignore the “portfolio” menu item, this was set up using categories and posts, not the pure portfolio options. On that note, is there any easy way to import all of my posts content to be portfolio posts?


    • gt3themes Reply

      You can import only the demo content like on our demo page.

      • Jen Reply

        I suppose I don’t mean “import.” In my previous theme, I set up everything using posts and categories. I want all of those posts to display as a part of portfolio in this theme. Is there a way to do that other than copy and pasting?

        • gt3themes

          There can be different custom post types in your previous and our theme, that’s why it may not work. In this case you have to copy paste the content.

          • Jen

            Okay, thanks, that’s what I figured, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Very nice theme!

          • gt3themes

            Thanks for your kind words.

  19. Louise Reply

    Great work on this theme!
    How do I achieve two images below each other on the left column like in the demo ‘demish branding’? I can only seem to get one image ‘highlighted image’ and i would like to put more than one beneath eachother.

    • Adrian Li Reply

      choose post format as image, create a slider and add images to it, but at Page Style, select style 2. I guess the way it works is “style 1” putting images into one slider, “style 2” on the other hand displays images pilling up one by one.

      • Scott Conover Reply

        Editing the Post, I cannot find Page Style anywhere on the page. Nor can I find Style 2.

  20. Aurélie Brébant Reply

    Hi! Thanks a lot for this theme! I just have a question, it’s the first time I use WordPress, and that’s why I don’t really understand how can I change the top of the website. Why are there several times the same category ? And how can i change them ? Thanks for you response 🙂


    • Adrian Li Reply

      there’s a “menu” setting under the “appearance” tab at the admin panel.

      • Aurélie Brébant Reply

        Thanks a lot it’s work ! And how can i change the color of the squares on the loading page ?
        A last question… I can’t change the city in the Google Maps module, what i have to change in the html code ? Thanks for your great theme again !

        • Adrian Li

          hvn’t tried the the Google Map module but it should work with sth like copying the code u get from google map to it. No technically you cannot change the color of the loading squares, u could instead replace it with your own animated gif by working with the source files, which i strongly recommend you not to if you are not so sure how to do it.

          • Jon Spectacle

            Hi Adrian, and Aurélie,

            I’m getting the issue with the google map code. Under the documentation there is no indication how to change it other than suggesting to change the google map code.

            Taking a look at their original link, it directs you to the developers version of Google Maps, which isn’t particularly useful for non-devs like us. I’ve tried placing the link and embed source that Google Maps offers for regular users, and neither option works to display the map. I’m dying to know the fix around this so I hope the team at GT3 get a chance to fix this problem of ours!

  21. roriccia Reply

    hi! how can i write in icon box text?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please read the documentation for obtaining information.

  22. Adrian Li Reply

    hey, my site works fine for a while, but suddenly failed to load a “single portfolio item page” after I add a portfolio post… and it happened to all items, they showed perfectly ok at the portfoltio page, but when clicked, it direct me into a 404 page… it just happened all in sudden, any reason why?

    • Adrian Li Reply

      I think sth might be wrong with the permalink or the theme’s “port” post-type, not sure about it. I noticed when this happens, you cant preview your portfolio post too when editing, it also directs you to a 404 page. Cant figure out why, no fix so far, seemed not stable.

      • gt3themes Reply

        Please make sure that you did not make the changes in the Settings -> Reading… Please do not set any page for the blog posts.

        • Adrian Li

          no i swear i didnt make change anything the Reading, but what do u mean by “setting any page for blog post”? anyway, in my case, most of the previously working portfolio single posts just disappears, although it seemed one or two of them still working fine… this is why i dun understand what is wrong with the theme, checked the database and the data is good, cant figure out which part of the theme went wrong… pls help, web down for days…

          • gt3themes

            We have no idea how that plugin works, but we do not provide the support for the 3rd party plugins.

        • Adrian Li

          oh and i checked, no i there’s no page assigned for blog post…

        • Adrian Li

          so… what is wrong exactly…

        • Adrian Li

          solution found… well actually somehow the theme crashes with the “custom permalink” plugin… dunno why but… it is annoying without that plugin, any suggested plugins that wouldnt crash the theme but do the same job?

  23. Adrian Li Reply

    okay, now I see the slider crunch my photos into 1200 x 700px, any way I could change that? That’s not what I put in the media setting.

  24. Facebook User Reply

    Good evening Gentlemen,

    Amazing theme I must say! Is there a way to reduce the space below the menu. I am using header 5.

    I have tried changing

    /* Header */
    header {
    padding-bottom: 0px;
    background: #ffffff;

    But I did not obtain any results.

    If I change to a bigger value than the default 50px it works but obviously the space become bigger…not the other way around. Thanks for your help!

  25. Louise Reply

    is there a way to remove the comment-eye-hart icons?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Yes, you can remove them manually in the code.

      • Louise Reply

        thnk you. i was looking for it, but don’t seem to know where i have to look for it.

        • gt3themes

          Unfortunately we do not provide free theme customization service.

          • Louise

            i understand. can i purchase a customizable version?

          • gt3themes

            It is customizable, but it requires the changes in the code. If you want to order the customization service, please send the list of the changes that you would like us to make and we will get back to you asap. You can send the request to help @ gt3themes dot com

  26. Vishal Goyal Reply

    unable to download this theme

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can download it from WDD. What error do you get?

      • Vishal Goyal Reply

        its come on the home page, not getting the downloadable file. can you please email me the file

        or share the link!


        • gt3themes

          Did you try to download it here http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2014/09/free-download-pure-wordpress-theme/

          • Lenitas

            That’s where I go. Is an automatic download supposed to start?

            Every time I go to that page, one of two things happen:
            1. the page just freezes up immediately (no scrolling, no download)
            or 2. page gets stuck on “Processing request…” and then shockwave crashes.

            In both cases the only thing I can do is close the browser tab.

            Can you please provide a good old-fashioned download button? Or leave a direct link to the zip file here in the comment section? Because I would really, really love to try out Pure.

          • Lenitas

            It appears that the devs are not really all that interested in giving people access to their theme, which is a shame. Anyway, I am using GavickPro now and I’m quite happy with it.

          • gt3themes

            You can send your request to help at gt3themes dot com and we will provide you with the theme.

  27. Stac Reply

    Fantastic theme! It’s exactly what I was looking for, the portfolio options are great. Thank you!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Thanks for choosing our product and your kind words.

  28. Julie Reply

    Hey, do I need to install the GT3 Page Builder plugin for this theme? When I try to activate it, I get a fatal error.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Julie!
      Please, do not install the page builder plugin because it is already built-in in the theme.

  29. rcuff Reply

    Hi there! Awesome theme. But i can’t get my blog posts to load when clicking the “read more” link. Here’s my site: http://www.allneonlike.ca/portfolio/
    Also the links I am adding to the paragraph of text do not display.
    I’ve read the documentation but I can’t figure it out! Help please! Thanks 🙂

    • Jen Reply

      I am wondering how you have this set up. When I go to your portfolio page from the nav bar, none of the posts have any writing. Even the posts that are featuring the same subjects as are displayed on your homepage. Are both set up using portfolio pages? Or is one a posts pages and another a portfolio page?

      • rcuff Reply

        Hi Jen, thanks for your kind words! Yes the home page is a blog page that loads posts and the portfolio page loads portfolio posts.

    • Jen Reply

      Also very beautiful things you have made!

    • Pixeltender Reply

      I have a question I’m hoping you can help me with. I am trying to make a page similar to http://www.allneonlike.ca/portfolio/portfolio/editorial-titling/ where the left part of the page has an additional image displaying below the featured image. I can’t imagine what setting or option I’ve overlooked, I’m pulling my hair out at this point

  30. Chris Daintith Reply

    Hi there,

    Really like this theme and my site works well in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.. however in Internet Explorer(10) I am getting unwanted borders around images, this includes the logo and the featured images. Is this a known bug? Is there a fix?

    Any help would be much appreciated

  31. Jen Reply

    Hello, I am trying to figure out where these question mark (image?) boxes are coming from on the bottom right hand corner of individual portfolio pages.

    Here is an example. What are they and how can I get rid of them? Or at least put whatever is supposed to be there, there?

  32. Francesco Reply

    I want custom order in portfolio. It’s possible?

    • Pixeltender Reply

      In the ‘edit’ page for each portfolio section, there is a text box under ‘attributes’ for order. you can specify the order there

  33. Noise Room Reply

    Awesome theme! How do i display just the blog title and tagline instead of the logo? Thanks

  34. Gino Brugman Reply

    Im having the problem that it shows what i placed on home: slider, 2 text icon boxes. On every other page except over mij and contact


    can someone help me?

    • Gino Brugman Reply

      It looks like i can’t name a page: portfolio as it load the homepage some how?

  35. Eduardo Reply

    Hi there!
    Congrats for the lovely theme!
    Just one “stupid” question, where´s the documentation to walk me trough the setup of the theme?

    Thank you very much.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please check this link http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/pure/how-to-install-theme/

      • Eduardo Reply

        Thank you very much for the quick reply…

        But the help I really needed, was more about the configuration of the different parts of the theme…

        For example, You don’t have any video tutorials, about “how to create a portfolio”, “how to create the menus”?

        Thanks very much once again.

  36. Gino Brugman Reply

    Can some one help me? Sometimes when i make a new page it shows everything from the homepage on it.


    then go to “Mijn Werk” and click on “straatfotografie”. It will just load the homepage as the home button is grey, and the url is correct. But the content isn’t. 🙁

    How can i fix this? Maybe file rights? This is the most awesome free theme!

    Kind Regards Gino Brugman

    • Mike Reply

      i found the “send comment” text in theme folder /js/theme.js and worked just fine!

  37. 01labs Reply

    How do I change the letter spacing style? I tried adjusting on the Pure – Options – Fonts, but it does not update. Please advise. Thanks!

  38. Maritza Kreutzer Reply

    I have a question about the loader icon. Can I change its color? When theme color is changed the loader is still the original theme color. Thank you.

    • Tuut Reply

      Its a .gif file in the theme it self, you can edit the colors in Photoshop or something.

      • Minet Peeters Reply

        In which file or where can I find the .gif tot change it?

        • gt3themes

          Its located in the “img” folder of the theme.

          • Minet Peeters

            Sorry I can’t find it.. Is that in the editor? of which menu?

          • gt3themes

            You can see it only via ftp on your server, in the “img” folder of the theme

          • Minet Peeters

            Thank you. My wordpress isn’t on a ftp server yet. So I have contact my host for that. Hope it works

  39. Stefano Reply

    Hello. Many thanks for this great theme. Quick question: is it possible to visualize more than 10 portfolio items in the home page? Thanks!

    • Stefano Reply


      • josean Reply

        Hi Stefano. How did you solved it?? Tell me please.

    • Roger Reply

      How were you able to change this? Whenever I set it to 20 it displays it in preview but once I refresh the page it is back to 10 items yet in my portfolio options for the builder it still displays 20 items.

  40. Marianne Heikkilä Reply

    I have a problem. After installing this theme my wordpress keeps “crashing”. As in, about every 2 minutes it asks me to log in. Very frustrating. I’ve tried and failed on both safari and chrome. I’m not tech-savy, but this theme just looks in every way for what am looking for. Such a cute, awesome, sleek and clean look. Thanks for creating and sharing! Thou some help with the “keeps asking to log back in” would be super 🙂 (All my browsers, WP and widgets are up to date) 🙂

    • gt3themes Reply

      It is not theme related issue. Try to check your installed plugins.

      • mayra Reply

        Hi I am in my portfolio page and I would like it to display in a specific order. I went through all my portfolio items and specified the order 1-30 under attributes, however when I go to my live site they are still being display in random order, is there a way to get them to display in the order I want? I already refreshed my browser and I even tried deleting the portfolio and applying it again with the changes made and nothing. HELP!

  41. André Neves P. de Azevedo Reply

    I changed the mo. and po. file but the theme is still in english.

    I’m working with wordpress 4.0 and I’ve already changed the language in general settings, but the theme still in english.

    What’s wrong?

  42. Antony Gustard Reply

    Hi there,

    firstly thanks for the great theme. Secondly I noticed on your demo portfolio page your thumbnails are slightly larger than the ones on my page (I think yours are 207pxs wide and mine are 194 pxs wide) is there a way to change the size of the width of the thumbnails?

    • Antony Gustard Reply

      Sorry it seems like the thumbnail sizes seem to be responsive to the size of the screen. How can can I achieve this?

      • Antony Gustard Reply

        Update again! I think I have sorted it now.

        • gt3themes

          Nice to hearing that.

  43. Amber Turner Reply

    Hi, thank you so much for this theme. It’s more than perfect!! The only issue I have is that I added items and categories to the portfolio on my home page, but when I try to filter into the new categories all my items completely disappear. I made sure the categories are selected in the post. The demo content loads into the filters fine.. Any suggestions?

    • Amber Turner Reply

      Oh! Read through the comments again, and found the answer! Yay!! Works perfect now! Thanks!! <3

  44. Mashnoon Ibtesum Reply

    What plugins does this demo uses?

  45. Alice Reply

    This is very nice!! thank you!!!
    I successfully downloaded and start re-building! very fun 🙂
    one question is ( i am super beginner), different to your demo, elements on pages (like portfolio, about..) are not appeared as full length.
    could you kindly advise?
    attached image is blog screen. like to stretch from right to left just like yours on demo.

    and regarding view and like counts, can i hide them from the portfolio?

    • gt3themes Reply

      It is hard to say what’s wrong, need wp-admin details to check it.

    • Costantino Rover MYG Reply

      Hi Alice can you explain me how you did place the images as in your screenshot please?
      When I pubbly the portfolios the preview icons are all equal.
      Thank you

  46. Guest Reply


  47. roriccia Reply

    good Morning,

    I have a problem: the portfolio post option does not show categories, even if the options are exactly the same as the working demo.

    categories are marked in builder and correctly assigned to the post.

    how can I do?

    Thanks !!!

  48. roriccia Reply

    good Morning,

    I have a problem: portfolio post does not show categories, even if the options are exactly the same as the working demo.

    categories are marked in builder and correctly assigned to the post.

    how can I do?

    Thanks !!!

    • gt3themes Reply

      It is hard to say what the issue is without having the access to your wp-admin

    • Pixeltender Reply

      I encountered a similar problem because I used the “Portfolio Posts” module instead of the “Portfolio” module on my Page. Once I changed that it was fixed, maybe you’re having the same issue.

  49. Wes Choi Reply

    Hi, I’m a beginner to WordPress. I was very impressed with this theme’s layout as I might want to use it for my personal portfolio page (I’m a graphic designer). Forgive me for my lack of knowledge, but I know that for $10 I can download the source files. Can you elaborate on what this means and what advantages I would receive from purchasing them? Do I need to make this purchase for the full functionality? Thank you!

    • gt3themes Reply

      May we know what source files do you mean? This theme is absolutely free and it comes with the source files.

      • Wes Choi Reply

        “The theme has 11 PSD source files but they are not included in the free download. But you can purchase them directly from us. The price is only $10 USD. You can send the payment to paypal@gt3themes.com, which is our PayPal email address. Once the payment complete, please contact us and we will send you the source files.”

        This is an excerpt of the documentation at the way bottom. I was just wondering what it would mean if I made the purchase.

        • gt3themes

          Then, if you need PSD files, you have to pay for the source files.

  50. Guest Reply


    I’m trying to use your template to make my website but I can’t get it to look like your example.
    Could you take a look at my site and tell me how I can get it to look like your example (with the blocks on the front page).

    Minet Peeters

  51. Guest Reply


    I have a question:
    I’m trying to use your template to make my website but I can’t get it to look like your example.
    Could you take a look at my site and tell me how I can get it to look like your example (with the blocks on the front page).

    Minet Peeters

  52. Minet Peeters Reply


    I’m trying to use your template to make my website but I can’t get it to look like your example.
    Could you take a look at my site and tell me how I can get it to look like your example (with the blocks on the front page).
    my website: http://www.minetpeeters.nl/

    Thanks, Minet Peeters

  53. Minet Peeters Reply


    I’m trying to use your template to make my website but I can’t get it to look like your example.
    Could you take a look at my site and tell me how I can get it to look like your example (with the blocks on the front page).


  54. Minet Peeters Reply


    I’m trying to use your template to make my website but I can’t get it to look like your example.
    Could you take a look at my site and tell me how I can get it to look like your example (with the blocks on the front page).

    Minet Peeters

  55. Joe Nicklo Reply

    Awesome theme. Thank you for making this available for free. I’ve downloaded and installed it and am starting to customize. One question — which Slider plugin are you using on the demo? Also, how do I implement that into a project page as the main image?

    • Guest Reply

      Nevermind. I figured it out thanks to @Adrian Li above.

    • Joe Nicklo Reply

      Here is a screenshot of what I’m seeing.

      • gt3themes Reply

        Please be more specific.

        • Joe Nicklo

          Ideally, the text block should flow underneath the image, thus allowing for a wider and more legible measure (line width).

          • gt3themes

            What device do you test it on?

          • Joe Nicklo

            iPhone 5C in Safari, also on my Mac Pro in Safari 8.

          • Caroline

            Hi Joe Nicklo, i have the same issue! did you manage to solve it and how?? thanks a lot for your reply…

          • Joe Nicklo

            Unfortunately I could not figure it out so I switched to a different theme.

      • josean Reply

        I had the same problem in android. I redesigned the product detail..

  56. Joe Nicklo Reply

    Also, which heading controls the filter?

    • Steven Powell Reply

      They are the categories you tick in the GT3 Page Builder – Portfolio – Catagories settings

    • Pau Reply

      Hi, sorry im new as you can see 🙂 . I can´t make the filter work, how can i make it appear? Tank you!

  57. pablodalien Reply

    I need to add a second image below the “featured image” like this -> http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/pure/portfolio/pellentesque-enim-lorem/

    Somebody help me?

    • gt3themes Reply

      you can choose image post format and as many images as you wish

      • pablodalien Reply

        I choose image post format but the images do not appear below the featured image. The images appear in the text area

        Where do I have to add images?

        • Geeh Souza

          OMG! Thanks so much! I really really was searching for this solution for many hours!I love you <3

  58. Steven Powell Reply

    Such a beautiful theme but it isn’t letting me view posts 🙁 http://www.powell-online.co.uk/?page_id=269
    I thought it might be permalink settings but no. Any suggestions?
    My old website is like gone for this..

    • gt3themes Reply

      It looks like there is an issue with the settings. Please follow the instructions in the documentation.

  59. olivechan Reply

    Gorgeous theme. Quick question, how do I get the Portfolio Categories to show like yours does in the demo?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please do the import of the demo content to better understand how it works. We recommend to read the documentation first.

  60. Yiannis70 Reply

    Thanks for this awesome theme! Please tell me, I see numbers 1 and 2 under the portfolio images at the home page. I suppose clicking on number 2 should load the second set of portfolio tiles. However, the first set is loading again instead. Is this a bug or I do something wrong?

    • gt3themes Reply

      What is the url of your site?

      • Yiannis70 Reply

        it’s yiannis.eu

        • gt3themes

          Just checked your site, all the portfolios leads to their single portfolio item pages.

          • Yiannis70

            Aha! So I have to make separate pages somehow. I’m sure I’ll find out the solution. I only needed to know it’s my fault. Thanks for your rapid response!

          • gt3themes

            Do not forget to read the documentation that comes with the theme

          • Yiannis70

            I already did it but I thought it doesn’t mention something about this, I ‘ll check it again more carefully!

          • Yiannis70

            Hmm, I red the documentation again. Nothing about this. When I add more portfolio pages I see the numbers at the home page indicating (as I think) “more portfolio items”. Clicking on the number 2, nothing happens. The first set is loading again 🙁

        • Pixeltender

          Hi, I have a question I was hoping you could help me with. How did you manage to add an image below the Featured Image on pages such as http://yiannis.eu/?port=classical-hotels-brochure ?

          All of my attempts just add small thumbnails to the right side below the description text. Thank you!

          • Yiannis70

            Hi, when you add a new portfolio page, you declare it as an image (right column, image radio button). Then the page builder plugin is automatically activated and at the bottom of the page you can add as many images as you like and they appear like this.

          • Pixeltender

            Ah, I had come close to figuring it out but didn’t realize that the page builder appeared. Thank you very much! Did you manage to solve your issue?

          • Yiannis70

            Hi! No unfortunately I didn’t. When I add more portfolio items, I see number 2 under the tiles, that normally should load the second set of items but it doesn’t. I followed the documentation’s instructions but nothing about this 🙁

          • Pixeltender

            I haven’t seen anything about that specific issue, but in the dashboard under Settings > Reading there is an option to change the “number of posts displayed on a blog page.” Maybe that would allow you to just fit everything on one page?

          • Yiannis70

            Yes it does. But I would like to have 2 or more pages and pressing 2 or 3 loads the first one again.

  61. Serge White Reply

    How can I edit/remove author name (“by XXX,”) in related posts under article’s image/video?

    • gt3themes Reply

      You have to do that changes in the code.

      • Serge White Reply

        Yeah, but which file?

        • gt3themes

          Unfortunately we do not provide the tech assistance to the free themes.

  62. Adrian Woods Reply

    Hi, is it my computer, or does the download button just redirect me to the live preview?

  63. Adrian Woods Reply

    Nevermind, i found the link.

  64. abt Reply

    Hello, how do I access an editable style sheet? The style.css file available in Appearance > Editor doesn’t have any style info. Thanks.

    • Pixeltender Reply

      In the dashboard, go to the Pure settings and in the “view options” tab you can add some custom csss.

  65. Pixeltender Reply

    beautiful theme! is there a simple toggle in the settings to achieve the ‘grid layout?’ i’ve been reading through the documentation but it’s not clear to me. thank you!

  66. josean Reply

    Nice theme, but what about convert it to bootstrap 3? Is it possible or will you do in the future??

    • gt3themes Reply

      It is not bootstrap based theme.

      • josean Reply

        Sorry. I saw spam class and I thought it was Bootstrap because it is tipical…

  67. rathernotsay Reply

    Hi – Beautiful theme. Having a little trouble rendering on Android. The header and footer are not full width and not centered. Looks great on PC and iPhone. Any suggestions?

    • rathernotsay Reply

      Most of the websites linked in this thread have the same issue …

      • rathernotsay Reply

        Any thoughts on this?

        • gt3themes

          Tested on most popular android devices, had no problems

          • rathernotsay

            Thanks for the response. I’m getting header/footer/body width issues on a physical oneplus and many emulated devices in chrome developer tools (including iPhone 6). Might be worth another look.

            An incomplete list of examples of broken sites from this thread:



            This one works perfectly:

            Your demo works perfectly as well:

          • gt3themes

            Maybe those users made the changes in the code. We provide the same copy of the demo page.

          • rathernotsay

            But they all exhibit the same behavior. It’s unlikely that they all made the same change to the code.

          • rathernotsay

            I just made a brand new wordpress database, uploaded the theme, and imported the demo content. Same problem.

          • rathernotsay


            I noticed your demo was using wordpress 3.9.2 instead of the current version (4.0).

            So I made a new wordpress database, uploaded the theme, and imported the demo content. But this time I used wordpress 3.9.2. The problem largely went away.

            Thanks again for the great theme.

          • rathernotsay

            In case anyone has the same issue, I think I’ve solved it by editing theme.css. (note: theme.css is easier to read if you use Notepad++ or similar)

            If you scroll down to just shy of line 2200 or so, you’ll see a bunch of code related to mobile (search for “@media only screen”).

            There are four @media sections, then a retina section, then another @media. I condensed the first four into one section and gave it a max-width of 1000px. This new section has four calls to container width, so I deleted the second, third, and fourth calls. Then I changed the remaining container width from px to percentage (80% looks good to me).

            As an aside, I also changed the regular container width to a percentage (way up at the top of theme.css).

            This approach probably isn’t perfect, but I think it’s an improvement. Note that I’m just figuring this stuff out as I go along, so if you decide to give a whirl, please back up your original theme.css and proceed with caution. And if you see a flaw in the plan, please let everyone know by replying. Thanks.

            And thanks again to GT3 for a beautiful theme.

          • gt3themes

            Like it was said above. The downloaded files are the same copy of the demo page.

  68. josean Reply

    I would like to set (or disable) the minimun items of my portfolio.
    When you clic on the filter, some categories disapear, and the item where were located in the second page doesn´t appear, so it seems therer ar not more items to show…
    Disabling or modifyng the maximums items per page will fix it. How can I do it?

    • josean Reply


      • gt3themes Reply

        When you filter the items by the categories, only the loaded items are displaying, that’s how the isotope works.

  69. Kaduma Reply

    Hello, the theme is great, really. I was wondering how to reduce or suppress the vertical space between images when your portfolio is in “image format” mode ?

    Is there any CSS line I can add in custom css section to fix it ? Thanks !

    • gt3themes Reply

      We provide the support only to the premium themes. If you need some customization services, then you can order one from us.

  70. Kaduma Reply

    Hello, I’ve got another question : on the demo when you click on the thumbnail in portfolio, it opens a page. I don’t have any link on my portfolio thumbnails :/ How can I configure this ?

  71. Pixeltender Reply

    How do you add images below the featured image when clicking into a post? Like this http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/pure/portfolio/aenean-at-semper-augue/

    Couldn’t find it in the documentation. Everything I’ve tried just adds small thumbnail images to the right side. Thanks!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please choose the image post format for the post.

  72. Patty K. Murphy Reply

    Hello, great theme! I was wondering if there is a limit for number of images in the portfolio. I made a quick comp and currently I can only have ten.
    I did make a change in portfolio in categories. Since these categories are not post categories could that be my issue. It looks like you folks made a image post type. Is that how the demo above works? Thanks!
    Here’s my comp: http://www.pattykmurphy.com/annmaulucci/

    • gt3themes Reply

      There are no limits. Maybe you did something wrong in the code.

  73. Patty K. Murphy Reply

    Hello I just reinstalled the theme. It’s awesome. But I have been having a little trouble with the demo stuff adding more images to the home page . It seems the Portfolio page can only have ten items and when one adds another you get another page but it is a duplicate of the 1st. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  74. Patty K. Murphy Reply

    Thanks for the awesome theme. I had some trouble but I was able to figure it out by watching your youtube channel. Thanks!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Nice to hearing that.

  75. josean Reply

    Is it possible to disable the minimun items per portfolio?
    I wolud like to show all of the without pagination…

    • Keline Reply

      Think this can help U >>>

      Mathieu Meeldijk Keline • a month ago

      Of course : when you want to create a portfolio on one of your page, you use the GT3 page builder below the text area. You click on Portfolio and it appears below. Click on the green pen on the right and modify the value of “Items per page”. I have put 999 but you can put as many 9 as you want. Hope it helps !

      • josean Reply


        • Dean Smith

          Thanks to you! I have been looking for that toggle for hours! haha! too close to trees.

  76. Patty K. Murphy Reply

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to disable the filter ?

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can hide it using css

      • Patty K. Murphy Reply

        Thanks very much. I had a little trouble with the filter. I added a new category. But when I clicked on it it shows nothing on the page.

        • gt3themes

          Try to add more items to the page, maybe the portfolio items from this category did not load. And note, that you can filter the items that have been loaded on the page, otherwise you have to click load more button.

  77. pablodalien Reply

    I have a problem with the post page. The “read more” tag doesn’t work. Help me please.

  78. Adam Reply

    Hi, love the theme but was wondering how do I get image captions to show in a gallery.

    • rathernotsay Reply

      Same here. How do you show image captions in the gallery / lightbox?

      Also, the gallery / lightbox has a broken “go back” behavior.

  79. sue Reply

    This might be a stupid question, but is there a way to arrange the portfolio posts in a specific order on the portfolio page? If I for example want an older post to be on the top, not just the latest ones… Thanks

    • Adam Reply

      You can change the publish date, I did it by job date and ordered my portfolio that way.

      • sue Reply

        Thanks! I’ll try that 🙂

  80. Gino Brugman Reply

    How to remove the loading gif completely?

  81. thiscoolshit Reply

    Absolutely beautiful theme. Really recommended for creative people looking for minimal grid/portfolio based theme.

  82. gadasa Reply

    Hey, great theme! Is there a way to disable the masonry/inline buttons in the filter? Thanks

    • alexandra Reply

      I’m also looking for this option

    • gt3themes Reply

      What buttons do you mean?

      • gadasa Reply

        the ones on the left of the portfolio categories in the filter

      • gadasa Reply

        Just removed lines 869 and 870 from the pb-functions.php file

  83. Xavi Xavier Reply

    Hello, I cant find how can I make a single portfolio-post with 2 or 3 images. (porfolio single images).
    Like this: http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/pure/portfolio/pellentesque-enim-lorem/
    It is posible add more images than one?

    • Pixeltender Reply

      Hi, I struggled with this as well. In a portfolio page, select the “image” radio button as your format (far right column), then a new page builder plugin is activated at the bottom and you can select which images will display.

  84. Carina Reply

    Could you tell me if it’s possible to remove the loading gif icon completely? It’s taking a while to load my pages.. Thanks 🙂

  85. Luis Alvarez Reply

    Hi to all,
    I’ve just installed the theme, and it is simply superb! Thanks a lot.
    I need to do a little tweak though, and I really don’t know how to do it. For every post, I would like to:
    1.- Reduce the featured image width (the text width is too small for my needs)
    2.- Right-align the post title.
    Is there any way to achieve that?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Muneera Salah Reply

      2.- Right-align the post title.
      This is my solution 🙂

      .single article {
      /* text-align: left; */
      text-align: right;

      .single .entry-title {
      /* text-align: left; */
      text-align: right;

      in theme.css file
      hope its helpful

    • YHYC Reply

      For #1 you have to go in on the servers side. Find the theme folder in whatever directory it is in. Then go into the theme’s css file and look for span4 and span8 width defintions. They should be in that top paragraph of css code. Change those two widths to what you’d like and that will fix it.

  86. williams Reply

    Hello my portfolio items keep redirecting to the home page how can i fix this thanks

  87. LillanBacka Reply

    Hi and thanks for a very extended theme. It works like charm, however i wonder where i can find the “custom button settings” as a single item in the page builder? I want the code so i can make my own formattings i.e sidebar or in the text editor. Thanks in advance =)


    • Scott Conover Reply

      I too, would like to make my own Custom Format. Is this possible?

      • gt3themes Reply

        We do not provide the customization services.

  88. LillanBacka Reply

    There’s a slight responsive problem in IPhone and Android if you use default and style 1 setting on a page (portfolio, Pages etc). It disappear if you instead uses fullwidth. However, don’t forget to enlarger the image so it fits fullwidth. I’m playing around with a childtheme where i can make some changes. I will let you know if it works =)

  89. FcoParra Reply

    Hi! This theme is really awesome! Cheers :D.

    Please, I need to know how to make the thumbnails bigger in the home/portfolio page. How can I do that? Also, how can I change the default font size of the portfolio items (the names…)?

    Thanks in advance :D!

    • gt3themes Reply

      It’s a free theme, we do not provide free customisation service.

  90. Christie Reply

    Hi, is there a way to change the paragraph size, line height? and also change headings if you don’t want them all Uppercase? Thanks!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Yes, it is possible by modifying the .css Unfortunately we provide the support only to our premium products.

      • Christie Reply

        Ok no worries gt3. By any chance has anyone else been able to fix this and could tell me which .css, is it the theme.css if so which part? Thx

  91. Teo Reply

    Hello, I get this message when I want to install it “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.” Could you help me please?

    • lyndalorraine Reply


      I am having the same problem, did you solve it?


  92. Neilp Reply

    I’ve installed Pure on a MAMP setup locally, but although the Options panel displays, none of the General, Fonts, Social etc. categories have content. I click on General and the URL is “http://localhost:8888/wordpress/wp-admin/admin.php?page=pure_options#general”, but nothing changes on the screen. Any ideas?

  93. Aggie Reply

    Hi Steven! Love this theme, but I can’t seem to add a search bar. I’ve added a third party one which which brought me to the default Error 404 page (even though there are posts with the keyword) with the theme’s search bar but it’s not working as well.

    Help would be greatly appreciated as I’m launching a tutorial-based website and a working search bar is vital: http://diykl.com/

    Looking forward to your reply!

    • gt3themes Reply

      It may not works, the theme design does not support sidebar where you can add the default search widget.

      • Aggie Reply

        Hi! Ok now the default search bar that appears in the Error 404 page isn’t working either. I’ve tried to search for “earrings” as I have a portfolio post that has the word “earrings” but there is no search results: “Apologies, but we were unable to find what you were looking for.”

        Does this mean that the theme’s default search bar isn’t working?

  94. The Eternal Twilight Reply

    Can you have a look here? the portfolio category optionset isn’t working as intended. e.g. when I click on ‘compilation & others’ the portfolio doesn’t change while ideally it should only show the portfolio associated with ‘compilation & others’ category.

    Would be glad if you can help me out. Thanks. Its an awesome theme otherwise. Probably, the best free theme for WP.

    • The Eternal Twilight Reply

      I complicated it. Simply, portfolio category filters aren’t working as intended.

  95. Kaduma Reply

    I just want to thank you for the theme, Pure was exactly what I need !
    You can check my new portfolio made with this theme here : http://www.kaduma.net
    Keep on the good work !

    • gt3themes Reply

      Thanks for choosing our product. You site looks great 🙂

  96. Caroline Reply

    Great theme..really beautiful.. just a question about the text in the mobile view, it sticks to the right side in posts and pages. how to get it to float left? i mean to continue under the image on the left side.. thanks a lot

    • Caroline Reply

      this is the screen, there was this issue in the thread, but no reply to it..

  97. dharmang Reply

    Is there any way to incorporate jigoshop into this theme? i am not able to get the featured image slider option in the product page

    • gt3themes Reply

      We do not provide the support for the 3rd party plugins.

  98. Trank Reply

    please replay to me as fast as u can ..!!

    i want to add sidebar to my seem , but i dont know how to do that ??

    also i didnt like the page when most of the text area on the left and the rest of the page was empty .. so i changed the span(9,8,4) to 91% in theme.css ….

    so again i want to make a sidebar so i can add login/member area/ads on it … how to do that ???

    i looked it up over the internet and i found this


    which have a veryy nice code but i got confused then some errors , it actually enabled the widges area and the plugin that requier widges are working but nothing appears .. and the social buttons at the bottom disappeared and have that error

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:xamppappswordpresshtdocswp-contentthemesgt3-wp-puregt3-wp-purefunctions.php on line 350

    i didnt even touch that line !!!

    i added few lines on the top of the page.

    when i tried to delete the whole social buttons function the whole page is gone with another error .

    please i am desperately need the side bar and i have no idea how to get it and i dont want to setup a new theme and also cant hire someone to help me in it.

    please figure out a way to include a side bar in my posts ( just the posts and to be specific , i want it in some categories only .. i guess that is the plugin’s job … which is cool , just please get it to work , upload it to me or tell me how to do it myself )

    • gt3themes Reply

      The idea of this theme design is to concentrate on the portfolio items, that’s why it does not support the sidebars. If you are trying to make some changes to the code, we do not guarantee that it will work. Also, we do not provide the tech support for the free products, only to the premium ones.

  99. cristina Reply

    Excellent theme!
    I wonder if it is possible to import a single portfolio? I have 300 photo and I can’t choose one by one….

    Thanks in advance

  100. cristina Reply

    I am trying to set up a newsletter subscrition with mail poet but it seems not to work, I am not able to add some field like name, it only shows email,

  101. Kira Viola Reply

    Is it possible to switch from Pure theme to another WordPress theme easily, without all of the images on the Portfolio page disappearing?

  102. Chris Reply

    Hi, awesome theme! But where does one set a portfolio post to have a thumbnail? In the portfolio views it only sets a title, yet in the post it displays the selected image.

    • gt3themes Reply

      To display the featured image, you have to choose the image post type.

  103. Mathieu Meeldijk Reply

    Hi, it’s a beautiful themes, thanks a lot ! I still have an issue : because the pagination doesn’t work I’d like to have unlimited portfolio posts on my page and I can’t find how to do it, can you help me please ?

    • Mathieu Meeldijk Reply

      Sorry, I found how to do it (in the page builder of the portfolio page). Thanks

      • gt3themes Reply

        Nice to hearing that

      • Keline Reply

        Hello, I have the same problem, but i don’t know what to do. Can u explain/help me ? Please

        • Mathieu Meeldijk

          Of course : when you want to create a portfolio on one of your page, you use the GT3 page builder below the text area. You click on Portfolio and it appears below. Click on the green pen on the right and modify the value of “Items per page”. I have put 999 but you can put as many 9 as you want. Hope it helps !

          • Keline

            Yeah ! Thx lot.
            It’s works !
            (my first problem was, that the pagination doesn’t work, but this way is an other option and it’s fine to me) many thanks !
            (sorry about my english, i hope u understand me )

  104. sudhanshua Reply

    need urgent help!!!
    how can i change the layout of my posts ?
    when i click on the homepage portfolio picture.. in that post page slider appears to be in left and i want it to be in full page center slider!

    • gt3themes Reply

      That’s a stretched theme design, it can be done only as a custom solution, which is a paid service.

      • sudhanshua Reply

        paid ? where can i purchase and get this issue solved ?
        i want my pictures to look full page.

        • gt3themes

          You can send your request to help at gt3themes dot com and our team will get back to you.

  105. Thiago Minoru Reply

    Is it possible to reorder portfolio posts?

  106. Andrey Marikutsa Reply

    Hi! I need your help. I’ve installed this theme, all was fine. But I have video portfolio and when I added to portfolio more then 10 videos on 2-nd page video weren’t visible, I just have error:

    404 ERROR
    Apologies, but we were unable to find what you were looking for.

    How can I manage these problem?

  107. Mark Wikkerink Reply

    Thanks for the great theme! I am having some trouble with it though, sporadically and randomly the icon will show that it is loading, but the page won’t actually load. It has to be refreshed from the browser in order to load.

    Also how can I change the loading gif? Can i upload a file that I create?


    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Mark!
      If the page content has been added properly, it should work fine. What is the link your site?

  108. asim siddiqui Reply

    hi, than you for the powerfil theme. I have configured it and it works good so far. but filter is not working. can you assist?

  109. Marco Baldo Reply

    Great theme, thank you so much.
    I don’t know why pagination doesn’t work in my portfolio: when I clicked on page 2 (or more) it loads the same thumb of the first page.
    Someone has the same problem?

    • Elliot Reply

      Yeah same problem. Did you ever find a fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Aro Reply

      I have the same problem, someone knows the solution.

  110. anebarone Reply

    Hi! i’m using your theme to build my first site and have been completely in love with it! Is there a way to make the featured image occupy a smaller size in a blog post, though? The feature fits great on portfolio or gallery pieces, but on “common” blog posts it takes up about 2/3 of my screen and sometimes I would like it to occupy 1/3 or less. (I still want to use a featured image, though) Is there a way I can do this or a feature I’ve been missing on? Thank you very much! This is the link to one of the pages in which this is happening: http://anebarone.com/2014/12/webcomic-recommendation-list/

    • gt3themes Reply

      That’s a stretched theme, if you want to make the content part bigger, you have to do the changes in the .css Please note that its a free theme, we provide the support only to the premium products.

      • anebarone Reply

        Thank you very much for answering! Is there a possibility that Pure might have a premium version (maybe with widgets) in the future as well?

        • gt3themes

          It is a premium theme and its absolutely free. It has the same functionality like our other premium theme. The only difference is the support.

  111. Marco Baldo Reply

    Pagination doesn’t work, there’s something I can do to fix it? Thanks again for this amazing theme!!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Make sure the theme is setup properly.

      • Marco Baldo Reply

        Thanks for answering me. It looks I’ve setup everything right to me. The strange thing is that if I use two portfolio module in the same page, only the second one change correctly the page.
        If you want to take a look:
        I send you a screen of the module setup,
        thank you,

        • gt3themes

          You can’t use 2 portfolio modules on one page.

          • Marco Baldo

            It was just to try :), now I have only a portfolio.

            I understand this:

            if I create a new page, then I add the portfolio module, I set the items number, pagination works perfectly.

            As soon as I set the page for the front page (Settings => Reading => Front page displays -> A static page (select below) set the page for the front page and save changes) pagination immediatly stop working…..

          • gt3themes

            Please send your wp-admin details to help at gt3themes dot com and we will check it.

          • Marco Baldo

            email sent, thank you!

          • Elliot

            Was there ever a fix for this? I’m having the same problem. Thanks

          • Aro

            I see that the only solution is to put the portfolio on one side 🙁

  112. asim siddiqui Reply

    Hi, I have different name of portfolio categories but in theme only typography category get filtered on the home page. Can you help?
    you can visit the website as: http://habib.edu.pk/csd/designportfolio/

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can send your wp-admin details to help at gt3themes dot com and our team will take a look.

      • asim siddiqui Reply

        Hi, I’ve sent an email to the mentioned ID. can you please provide a quick support?

  113. Ana Reply

    Hi, I posted a few minutes ago but didn’t explain the issue correctly. I have two words for the portfolio categories ex. graphic design and packaging design therefore the filters are not working. What is the solution to it? I know other people had the same problem but I cannot find the answer.
    Thank you!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hi there!
      You can redownload the theme again, there was an update.

      • Ana Reply

        Hi, I just redownloaded and re-install and having the same problem.

        • gt3themes

          Did you download the theme from our site?

          • Ana

            I am all set now! (I had downloaded from webdesigner depot site)
            You guys are great! thanks so much for the quick help!

          • gt3themes


  114. Ana Reply

    Hi, I have another question. I changed the color and font under the Pure Color and Font options and saved changes but nothing changed, I still see the same color and fonts. Am I missing something?

  115. Scott Conover Reply

    Hello, GT3, I LOVE this theme and I will come to you guys for future purchases. I love your other themes too.

    I would like to know how to add multiple photos to blog posts, one image under the other. At the time of writing this, I have the option of a single photo OR a slideshow of images. The same feature I’m looking for is available in the Portfolio post options, but for some reason is not available in the Blog post options. Please advise on how I can make this work.

    Thanks for your time
    -Scott Conover

  116. Дмитрий Reply

    Good day! I had a problem . I want to change the background of my site but changes in the css file does not lead to nowhere . Background applies to individual elementam . For example on the home page I have a portfolio and background between them shall not apply . Prompt as me instead of white substitute a different background for the whole site and all the Elements ?

    • gt3themes Reply

      We provide the tech support only to the premium products.

      • Дмитрий Reply

        if I understand you correctly even bought the source code for $ 10 for this topic , I still do not get an answer as to cope with it ? If so then it is very sad . Well, you may still be there is someone who could respond briefly ?

        • gt3themes

          We do not sell this theme, it is absolutely free.

          • Дмитрий

            I know that here I can not understand it turns out that this is your work is free but not supported with any questions you take it as it is?

          • gt3themes

            We can answer the general questions, you ask the tech related questions.

  117. Sharon Sprague Reply

    I’m having a few hiccups with the theme. I’m following all the documentation, but there are some serious gray areas. I’m having issues adding images and adjusting font size.
    1. Adding images…create new page, choose GALLERY from the page builder, choose the gallery I want…and then preview…It shows nothing on the page. Just the title. All I want to do is create a page with a list of images, ones on top of the other.
    2. I want my font sizes and social icons to be just like the demo. I’ve adjusted it in the theme options, but it doesn’t change. How do I get it to mirror the font sizes on the demo?

  118. Sharon Sprague Reply

    FYI….trying add other images in a Portfolio page by choosing IMAGE format, does not seem to be working. I need to add multiple images to follow under the featured image.

  119. Guest Reply

    Hi there, thanks for the great theme! 🙂 Looks awesome!

    Just a question: Is there any way we can be notified automatically when the theme is updated? I originally downloaded it from web design depot (v1.0), but just realised (after reading the comments here) that v1.2 was released on this site recently with a couple of fixes.

    Notifications within wordpress would be great. 🙂

    • gt3themes Reply

      We will consider it.

  120. jemoraz Reply

    Hi, it’s a beautiful theme, thanks! I trying configure the posts with GT3 Page Builder, but the drag and drop options are not available. Is there any option to activate them?

    • gt3themes Reply

      The page builder is only for the pages, it is no post builder.

  121. Karin Saether Reply

    I am new to WordPress and Pure, so excuse me for being a bit stupid. Could you please explain how I add a portfolio (post)? Do I first need to add a portfolio in WP and then use your GT3 portfolio button, or how do I start?!

    • gt3themes Reply

      1. Add the portfolio posts.
      2. Create a new page and add the portfolio module to. It will display the added portfolio posts.

      • Karin Saether Reply

        Thanx for your reply, but I still can’t make it work. It doesn’t display any pictures…Were shall I add portfolio posts – under Media/New Portfolio page/New page? And how does the module’s 1/4 – 1/1 effect the page – is it the size of it? Sorry for these questions, or do you have a written guide somewhere?!…

        • gt3themes

          Please read the documentation for obtaining information.

  122. Carmen S.V. Reply

    Hi! Thank you so much for this theme! I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. I really like it and find it very easy to manage with great graphic results.

    I have a doubt, though. I’m mainly using the filterable portfolio page and it works perfectly… if each portfolio item is linked to one and only one category. I have some works that belong in several categories (for instance: illustration and traditional media or comic and digital media). Is it normal that those items linked to several categories disapear whenever I chose one of those tags in the firterable menu, and only appear in the “all” category? If that’s the case, is there a way to solve this issue?
    Thanks again for your time!

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can link the item to more than one category.

      • Carmen S.V. Reply

        If I do, in the porfolio page those items only appear in the “all” category and disappear when filtered by the categories they’re supposed to belong.

        • gt3themes

          What is the link to your site?

          • Carmen S.V.

            Here’s the link to the portfolio: http://clavinia.esy.es/arts/pf/

          • gt3themes

            It filters only the items that have already been loaded on the site.

          • Carmen S.V.

            The items I’m getting problems with are loaded in the portfolio, though, as seen in this screencap…

          • gt3themes

            Then, there is something with the settings, it requires additional investigation.

          • Carmen S.V.

            Should I send you a WP admin account access data to my site?

          • gt3themes

            You can send, but we do not guarantee that you will be assisted shortly because the theme is free.

          • Carmen S.V.

            I love this theme and I’m really thankfull it’s free. I understand you give a minimun support, it’s only logical. Regarding this matter, there’s no hurry at all, the portfolio works. The thing is it could work better, so if you have a moment to check it out, it would be great. Where should I send the admin data?

          • gt3themes

            you can use the contact form on our site

          • Thom

            Because I have exactly the same issues with the categories, I would like to ask, if it’s possible to post the solution here, if you have an answer from GT3, Carmen. That would be perfect! Thank you.

          • Carmen S.V.

            Of course! I’ll post the reply when I get it, Thom.

          • Carmen S.V.

            To give you guys an update, after crossing some mails, they’ve opened a support ticket about this issue. They’re letting me know when there’s a fix so, for now, still waiting.

          • Thom

            Hey, thanks for your update! I’ll be still patient.

          • janni

            I have the same problem, dit you you get it done?

          • gt3themes

            You can also send your site credentials and we will check it.

          • Carmen S.V.

            Not yet, still waiting for a reply.

          • Dumisani Djdo'me Ndhlovu

            hi any answers to the problem yet, portofilo filter not working

          • Carmen S.V.

            Nothing yet. I’ve resigned myself to use only one category for each portfolio item for now…

          • Thom

            Hi Carmen, It seems that GT3 updated the theme. Now it works fine for me. The category-problem seems to be solved.

            It is a pity that such updates are not announced by GT3 on this website.

          • gt3themes

            We will take it into consideration and post the next theme update change logs.

          • Carmen S.V.

            Thanks you so much for telling! Now everything seems to work fine for me too. I’m glad the issue was solved!

    • Guest Reply

      I’ve got the same problem. Help would be great!

    • Gusakov Reply

      I have the same problem. It appears when you add more than four categories. And I do not know how to fix it ((

      • gt3themes Reply

        We will check it.

  123. Marco Medelini Reply

    hey realy nice theme!
    but regarding view and like counts, can i hide them from the portfolio?

  124. Kelly Marshall Reply

    I love the site!! Thank you! I am having a problem with links though. When I enter a link to another website there’s a 404 error bc no matter what it starts with http://www.mydomain.com/ then the website information I’m trying to link to. Is there a simple quick fix that I’m missing here? Thanks

  125. Marco Medelini Reply

    hi, very nice theme!!!
    but regarding view and like counts, can i hide them from the portfolio?
    thank you a lot!

  126. Kelly Marshall Reply

    I’m Trying to publish my site and the only problem I’m having are the external links not working. The only plugin I have is the contact form one. I even tried a simple external link going to google.com and it returns to the 404 error page. Please advise. Thanks

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please make sure that you put the full URL with http://

      • Kelly Marshall Reply

        duh….. sorry!!! And thank you for an awesome theme!!!!

  127. Thom Reply

    Hey, very very nice clean Portfolio Theme! I like it very much!!
    I would like to pay for it if there comes a premium-version with more options (like change the number of the portfolio rows, more font-options, etc.) and better GT3-support.

    My problem is that I want to use custom css (to change the font-size, for example and other things) but nothing happens if I places code in the Custom CSS-Box.

    Also a child theme doesn’t work with a customized theme.css-file (nothing happens).

    Can anybody help?
    Thanks a lot for your help and a great theme!

    • gt3themes Reply

      1. The theme comes with google fonts support, you can choose any from 600+ fonts
      2. The custom css works like a charm, maybe you do something wrong.
      3. The theme is a child theme ready.

      • Thom Reply

        wow, thanks for your quick answer.
        Hmm, I’ll ckeck it again.

  128. Dimitris M. Reply

    Hello and big up for 2015 & Pure Theme! 😉

    I am working on a personal portfolio
    and there is one customization needed:

    How can i put the gallery thumbnails under the main image on the left column (div.span8) instead of the right column (div.span12)?
    I tried to look on several .php pages to find the right code without success…

    Please email me if there is an easy hack or whether i should find another design to do it…

    • Dimitris M. Reply

      Hello again,

      I am using Pure Free WordPress Theme & GT3 Page Builder.

      I have this portfolio page that needs a gallery with thumbnails,
      but the theme by default puts the gallery under right column.

      What i am trying to achieve is a customization to the theme:
      to put the gallery, under the main column (div.span8) instead of the right column (div.span12).

      I presume that i have to deal with some php calling function for the div.span8 instead of div.span12, but i am not so familiar with php. I wonder which file to check and which php function is correct.

      > check the page online here:

  129. sparklebuns Reply

    is it possible to make the footer background color white, just like the site background color, instead of the grey?

  130. sparklebuns Reply

    Is it possible to move the logo above the nav?

    • Pauline Maury Reply


      Did you find a solution ? I want to move my logo above the nav too.
      Thanks !

  131. Christina Luka Reply

    I’m still having trouble with adding images. 🙁
    Only using Portfolio —
    – I only see the slider option for image posts on blog posts, not portfolio? Page Style 1 & 2 don’t seem to make a difference.
    – Also, like others I can’t add images underneath the feature on the left column even when I switch it to an image post.
    – Pagination issues and interest in getting rid of likes/page views like other commenters too..

    Please help! I love this theme and I feel like I’m going totally kooky.

    • katharina Reply

      dear christina,

      i had the same problem. now i deleted my last entries and the last images i uploaded. and suddenly it works again. let’s see how long. 🙂

    • Kell Reply

      Im having this problem, did you figure it out in the end?

  132. Jarod Russel (j32design) Reply

    Is there a way to turn off the google font support. I noticed the loading times are quite long because the page is waiting for fonts.gstatic.com

  133. Guest Reply

    How do you get the images to stack instead of slide for the individualized portfolio pages? here is my site im playing with now: http://sheydraw.com/portfolio/the-book-of-tea/

  134. Shinyi Wang Reply

    Hi, I want the portfolio item page to be as simple as possible. Is there anyway to get rid of counting viewers and like function?

    • gt3themes Reply

      It is possible, as a custom solution only.

    • Dimitris M. Reply

      hi Shinyi,

      If you are familiar with css coding, you can do it writing the line:
      inside the css style of each item that you want to get rid of.

      You need:
      A. to open theme.css file from inside your root folder,
      with a text editor for coders (i.e notepad ++)*
      B. find the correct line of code where your “like” item is styled**
      C. write inside it’s styling code (inside div brackets i.e div.like {}) the line: display:none;
      D. Save the file as theme.css overwriting the original theme.

      * have a copy of the original in a safe place just in case…
      ** i recommend to use first the inspect element function in your browser (i.e. firefox

      • Shinyi Wang Reply

        Thanks! It works!

  135. Robert Reply

    How can you show more than 10 articles on the front page? I know this question was asked earlier but not solved. Thank you in advance.

    • Robert Reply

      Alright, if anyone is facing the problem, I found the solution:

      Sites – Home – scroll down to “Portfolio” – click on the green pen – change “items per page” – done

  136. Jon Spectacle Reply

    Hi guys,

    I’ve been tinkering with this great theme for about a week now, and I’m wondering a few things:

    1. Is it possible to make the featured image clickable for Blog Posts?
    2. If I choose to display the Blog under my home page with fullwidth as the option, can I reduce the preview text so that it’s shorter? I feel it’s showing too much as preview and extending longer than I want it to.

    Thanks for the great theme btw! It’s really quite awesome.

    • gt3themes Reply

      1. Yes, it is possible, it requires the changes in the code
      2. What is the link to your home page?

      • Jon Spectacle Reply

        Hi there!

        That’s super news! This is my page http://www.craftbydesign.ca 🙂

        How should I go about doing that in the code? I tried looking with Inspect Element in Chrome but I couldn’t tell exactly how to make the img tag a hyperlink automatically. I also found the tag and all I could tell from the Element Inspector was that it was just taking a few paragraphs of my posting and displaying it without paragraphing or spacing really. 😛

        Looking forward to your advice! Thanks!

  137. Lucas Loiola Reply

    Hello! Thanks for this great theme.

    When i disable “Related Posts” in “View Options”, keep appearing. How to fix this?

  138. Dimitris M. Reply

    Hello and thank you for supporting,
    I have disabled the default preloader because it was annoying while developing my site, and now i want to put it back in function, but i am lost and don’t know where and how…please advice me…

    • gt3themes Reply

      We provide tech support only to the premium products. But if you wish, you can order the customisation services from our company.

    • anebarone Reply

      Hi, may I ask how you disabled the theme’s preloader? Thanks!

      • Dimitris M. Reply

        I am not sure how i did it, because i customized a lot of stuff using css..And now i can’t put it back…

        If you want not to have a preloader, maybe you can make a trick:
        change the default preloader.gif file

        (found somewhere in your wp-content/themes/gt-3-pure/css)
        with a blank transparent preloader.gif file (same dimensions 64x64px)
        and see what happens..

        before doing so, i suggest you download the original preloader.gif and keep it somewhere safe in case the trick doesn’t work, so you can put it back..

  139. Mariana Rodrigues Reply

    Hi. I’m having a little trouble with the gallery, I’m not sure if I doing it right but I go to Add New Gallery, then put the images I want but when I click on visualize the page is blank, there are the logo and the social icons but not the images I chose. What should I do?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please read the documentation for obtaining information

  140. Giovanna Cóppola Reply

    I’m amazed by this wonderful free theme! Thank you ver much, GT3! I have one problem though. I have a category called “Cartões de Visita” and the filter is not working for this category. You can see it here: http://www.pandartt.com.br. I read a few comments and I know that a certain category won’t show items that already belong to another category, but that’s not the case. I tried to delete the category and create a new one, but it didn’t work. Do you have any idea of what might be going on? Thank you very much in advance.

    • Giovanna Cóppola Reply

      Can anyone help me?

      • gt3themes Reply

        You have to download the latest theme version from our site. There was an issue with the category filter if its name has more than one word.

        • Giovanna Cóppola

          Thanks for the reply! Can you tell me which files have changed? I have made a few changes in my theme and I don’t want to lose them. 🙂

  141. Michel Reply

    Hey Guys how can i get the nice icon with the software where the product is made with in my portfolio post? like in your demo?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Could you please be more specific? Any screenshot?

      • Michel Reply

        Yes sure no problem, I mean these little pieces of text with the icons in front of it. If i make them they are a lot bigger.

        • gt3themes

          What is the link to your page?

          • gt3themes

            You are using the icons boxes though you have to use the custom fields.

          • Michel

            Ok thanks and what code do i need to use to make that happen?

          • gt3themes

            Those custom fields are available on the portfolio item page.

          • Michel

            I found them on the bottom of the page! Is it possible to use the portfolio pages with multipe categories? I noticed when you select a caterogy on the home page it doesn’t select the posts with multiple categories selected. Thanks a ton for the help!

  142. Guest Reply

    Hi. I’m having a little trouble with the gallery, I’m not sure if I doing it right but I go to Add New Gallery, then put the images I want but when I click on visualize the page is blank, there are the logo and the social icons but not the images I chose. What should I do?

  143. Eric Schweitzer Reply

    I updated the theme with your v1.2 files and still my page 2 of portfolio is getting a 404 error: http://www.ravagetherain.com/ewordpress/portfolio/ Do you know why?

    • gt3themes Reply

      There can be an issue with the permalinks or you you set the page for the blog in the Settings -> Reading.

      • ebs2014 Reply

        When I changed the Portfolio page to the home page, the page/2 links worked. Thank you so much! Is there an easy way to make the page numbers (i.e., “1/2?) be center aligned vs. left aligned?

        • gt3themes

          You can do the changes in the .css

  144. jason Reply

    Love the theme. Not sure if it’s been addressed but demo-ing the theme on an iPhone 6 leads to some weird misalignment particularly when you explore the features area in the menu options. And the gallery light box does the same. Css errors?

  145. Celes Reply

    Hello! I loved your theme, but I can not use it.

    When I try to install, WordPress tells me it’s not possible because there is the stylesheet

  146. Henri Guilloteau Reply

    Hi there, thanks so much for this great theme. Can you tell me how to change the word “all” that is displayed on the homepage? I’d like it to show the French word “Tout”.

    I had a look at the theme functions and stuff but could not find anything…

    Is there a way to hide that “display as inline” choice as well?


    • gt3themes Reply

      Please use .po .mo files that comes with the theme or you can change it manually in the code. It is a free theme, so the support is provided with it.

  147. Katy Helgeson Reply

    I downloaded these free WP theme back in September and am now trying to use it to redo my company website. I have the theme installed and all of the demo content imported and everything seems to look correct, except that I am unable to access any pages besides the home page. I get this error message when I click on any of the navigation items: “The page isn’t redirecting properly. Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.”

    I know my cookies are fine because I need them enabled for other websites. I have tried adjusting the permalink setting but I get the same message no matter how they are setup. I also tried looking online and didn’t find a good solution to this issue and have so far gotten no useful help from my hosting company. What do I need to do to get things running properly?

    • gt3themes Reply

      We recommend you to contact your hosting provider, maybe there is an issue with the permalinks.

      • Katy Helgeson Reply

        I have tried to have their tech support take a look at it but so far have only waited four days for them to offer me NO help. I had to email them this morning to tell them to check things on their end. In the years I have been working with WordPress I have never had this happen. What should I specifically ask them to check?

        • gt3themes

          We do not have such an issue on our end.

  148. Élan O'Connor Reply

    Able to upload audio files to the visual editor, but they’re not displaying when I use GT3 Page Builder – Content. How do I get audio to play?

  149. Yaman Reply

    how can i delete preloader?

    • anebarone Reply

      Backup your header.php (really, do it), then remove the “gt3_preloader from this line:

      <body true)).gt3_the_check_fw_state(gt3_get_theme_pagebuilder(@get_the_ID())).” gt3_preloader”); ?>>

      The ending will look like this:

      (@get_the_ID()))); ?>>

  150. Marina Solari Reply

    can I remove this option of visualization ?

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can hide it using .css

  151. Jarod Russel (j32design) Reply

    Is there a way to use the page builder in regular posts as well?

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can’t use the page builder in the blog posts, because it is a “Page” builder.

  152. smogwawelskiKRK Reply

    Hi, How can i change blue loader? Is it possible?

  153. psada Reply

    Thanks for this theme – it is really easy to design with and has a new prebuilt style.

    There is only one thing I cannot do: I can’t seem to remove/disable or change the loading squares that come when clicking onto another page.

    Where do you control those settings?


    • gt3themes Reply

      It can be changed in the .css

  154. Sam Reply

    Hi Guys,

    I’ve bought a couple of themes of you and really love how easy they are to use.

    For this Pure theme is there a way I can change the social icons order?

    • gt3themes Reply

      If you are referring to the footer social icons line, then you can’t do that, only manually in the code.

      • Sam Reply

        Can you tell me how I can change them manually?

      • Sam Reply

        Could you tell me how I can manually change the order?

      • Sam Reply

        Can you tell me how I do that?

  155. gray Reply

    Hi, I’m new to wordpress and CMS in general. I’ve installed WP on my server and used your Pure theme, which is perfect for what i’m doing. But it runs very slow. I’ve installed an image optimizer and Super Cache plug-in but that didn’t help at all. Is there anything else you can recommend? Thanks.

  156. Leah Walters Reply

    Can anybody help me change the width of blog posts? I’d like them to center and for text to run 600px wide, instead of full width. Thanks!

    • gt3themes Reply

      It is a stretched theme, it can’t have the fixed layout. It requires a lot of changes in the code.

  157. Guest Reply

    Hi, just wondering if the multiple categories error has been fixed yet? When you link portfolio items to multiple categories, the filter on the home page doesn’t work. E.g. if you link an item to 2+ categories, clicking on one of the categories in the filter does not display that item anymore. If you link to just one category it works fine. Thanks!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Yes, it was fixed, you can download update from our site.

      • Thom Reply

        Hi. I downloaded the the update today but I’ve got still the same problems with the multiple categories.

      • Guest Reply

        Hi there, I just downloaded the theme again (still version 1.2), and the error with the multiple categories is still there. Please help!

        • gt3themes

          Hmm, really strange. We will do some tests later and get back asap.

          • Guest

            Hi there, just wondering any progress on this issue? Thanks. 🙂

          • gt3themes

            The issue has been fixed, it will be available on our site soon, tomorrow.

          • Guest

            Thank you! 🙂

  158. Hasan Rahman Reply

    Nice Theme , really i like it because it’s designs and out looking is just awesome. So i want to use it for my iOS
    website. Nice collection.

  159. smogwawelskiKRK Reply

    Can anybody tell me how can i change loading squares? I made new .gif and replace it with old one (preloader.gif) but nothing changed.

    Thanks for help!

    • Thom Reply

      Did you replace the preloader.gif in the folder “wp-content/themes/gt3-wp-pure/img”? That works fine for me!

      • Minet Peeters Reply

        where can I find that file?

        • Thom

          I posted the full file path above.
          The img-folder is in the theme-directory.

  160. jennifer Reply

    Im having an issue with the portfolio section, i created a page called work and i’ve been trying to add my portfolio work and they do not show up on the page. also i want to remove the .gif loader basically the loader in general. please respond back quickly.

  161. kim Reply

    Hello, my categories are not working for some reason. see link: kimberlymv.com
    any idea why?

  162. Thom Reply


    if I go to different projects from your Live-Demo, I have noticed that sometimes the word „portfolio“ in the menu is highlighted, sometimes it isn’t.
    On my own installation, the portfolio menu-item is never highlighted. How can get the highlighted menu item for every single-project-page?

    Thanks again for this nice theme.

    • Guest Reply

      Does anybody know a solution for this issue? It would be great.

  163. mats Reply

    Hi, I really like the Pure theme but right now I wish that it wasn’t a free theme so I could use the support.

    I’m trying to ad a video and an image on the same portfolio page ( so they come underneath each other. I can’t find any way to do this since I can only choose between the formate; Standard, Image and Video.

    Does anyone have a solution for this?

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can choose either photo or video.

  164. katharina Reply

    hello. i have the same problem as christina. everything worked well until yesterday. now i’m not able to add images to a portfolio-post anymore. also the page builder doesn’t work anymore – but only for portfolio.

    please help.

    best wishes

    • katharina Reply

      just in case someone has the same problem: one special image caused the bug. i deleted it and uploaded another one. now it works again.

    • gt3themes Reply

      We do not have any auto updates in the theme functionality. Please make sure that you did not update any 3rd party plugins or other files.

  165. Hanna Karlsson Reply

    Is it possible to change the buffering button from the blue color to one of my own choice? If yes, I would be super happy if someone could explain how! Thanks!

  166. Chicky Chack Reply

    Hi there,
    First of all thank you for this amazing theme !! I’m supa beginner and i need your help… I’ve imported the demo content to start from here. I’ve created my menu, everything was nice until i begin to create portfolio item. When i click on preview a 404 error message appears and it also appears for the portfolio demo content. How do i add a thumbnail by project and finally how do i show my partners logo because i’ve added it and then upload the logo but i don’t know how to link everything. Sorry for all these questions, i know you don’t support. I’ll hope someone will help me. Best

    • Chicky Chack Reply

      Here is my problem with the “partners” page

  167. Sabina Blunck Reply

    Thanks for a great theme! 🙂 Trying to set up my portfolio and it looks like this fot the moment. What am I doing wrong? It is so tiny.

  168. Mahi Reply

    Hello ! I need help to custom Portfolio. I would like installing a pager control. How to do that ? Thank you for you answer.

    • gt3themes Reply

      If you need to do the custom things, you have to order the customisation service.

  169. Mahi Reply

    Hello ! I need help to add a pager control on the portfolio. What is the code to change ? And in which file ? Thank you a lot !

  170. nahcylime Reply

    Hi! I just have a question. Every new portfolio post I make the link on the portfolio grid just directs me back to the grid, I can’t go inside the individual posts and I’m not sure why. The url on the top does say the individual link post.

    • nahcylime Reply

      I also have a problem with loading up my posts on the portfolio page. It doesn’t seem to be showing on the grid.

  171. Mattis Reply

    Hey, did a really good job on this theme but is there a easy way to change the footer, header & BG-color? THX

  172. Sam Millen Reply

    Hi, Is there a way to up the amount of portfolio posts which appear in the masonry view? I have 12 but I can only see 10. I can’t find any options to make all 12 show.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Sam, here you go http://prntscr.com/5xamjb

      • Sam Millen Reply

        Thanks for that. Must have been the only place I didn’t think of looking. Much appreciated.

  173. Sam Millen Reply

    Hi, does this theme not like categories which are two words separated by a space? Any cats I have added which have a space don’t bring results.

    • gt3themes Reply

      You have to update the theme to the latest version, you can download it from our site.

      • Guest Reply

        I just downloaded and installed the latest theme and no difference to the category issue.

  174. Annaliese Reply

    Hello there- brilliant theme! Thanks so much!

    I’m running my freelance business from home and so don’t want a map on my contact page. I’ve set the template to default to get rid of the google map on the page builder, but can’t seem to work out how to shift the contact form and icons etc to the centre? I’m sure it’s very simple, I’m just a real newbie! Thanks!

  175. MaMaisonsurleDos Reply

    Hello, I love your theme but i can use it as shown in the demonstration. I looked at the documentation but I dont have the tab portfolio settings. So i cant display the post on my home page like i want. How can I find a solution?
    Thanks for your reply.

  176. Guest Reply

    My site is just change and I don’t know how! My “work” page(home) was just like the demo but now it’s like this. http://www.minetpeeters.nl
    Can you please help me?

    • gt3themes Reply

      What’s wrong with your site? Could you please be more specific?

      • Minet Peeters Reply

        I already found it, sorry! Can you answer my other question? about the icons and category menu?

        • gt3themes

          What questions? Do not see them.

          • Minet Peeters

            How can I hide the category menu of my site? and the eye and hart icons? And the socialmedia icons, in my home page they are gone but in my portfolioposts they are still there?

          • gt3themes

            You can do that via .css As you know it is a free, so, we provide the support only to our premium products.

          • Laidir

            style.css is empty. Is there a css file which relates to the social icons or the category menu and like symbol etc?

            Can appreciate that you only provide support for premium products, but people who have this theme are asking all manner of questions. Posting a little css code and noting the file to post it in would not take any longer than the average query on here.

  177. Minet Peeters Reply

    My site is just changed and I don’t know how! First it was just like the demo now it’s totally changed: http://www.minetpeeters.nl
    Can you please help me? I’ve no idea what I’ve done wrong

  178. Minet Peeters Reply

    My site just Changed completely. It was just like the demo and know it totally changed very weird..: http://www.minetpeeters.nl
    Can please help me? I’ve no idea what I’ve done wrong!

    • Minet Peeters Reply

      I Already found it!

  179. Minet Peeters Reply

    I have an other question: How can I hide the category menu of my site? and the eye and hart icons? And the socialmedia icons, in my home page they are gone but in my portfolioposts they are still there?

    • mani Reply

      Did you find out a way to remove the categories menu?

      • Minet Peeters Reply

        Yes, see the screenshots. You have to typ that code in de pure menu; view options.

        • John

          Hi, is there any way to keep the categories menu but remove the category links in the portfolio posts/pages?

    • Kris Bultinck Reply

      Did you you find out how to remove the “eye and hart” icons? I would like to do the same.

      • Minet Peeters Reply

        Hi kris. A friend helped me with this. We have adjusted it in the code. Your website must be standing on an ftp server. We looked at the terms heart and eye and removed. Where.. I just do not remember. succes

        • Kris Bultinck

          Thanks Minet, of mercie Minet. Ik heb even op je site gekeken en gezien dat u van Nederland was. Gisteravond na lang zoeken een oplossing gevonden.

          For those intrested in the solution, add the following to the code.

          • abby bravo

            Have you found a solution for removing the social media share buttons?

          • Kris Bultinck

            I did not, they are still there. the eye and hart” icons where to most importand to me.

          • Lisa Rettenbecher

            here is a solution to remove the social media buttons from the portfolio (single image page)

            based on what kris wrote you have to go to the general settings of the theme and type in the custom css code:

            .socshare {
            display: none !important

    • Shalisa Reply

      Hi, did you find the solution to hide the social media icons in portfolio page? I’d really like to know how to do it. Thanks!

  180. Merog Reply

    Hi, the theme is amazing. This is what am looking for. Thanx millions for the gift 😀

    How to change the loader icon?

  181. Guest Reply

    Hi there,

    how to change the loader icon?

  182. Vero Reply


    I’ve just installed Pure Theme, and it doesn’t show anyting (no logo, no post) just menu and a line at footer saying “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/2/d318672504/htdocs/xxxxx/wordpress/wp-content/themes/gt3-wp-pure/functions.php on line 333”

    Also, logo don’t showing image url is 404 when I open it, with this URL: http://www.xxxxx.com/THEMEROOTURL/img/logo.png but I’ve uploaded it :/

    I dind’t touch any code or line, just uploaded it.

    Need help!

  183. Stanley Tso Joseph Reply

    hi! I’m using your theme to build a portfolio website. I was wondering if it was possible to move the menu below the logo on all pages. I really appreciate your help!

  184. Grove Reply

    Brilliant theme! Its great for showing off my work and very easy to use.

    Wondering if there is a way to increase the size of the portfolio preview images? I may just be missing an easy option but they seem rather small on my page and I wish to increase the size of them all. And also, is there a way to change the colour/style of the loading icon and is there a contact form included?

    Many thanks for your hard work.

  185. Confused Reply

    Hi, thanks for the great theme!

    Question: How do I add text to the custom button shortcode? i.e “Click This Button!”

    I can’t figure it out! What’s wrong with me!?

    • Confused Reply


  186. Andrea Corelli Reply

    Hey Guys, incredible work. Thanks a lot for sharing with the world. Two questions: is it possible to sort the appearance of the portfolio items in a different method other than by authoring date?
    Is it also possible to change the number of portfolio items per page?
    Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer me.

    • Laidir Reply

      You could alter the dates for the images in the portfolio pages you created. Date them in the order you want the images to appear on the right hand side near where the submit button is.

  187. Muneera Salah Reply

    Than u so much very perfect theme I like it 1

    there is problem with social media in footer and header

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:programming FilesXAMPPhtdocswptestthemewp-contentthemesgt3-wp-purefunctions.php on line 333

    how can i solve it ?

    thank u again

    • Muneera Salah Reply

      My wp version 4.1

      • Vero Reply

        Im running online but it has the same problem 🙁 Did you do something to fix it?


        • Celia Broch

          Same for me ! 7 months ago but.. did you resolve it ?

    • Muneera Salah Reply

      my problem sloved ! theme not run good in loaclhost , but run very well in online host 🙂

  188. Confused Reply

    Is there a way to make the images from Portfolio Posts link to the page, rather than the text?

    If it requires CSS can someone point me in the right direction?

    Just in case that wasn’t clear, I’ve included an image.

    • Stanley Tso Joseph Reply

      its possible via the regular portfolio module in case you didnt know

      • Confused Reply

        Can you expand on that, please?

        • lulu

          Hey ! did you found how to choose the number of posts per lne in the regular portfolio module ?

      • Confused Reply

        Ah, I see. I was really hoping to use the Portfolio Posts module, as it allows me to set the number of posts per line and doesn’t require categories. Any thoughts?

    • Zoé Reply

      Hi! it might be a bit late, but i found a solution, it might help other people.

      You need to modify a php file via FTP (I use Brackets with an excellent plugin called Synapse). But first, BACKUP your file 🙂

      Open the theme directory and go to core/plugins/gt3-pagebuilder/core/shortcodes and open feature_portfolio.php.

      There, around line 80, you should see some HTML code, as follows:

      $featured_image_full = ‘‘;

      } else {

      $featured_image_full = ”;


      Now just invert the img tag and the a tag. i copied the img tag, deleted and pasted right between the a tag and the span tag.

      So it gave me:

      $featured_image_full = ‘‘;
      } else {
      $featured_image_full = ”;

      Did the trick for me!

  189. Keline Reply

    Is it possible to change the loader icon ?

    I would remplace it by an other (gif by my)

    thx for your help

    • Confused Reply

      Find the ‘img’ folder in /wp-content/themes/gt3-wp-pure. The loader icon is called ‘preloader.gif’. Just make a new gif, name it preloader.gif, and replace the original. You might want to make a backup of the original preloader just in case.

      • Keline Reply

        Thanx ! I’ll try this afternoon !

        • Nuno Ferreira

          Do you found a solution?

          • Keline

            Yes finally! I changed the files on the server! Seemed more logical ahah

          • Nuno Ferreira

            What´s files do you chanced? I try to change the “preloader.gif” but don’t works.

          • Keline

            Use ftp, your server >wp-content>themes>gt3-wp-pure/img and replace preloader.gif by yours file (with same name “preloader.gif”). Hope this help you

          • Nuno Ferreira

            Thanks. Its works fine!

      • Keline Reply

        unfortunately, it doesn’t work

        • Confused

          Hm… I used the same process on my site and it worked fine. I had to clear cookies/temp files in the browser to get it to load the new file.

          • Keline

            Thanx for your help… It still a fail but i’ll try tagain tomorrow (uninstall wp an install agan un case if…)

          • Letícia Motta

            It worked for me! Try to open the page using another browser. I usually use Chrome, then I opened the site using Safari and I have no problems with cache.

  190. Preea Ashley Bivek Reply

    Three issues I’m having:
    1. How do upload my own logo instead of having the Pure logo? (If this is even possible to do.)
    2. I started to upload images into the Portfolio section. For each project, I’ve created a new portfolio post. When I publish it, I don’t see anything on the home page of the site. My goal is for it to appear like the example above. (Basically, all of the featured images on the home page. When a viewer clicks on the page, more images from that specific project will appear.)
    3. Ok, third issue: I cropped all of my photos to be a square. I installed a slider plugin. All of the images in the slider are rectangular instead of square. Is this a setting that can be fixed within the Pure theme or is it possibly a plugin setting? (The slider plugin is Master Slider.)

    • Keline Reply

      I could help you just for 1.
      To cGange by your own logo go to settings (side menu at the bottom)
      And here you could personalize the theme

      ( i put a picture but it’s a french version, click on the blue button)

      I hope it’s help you!

    • Life Interwoven Reply

      Hi point 1. Goto Pure>General in Admin Dashboard.

  191. Neil Ballinger Reply

    Hi GT3. Cracking Theme. i love the Filtering. I am using the portfolio and want to use it for my photography. When i try to add an image to a new portfolio page, i can only add one in the left hand side. i’ve tried to add a slider, but this added on the right hand side. Is there anyway of adding eith er an image slider on the left, or anyway to add extra feature images? Thanks in advance

    • Jessica Muscat Reply

      I have the same question … :/

    • Myriam Machella Reply

      Hi!I was wondering the same thing..have you been able to sort it out?

      • StineG Reply

        You can add different things in the bottom of the post :))

    • Bas de Bruijn Reply

      Hey Neil,

      I hope you’re still checking this, I liked your picture. Is it a design you made or a screenshot from your site? Cause I’m trying to add text to the right lane and just keep the pictures on the left one (like your picture). I was wondering how you got it this way..?


    • Marta Reply

      Got the same question, is there a way to add more photos on the left not on the right

  192. josean Reply

    Hi! I would like to have in the portfolio a different image than the featured, or viceversa.

  193. Carolyn Williams Reply


    Anyone else having this issue?…When I click the “display inline” icon, the images do not display correctly. The thumbnails go to the left, while the titles are centered. They only display correctly (centered and larger) if I choose inline as my default viewing option in the portfolio module. I do not want that as my default, but would still like to use that option.

  194. Agent Coco Reply

    Thank you so much for this wonderful theme! I love it, I’m trying to speed up my site though and when I run it through GTMetrix, I don’t get a very good rating. The main culprit seems to be “Serve Scaled Images” and “Specify Image Dimensions” which I find confusing because it’s a responsive website. Do you have any advice though? Here is the reportcard by GTMetrix. I would really appreciate any help, I would gladly pay for your time. Thank you!

  195. Agent Coco Reply

    Thank you, I love this theme and thank you for making it free! I’m trying to speed up my site however and when I run it through GTMetrix I get an F rating. I’ve resized my images and did all the things GTMetrix recomended. I even called my host to find out if it was something on the server, but it’s not ( I use MediaTemple and they’re usually awesome). According the report that GTMetrix generates, my issues have to do with my image sizes and defining image sizes. I’ve tried a bunch of things, but I do find it confusing since the site is meant to be responsive. I appreciate any help and would gladly pay for your time. Here is the GTMetrix report my site generates: http://gtmetrix.com/reports/peacoatstudio.com/LQbEjZb8

    • Aro Reply

      If you have a high-quality pictures than 2000 pixels, you can try to set the picture quality.
      Insert this line:
      add_filter (‘jpeg_quality’, create_function (”, ‘return 50;’));
      to functions.php file, before the end for example line 533.
      Number 50 determines the quality (10 – very poor quality, 100 – the best)

  196. Merog Reply

    How to change the loader icon? Some help please.

    • Aro Reply

      use ftp, your-server/wp-content/themes/gt3-wp-pure/img/ and replace preloader.gif or change in CSS (.gt3_preloader:after)

  197. kate Reply

    Hi. Nice theme…. I try to instal it few times, but i have information that file don’t have css – always…

  198. Jim Carter Reply

    A fabulous theme – but there is always a pause loading a page. Is it loading fonts or something and is there a work around?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Maybe there are some files or data that can’t be loaded, Our theme works fine.

  199. Dumisani Djdo'me Ndhlovu Reply

    hi is there a way to remove filters for portfolio?
    Awesome theme!!

  200. Peter Reply

    Hi! I just love your theme. I want to have more photos in Portfolio Grid view. I found this picture in the documentation, but I don’t know where to open it. Thank you in advance.

    • Aro Reply

      page > Portfolio Grid or Portfolio Masonry (edit) > under GT3 Page Builder clic green pencile in Portfolio

      • Peter Reply

        Wow! Now, I found it! Thanks a lot Aro!

  201. Jose Barrientos Reply

    Is there any video tutorial for a this theme?

  202. Julia Reply

    Hi! First of all say that I love the theme. It was quite easy to instal, but I was wondering it the download content is available? I have not found it. It would really help me out because I’m having problems building it from scratch. Than you!

    • Carolyn Williams Reply

      On your dashboard, click “Pure” (under settings on the left sidebar). Scroll to the bottom of “General” settings and there is a “download demo content” button. That should work.

      • Julia Reply

        That was easy..whoops. Thank you!

  203. KarpoA Reply

    Hi guys. Awesome work for Desktop portoflios! Just one question: I’m accessing the portfolio page from my Android phone and it’s not displaying properly. Elements are not centered, nav menu is left aligned, etc. Have just tested with an iPad Retina and everything is also screwed up! Is there any reported issue about mobile compatibility for this Pure GT3 theme?. Looking forward.

    • Kevin Torres Reply

      Hi. I ran across this problem a few minutes ago. There appears to be some glitch that occasionally occurs when shifting elements around. It looks like sometimes the plugin puts the section INSIDE another section rather than below/beside it. Presuming that you have more modules on the page other than the portfolio, of course. What worked for me was jest redoing the page all over again, placing the elemts in the order i want them to be in. It’s a pain, but it works.

      • KarpoA Reply

        Hi Kevin, thanks for taking your time and trying to give me advice in how to solve my issue. I’m currently using the portfolio page without other modules within it. The footer is also displaying wrong in mobile (please take a look to the attached screenshot). Does your method also solves this problem (footer issue). Everything seems not to be centered properly. If you have some minutes, please visit my website (http://solkaczka.com) from desktop and mobile to see the difference. More detailed steps to solve this issue will be appreciated. Cheers from Argentina!

      • KarpoA Reply

        Hi Kevin, thanks for taking your time and trying to give me advice in how to solve my issue. I’m currently using the portfolio page without other modules within it. The footer is also displaying wrong in mobile (please take a look to the attached screenshot). Does your method also solves this problem (footer issue). Everything seems not to be centered properly. If you have some minutes, please visit my website (http://solkaczka.com) from desktop and mobile to see the difference. More detailed steps to solve this issue will be appreciated. Cheers from Argentina!

  204. Sepidar Hosseini Reply

    Hi! I have installed the theme but now I don’t know how to show more than 10 projects at the work/portfolio display? As soon as I add projects the old ones disappear. It looks like there is a page 2 but when you click on that nothing appears?

    • Keline Reply

      athieu Meeldijk Keline • a month ago

      Of course : when you want to create a portfolio on one of your page, you use the GT3 page builder below the text area. You click on Portfolio and it appears below. Click on the green pen on the right and modify the value of “Items per page”. I have put 999 but you can put as many 9 as you want. Hope it helps !

  205. Carolina Milhon Reply

    hello! great theme! love it!
    I’m working on Portfolio pages, “image format” and using style 2. But i have a problem to see the pictures of the slider, because the format of the slider is fix and horizonal, but i have images that are vertical.. so, the frame of the slyder cut my vertical pictures (people without head!! :)).
    Please, can you say me how to modify the format of the slider, in order to get the pictures in a full way?
    Thank you very much!!

    • Carolyn Williams Reply


      I had the same problem. I fixed it by cheating. I added enough of a white border around the images so that the only thing getting cut off was the border. My images are still plenty big enough. After all, the images are displayed at 1170 pixels wide. Hope this helps.

  206. Kevin Torres Reply

    Hi, love the theme, guys!

    just a quick question. i havent had much experience with you page builder, but on my site, i am placing two html modules placed side by side. My intention is that the modules will be placed one on top of the other on smaller displays, but using the default settings, they are forcing themselves to sit side by side. i would like them to behave similar to bootstrap-based layouts where they break into seperate rows when viewed on mobile devices. how do i accomplish this?

    • Polly Macomber Reply

      Kevin, did you ever find an answer for this question? I’m running into the same thing, as I didn’t verify full responsiveness BEFORE installing this theme (GAH!), and now am on the verge of getting a whole new theme because the phone version for Pure is so poor. Got anything?

  207. Mohit Yadav Reply

    Hi all,

    I am new to wordpress, I am trying to use Pure theme for creating my portfolio but while activating the theme – PURE, I am getting the following error
    : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class gt3Helper in /home/moh/public_html/wp-content/themes/gt3-wp-pure/core/classes/gt3_helper.php on line 4

    Is there a way around this?

  208. Hauke Reply

    Hi, i want to add some videos for by portfolio, exactly the same way like it is shown at the live demo at portfolio -> single video. A post picture for the portfolio grid and inside the post, a video at the top left side. I don´t get it, how i create this. Can anybody help me?

  209. Gabe Pullicar Reply

    This is a great theme. I have run into a few bugs.

    1. Categories that use two or more words do not filter properly, and show nothing when it is selected. This is only fixable by using underscores or hyphens.

    2. Adding videos to the portfolio do not work unless a height is specified.

    • Rachael Maloof Reply

      Have you figured out a solution to the category filtering issue? I am having the same problem with spaces/punctuation in categories causing the filters to not work. Thanks!!

      • Gabe Pullicar Reply

        No, I ended up using underscores as it looked the least offensive. Hyphens and periods will also work. Hopefully using a symbol instead of a space will look “stylish” on your site.

      • Jonathan Reply

        to fix this issue you can change one line of code in the portfolio plugin (Theme_v.1.0/gt3-wp-pure/core/plugins/gt3-pagebuilder/core/shortcodes/portfolio.php):
        on line 119 replace
        ‘ ‘ => ‘, ‘,
        ‘ ‘ => ‘-‘,
        this will convert spaces into hyphens for all categories, the filtering will work perfectly.

        • Elvis H Martuchelli

          Hey Buddy thanks a million! I solved the filter problem and my site works properly

      • The Wizl Reply

        I have the same problem when i use & (ampersand) instead of the word “and”. The best solution would be to use “permalink” on “data-option-value” instead of “Category Title”. Or?…

        But I am not a programmer so I can’t do it myself.

        • gt3themes

          We are aware of this issue, it will be fixed asap.

          • The Wizl

            Seems as it already been done. But not released?


          • gt3themes

            It was fixed in other themes, not pure theme.

          • The Wizl

            Ah, ok. Which themes? Is it Premium themes then?

          • gt3themes

            Yes, in premium themes first.

          • The Wizl

            Ok thanks

          • The Wizl

            Fixed it myself, thanks anyway

  210. Kate Trybicka-Francik Reply

    Is it possible to add comments to portfolio? How can I do it?

    • Life Interwoven Reply

      Hi Kate,
      Go to Pure>View Options>Portfolio Comments>Enable…hope this you are after.

  211. Florence Girardeau Reply

    Hello and thank you for this theme !
    I would like to display the portfolio masonry grid on 3 columns only, with larger thumbnails. Is that possible ?
    Thank for your answer.

    • Laidir Reply

      I have the same query also. I love this theme and it’s been the best free one I’ve seen in a while with a masonry portfolio grid. I ‘d like to adjust the padding between all the images on the Masonry Portfolio page to about 10px and make the images larger. If anyone could advise how that’s done, I’d be grateful.

      • gt3themes Reply

        It can be done only as a custom solution.

        • Florence Girardeau

          Yes please may I have a hint ?

        • Laidir

          I have resolved my issue by using another gallery. There is another problem though with the gap between the header and the rest of the contents. This occurs whether I use Masonry Gallery with GT3 Page Builder, or blog about something. The gap is just too large.

          I’d like to know where I adjust this problem. I don’t need custom support as I have web experience. I’d just like to know where the main css is for this theme so I can make adjustments myself. There is another css called theme.css but any alterations in that css file make no difference. There must be a css file somewhere for this theme.

          Would appreciate knowing where it is. I can understand others needing a custom solution who do not know anything about css or adjusting files, but some of us have that ability and just need assistance with where to adjust css.

          Too see the large gap between header and contents my site is valeriejefferies.com

        • Florence Girardeau

          Hello again,
          I juste wanted to know if you can help me on this. My query is not the same as Laidir, as I’m not using gallery, but portfolio masonry grid. I would like to display it on three columns with larger thumbnails. Thank you !

  212. Buddy Reply

    Hi! Love the theme — it’s simple, fluid, with lots of detail.
    I’m having one problem — responsiveness. I’ve tested on mobile (iphone), tablet (kindle fire), and through various testing sites online. The Pure demo responds beautifully, but my site doesn’t. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    • Bea I. Reply

      Hi Buddy,
      Awesome site! I was wondering how you were able to place your navigation menu on the right and the logo on the left.

      • Buddy Reply

        Hi Bea, it’s an option in the Pure menu. Under view options, it’s Header Type 3.

  213. Buddy Reply

    Oops, sorrry, using Pure on http://www.silkpursedesign.com

  214. Life Interwoven Reply

    Hi there,

    Thank you for the lovely theme. I’ve just downloaded the theme. I like to change the header background and wondering whether I can do it. I tried in live edit and it works nicely as seen in the attached image. However, I failed to get it change after I added the following code in stylesheet in Edit themes or in Custom CSS in View Options. Kindly help please. Thanks and Regards

    header {

    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #8a0c34;

    padding-bottom: 50px;


  215. Mahi Reply

    I can not view the porfolio … What buttons you need to use on GT3 builder “portfolio” or “portfolio post”. Thank you for your help

  216. Alen Parlov Reply

    Hello, which template controls the grid layout? On the portfolio layout, when i click the image it takes me to a 404 page, but when the title of the item is clicked, it goes to the correct portfolio posting. Thank you

  217. Life Interwoven Reply

    I could amend the colours now. I used FileZilla to updated the edited stylesheet.

  218. Life Interwoven Reply

    Is there anyone encountered this problem that the image displays very small as shown in the attached file? thanks

    • Alen Parlov Reply

      Your porfolio module is set to 1/4 width, you’ll notice a left and right arrows on each side of the 1/4, click the right arrow until it stretches all the way. see attached

      • Life Interwoven Reply

        Hi Alen,

        That what it is. It was meant to be displayed in full width. Thanks very much for your recommendation. The documentation didn’t clearly explain.

  219. Nuno Ferreira Reply

    Hi, how i change the preloader, i change the preloaded.gif in the comments of the theme but don’t works. Any suggestion? thanks

  220. Nuno Ferreira Reply

    Hi, how i change the preloader, i change the preloaded.gif in the “contents” of the theme but don’t works. Any suggestion? thanks

  221. Nuno Ferreira Reply

    Hi, how i change the preloader, i change the preloaded.gif in the contents of the theme but don’t works. Any suggestion? thanks

    • disqus_yhWx3SVtqT Reply

      Refresh, delete cache from browser
      or just try from a different browser

  222. Koii Vorapimol Reply

    hi, Please help me. how can i change webfont (not google webfont)?

  223. Koii Vorapimol Reply

    Please help! How can i change font style?

  224. Gavin de Lint Reply

    The Socials section of my theme options panel seems to have vanished. Any suggestions?

  225. Red Reply

    Hi Gt3
    I m a new user. I have a problem to remove one of my filter icon. I can’t find any place to change or replace those 2 icon in filter.
    this is my site please take look redjiang.com
    thank you so much

  226. Guest Reply

    Hello it seems that I only the first 10 posts are displayed on my main page. I would like to have around 20. How can I change this?

  227. Tea Reply

    Hello it seems that only the first 10 posts are displayed on my main page. I would like to have around 20. How can I change the number of visible posts on my main page?

    • Alen Parlov Reply

      Pozdrav Tea,
      Ok once you create a page that’s your home page, and you put in the portfolio module at the bottom in the GT3 page builder, then you can click on the little green pencil and it gives you an option to change the number of posts.
      Hope that helps.

      • Tea Reply

        yes, it helped! thanks 🙂

  228. Rudy Gambarini Reply

    HI, this theme is very nice ! It’s my first wp site and very simple to use. But i have two questions. One, how we can do a link on every picturs of a gallery (like your exemple / demo). And how we do the dropcaps ? Thank You

  229. multiseven Reply

    I just downloaded the Pure theme.. but the WP Theme recognized it as a broken theme because Stylesheet is missing.

    How should I install this theme properly, since it seems everyone doesn’t encounter problem with it.

    I use WP version 4.1.1

    • Rudy Gambarini Reply

      go to “pure” on the left of wp admin board.

  230. Rudy Gambarini Reply

    HI, how doing the dropscaps please ? thank You

  231. Pixel Reply

    Love the theme, Thanks! Where do I find this icon in the themes files to delete? It’s this… > which points to menu items and it isn’t lining up right with buddypress and another plugin I’m using.

  232. Tomek Rodakiewicz Reply

    Hey guys, very nice theme. I have noticed however that the Custom CSS from admin panel is declared earlier in code than theme.css link tag. It should be the other way around I think. Please change that so we could efficently customize the CSS 🙂

  233. Kaya Maran Reply

    Hi, is it possible to change the font size of the menu in this theme? I can change font sizes for H1, H2 etc. in the Backend but i can´t found setting options for the menu. Also the theme has no style.css with informations to change it there. I am from Germany, sorry for my English skills 😉

    • Life Interwoven Reply

      Kaya, style.css is in the folder css. I amended css by using File Zilla. It works for me so far. thanks.

      • Kaya Maran Reply

        Thanks for your reply :). Do you mean the file called “theme.css”`? Hm..the file looks confused. I will give it a try.

        • Life Interwoven

          Yep, I customised some of my web through that file. But still I couldn’t customise many things. It looks complicated to me too.

    • Thom Reply

      Copy following line in the Custom CSS-Window (Backend > Pure > View Option > Custom CSS):

      .menu a {
      font-size: 15px !important;

      …and set the font-size as you like (e.g. 15px).

      • Kaya Maran Reply

        Hey Thom, thank you – that works perfect!!!

  234. Hanna Närhi Reply

    I just got this theme and I really like it but there are two things that I cannot change. First I want the font to change to Lato (I have changed it in the theme options but it doesn’t chnage to Lato at all). second I want to disable the related blog posts thing on the blog page. I don’t know if it’s called that, but ut shoes up after the features image. Either I want to disable it completely or move it to after the blog content.

  235. Jessica Reply

    I am trying to create a masonry portfolio using pictures but for some reason I just can’t fiqure it out! Is there a tutorial or walkthrough for this?

    EDIT: When I click on Add New under Portfolio, it goes to a “Add New Page” page… Is this right?

    • Life Interwoven Reply

      There is a brief guideline from the theme, index.html under Documentation folder. It may hep you to start with.

  236. Doesn't Matter Reply

    How can I access the GT3 Page Builder after I install the theme?

    • Life Interwoven Reply

      In “Add New Page”, down below there should have GT3 Page Builder box. Follow the basic guide from file index.html under Documentation folder.

      • Doesn't Matter Reply


  237. Life Interwoven Reply

    Single Image page, I was trying to get the side images in a row as shown in Pure demo (left screen with the arrow). But mine the side images displayed as a column or not one to another. Any help please.

  238. Doesn't Matter Reply

    Guys, I inadvertently deleted the Google map code found in the Contacts page inside the GT3 Page Builder, can someone please upload the script somewhere? I’d be immensely grateful, as I really need this exact map, because of it’s custom style for my projects. Thanks.

    • Doesn't Matter Reply

      Resolved. ^^

  239. Margit Reply

    Is it possible to use Pure on a multilingual site?
    I installed Polylang plugin, it didn’t work. Menu dissappeared and got errors on admin side.
    Pure is great, wouldn’t want to give up 🙂

    • anebarone Reply

      Polylang wad incompatible with my installation as well. In the end i went for a conditional menu plugin (when the user clicks in English it will show only posts/categories/etc in English.) and made translatef copies of each page. Looks messy and you will have to do a lot of stuff manually to set it up, but it is actually a pretty cool solution.

      • Dimitris M. Reply

        For Multilingual site try WPML plugin is the best and easy to configure..You can find it through pirate bay 😉

  240. Angela Reply

    hi there, lovely template! I am quite new to WP and followed step by step the documentation, but I can’t seem to change the header style. I really like ‘header 2’ but when I change it in the options setting for the theme, the preview doesn’t change at all. It’s all the same as before. I must be doing something wrong. I refreshed the page several times, I reset the database and started from scratch still no results. Please help! many thanks!

    • Angela Reply

      resolved, header 3 seems to do what I want

  241. Nuno Ferreira Reply

    In the Contact page, what plugin is used for the google map? the theme have the map with a filter coloured. Any suggestions?

  242. Courtney Reply

    I think I have the most ridiculous question of all. I just installed this theme today, I’m using it to create a portfolio, i have no pages yet, so i went straight to the portfolio menu and added a page, went to view, and it says there’s nothing to view…what am i doing wrong?

    then i decided to created it as a regular page. when i did, the title of it is covered up by my header/logo…i thought the logo was automatically sized (appeared to be when i uploaded it, according to the theme’s requirements), so why would it overlap?

    anyways, just trying to figure out how to post images as they appear in the demo to display a portfolio but don’t know if it’s with porfolio menu or pages menu? any help? thanks 🙂

    • Thom Reply

      In the “Documentation” (in the main-folder, that you downloaded) there is an instruction “Portfolio Page Setup”.

      • Courtney Reply

        Thanks Thom, I read the documentation after posting the question (i assume a lot of people make this silly mistake). 🙂

        • Thom

          Yes, including me. 😉

          • Courtney

            ha. good to know. so are you fairly familiar with the theme now? i’ve got some questions but haven’t been getting answers yet 🙁

          • Thom

            I’ll try. Let’s go.

          • Courtney

            thanks thom, and strangely enough, looks like you just answered it for someone else! it was about changing the font size of the menu, so i followed your instructions and put it in the custom CSS. thanks 🙂

  243. lyndalorraine Reply

    Has anyone else had problems uploading the theme? I have been trying to upload the .zip but keep running into problems. I have tried downloading it again but the same thing happens, please help!

    It says that the style.css is missing!!

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.


    • Thom Reply

      First you have to unzip the file “Pure_Main.zip” that you downloaded. After that you can upload the “gt3-wp-pure.zip” in the folder “Theme_v.1.1”.

  244. Jasmin Reply

    I think I’m overlooking something, how do I change header style? I can’t edit anything in the Appearance > Customize menu…

    • Thom Reply

      you can change it here:

  245. Thom Reply


    if I go to different projects from your Live-Demo, I have noticed that sometimes the word „portfolio“ in the menu is highlighted, sometimes it isn’t.
    On my own installation, the portfolio menu-item is never highlighted. How can get the highlighted menu item for every single-project-page?

    Thanks again for this nice theme.

  246. Thom Reply

    Does anybody know how to change the space between the portfolio grid (via style.css). I would like to have a smaller distance between the portfolio-pics.

  247. Joeldine Estrada Reply

    Hello, I downloaded the theme (love it btw) but I am trying to change the logo image and I keep getting an error message, It says “Upload Error: Missing a temporary folder”, Help!!

  248. copy cat Reply

    i *think* there might be a bug in category – when pages are added to new category they dont show up when you click on the respective button

  249. Courtney Reply

    I would like the ‘sub-menu’ of categories not to appear. when i simply unchecked the categories in each portfolio post, then absolutely nothing appeared on my home page. how do i hide the secondary menu of the categories/tags?
    thanks! 🙂

  250. Lu Maquiyonkis Reply

    How can I change the space between images on masonry and grid formats? Thanks! 🙂

  251. Alex Frost Reply

    Its really beautiful theme, i want use it for my illustrator portfolio. I have 2 questions

    1. Can i use not decal view of the project? I need just full screen preview of the picture with out client and other information?
    2. Can i change loading pixels from blue to pink? 🙂

    Thank you guys for high quality portfolio theme!

  252. Hilary Stock Reply

    For the life of me, I can’t get the portfolio categories to actually sort… Help?!?! http://www.worcus.com

    • Clarissa Fonseca Reply

      I have the same issue….did you figure it out?

  253. Dave Clow Reply

    Hi. Thanks for this theme, its really nice.

    I can’t find out how to change the map on the contacts page to show my local area.
    Any help is appreciated


  254. multiseven Reply

    Hi, I want to ask about the responsive layout.

    I viewed the live demo, especially in the “Portfolio” & “Contact” page.. and the image/contents position are still being placed side by side on mobile screen which is not convenience to read.

    Can I change the setting for this?

  255. ladyeiko Reply

    hai how can i make the promo text main title responsive?
    when i view in my phone the text is smash to each other

  256. Dimitris M. Reply

    Hello all!

    Here’s a nice website i designed based on pure free theme.
    I find the theme pretty well designed, minimal and easy to customize.
    A big thanks to the guys at GT3 themes for their intention to provide it for free..
    I have one technical question..
    I mistakenly customized the theme to not display the preloader, which i know need to put back in function..can you help?

    Dimitris M.
    website here >> http://www.smutzig.com/

    • anebarone Reply

      <body true)).gt3_the_check_fw_state(gt3_get_theme_pagebuilder(@get_the_ID())).” gt3_preloader”); ?>>

      I’m not sure if this is helpful, but this is the line in my header.php edited to remove the preloader. Supposing you haven’t deleted the preloader.gif in your FTP as well, or added any css to another file to delete it, restoring the gt3_preloader to this line should do the trick.

      • Dimitris M. Reply

        hey thanks i ll give it a try! 🙂
        as for the image thumbs maybe we need to hack the theme , but i am not sure how…

      • Dimitris M. Reply


  257. Courtney Reply

    anybody had any luck with the slider plug-in that comes with the theme? i thought i figured it out (following the example of the Disk & Envelope in the demo) but my slider only displays super-magnified thumbnails of my images. sad face.

  258. Suzanne Day Reply

    Hi, Pure theme is one of the best I have used!

    Just wondering, is there any way to reduce compression of the thumbnails so they don’t look out of focus? I understand this will increase loading times….

  259. Ashley Corbello Reply

    Hello – I have 2 questions.

    When I view the demo theme it loads fairly quickly, but when I apply it to my site it loads very slowly. Like it gets stuck on the preloader – any ideas why or what I can do to fix it?

    Is there a way that the settings can be altered so that when you are viewing an image in a category the links at the bottom to the previous and next image will only show images in the same category? That way when a user is scrolling through images they don’t unexpected jump from images of dogs to images of people?



    • anebarone Reply

      I would love to know how to increase load times as well. Even after optimizing my images the site is still slow. I know plugins can be possible culprits, but still, any insight from gt3 would be great!

    • anebarone Reply

      Okay, I’ve removed the preloader.gif from my page and this helped TONS! This is the solution in case you want to try it out:

      Backup your header.php (really, do it), then remove the “gt3_preloader from this line:

      <body true)).gt3_the_check_fw_state(gt3_get_theme_pagebuilder(@get_the_ID())).” gt3_preloader”); ?>>

      The ending will look like this:

      (@get_the_ID()))); ?>>

      • Ashley Corbello Reply

        Awesome! thanks

  260. rachel Reply

    Google fonts are not working at all. Any and all font updates I make through the Pure control page do not apply throughout theme. What gives?

  261. Talyta Lago Reply

    Hi !! I’ve loved this theme , but I need to add images on the left column , but it does not work . Can somebody help me ? I’ve tried to select “image post” but then the image disappears completely . Thank you!

  262. gray Reply

    This is my first WordPress theme and I’m having some issues with it loading. I’ve attached a screenshot of website performance from gtmetrix.com. Can anyone make a suggestion on how to improve these results?

    • anebarone Reply

      I have the same Issue and converting png files to jpg has helped. One of the issues seems to be that Pure generates several new files with different resolutions per image uploaded, thus increasing load times… but even after deleting those from my ftp it seems like Pure regenerates them. Im also learning about using cache plugins and image optimizets, but so far my site load sucks, haha. Ill keep you updated in case i find a solution.

      • Dimitris M. Reply

        Please update us on the problem if you find a solution..

      • Claudio Leal Neto Reply

        Instead of converting png to jpg, try using webp. The file will be smaller than in any other format.
        If you’re using WordPress, try EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin. It shrinks all image files at once, auto convert from png to webp or gif to png.
        If you need help, just ask me.

    • anebarone Reply

      Removing the loader.gif from the theme also helps. In case you’re interested, I can paste the solution here or you can look for my other replies in this page in which I’ve explained it.

      • gray Reply

        Yes, Can you post your solution? Thanks!!!

        • anebarone

          No prob! Backup your header.php (really do it), then remove the “gt3_preloader from this line:

          <body true)).gt3_the_check_fw_state(gt3_get_theme_pagebuilder(@get_the_ID())).” gt3_preloader”); ?>>

          The ending will look like this:

          (@get_the_ID()))); ?>>

          • gray

            Thanks, I just changed the file to delete that section of the code. Now I will hope for the best!!

  263. Courtney Reply

    it appears as though there’s little/no help anymore for this theme, unfortunately 🙁

  264. Mr Vadhiya Reply

    Nice Article sir, Keep Going on… I am really impressed by read this. Thanks for sharing with us. Govt Jobs.

  265. Filip Winiewicz Reply

    Hi, I’m impressed how many possibilities this theme gives me. I have just installed remote libraries plugin to insert photos from flickr. It shows up in media but I don’t know how can I ad it to slider library. Any ideas? Thanks!

  266. Jess Reply


    Great theme! I do have a problem though, I’m using the filters for my portfolio site, but when I use two words, ie. Concept Art, my images that fall under that category do not appear, but if I put in Concept-Art, they appear. Is there another way to have my filters wihtout the dash in them (-)?


    • anebarone Reply

      Ah! Use   instead of “-” and it will work. Same for similar issues regarding categories and tags

  267. Angela Reply

    Hi, has anyone managed to successfully embed videos from youtube or vimeo. I am having major problems with this. The play bar and the buttons of the player are displayed below the actual video. I tried by embedding the code from vimeo as html, I tried adding it as a media file, or as a link. The video is embedded but it looks wrong. Nothing seems to work… help please!

  268. Jade Ivy Reply

    Thanks for making this theme free. Is it possible to move the gallery items below the featured image when it is displayed in the front end like the image below?

  269. anebarone Reply

    Guys, first of all I must say that I love this theme.

    My site ( http://anebarone.com/ ) has been dealing with terrible loading times though, and scored an F on http://gtmetrix.com/ and 0 scores on PageSpeed. Please correct me if I’m wrong here, but it seems like the grid/masonry portfolio display uses the full-sized featured images as scaled thumbnails, thus making the users load all the full images just as they enter the portfolio gallery. The scaling is listed as the loading’s main issue.

    To see if my plugins were messing with something I went to test the Pure Demo on grmetrix and it scored an E, pointing the scaling of the images as the main loading issue as well.

    I know this is how the theme’s grid system is designed, but Is there something we can do or a plugin we can install to counter it? Once again, this truly seems to be one of the top portfolio-themes around so I’m really looking forward to keep using it. Thanks in advance!