SOHO – Fullscreen Photo & Video WordPress Theme

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    Latest WordPress
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    We are excited to announce our new Photo WordPress theme – SOHO.  This wp theme combines new technologies with the custom functionality developed by our team. We always try to improve our products in the terms of quality and design, thats why you can find this theme is very simple,  minimalistic but with the great number of features and capabilities. The main idea of this wordpress theme is to cover different niches, like photography, videography, personal portfolio or any website which aims to present the products in the best way. The Soho photography theme is very easy to setup and manage. You can check our videos to make sure that that’s the right solution for your next or current project. Discover the power of GT3 themes products.

    Main Theme Advantages:

    • Latest WordPress
    • Fullscreen Layout
    • Drag & Drop GT3 Page Builder Plugin (built-in)
    • Responsive & Retina
    • High Speed & Extra Optimized
    • Coded with SEO in Mind
    • One Click Demo Import
    • Translation Ready (.po .mo files)
    • Color Management
    • Google Font Support 600+
    • Advanced Theme Settings Panel
    • Custom Portfolio Templates
    • Custom Gallery Templates
    • Different Blog Layouts
    • Custom Pages
    • Contact Form 7 Support
    • Mailchimp Support
    • PSD Files Included
    • Extended Documentation
    • Free After Sale Help (forum and ticket system)
    • And much more…

    Video Tuts:

    Soho theme setup video


  1. psboyce Reply

    Has anyone set this up yet. Looks awesome, wondering how involved it is in set-up. Do they have a Demo site import?

    • gt3themes Reply

      We do not have this info yet, because 3 days passed since we launched it. Yes, the theme comes with the demo content import tool. Thanks

    • Square Apple . Reply

      I have used and set this up. Great theme, everything has been straight forward so far. Definitely recommend it. Documentation isn’t too bad at all.

      • gt3themes Reply

        Thanks for the purchase and your kind words.

  2. Thomas Liegeard Reply

    Hie I have posted two posts , on is important, in the forum and no answer, thanks

  3. Neil Seligman Reply

    Can you integrate a woocommerce shop in this theme?

  4. Neil Ballinger Reply

    Hi. I’m using the soho theme, which is ace, but i am having trouble replicating the ‘Awesome street art portfolio’ page in my site. When i generated the sample data, the page doesn’t function the same way.

    Demo -
    My page –

    I’m looking to 1: find out how to add this style of gallery to a portfolio, which i am sure will probably give me the answer to 2: How to populate it with images. If anyone knows, i’d appreciate your help 🙂 nb

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please send your site credentials and we will help you. You can send your details via a contact form on our site Do not forget to mention the issue that you have.

      • Neil Ballinger Reply

        Cool. Will do. thanks!

  5. scombre Reply

    I want to remove the eye/like/heart icon from this theme! How can I do that?
    Thanks for help

    • gt3themes Reply

      You have to post this request to our help forum.

  6. Yazhubal Reply

    Hi. How i can setup and show featured posts on my sidebar?

  7. Max Klinger Reply

    Hey how can I use the simple type 1 Blog? Is it ready to use?

    my page is

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please be more specific.

  8. Matthias Koops Reply

    Hi, I´m already using the Oyster Theme and the Soho Theme Looks like a pretty nice update to me. I would like to purchase this one, but there is one major issue in the Oyster Theme. It is not possible to handle huge galleries using categories in the theme gallery Options out of the media library. I´m using the media category plug in, which is btw a very useful one. But when it comes to create a theme gallery out of the media library, I can´t use the category plug in. Is there any chance of using the media library categories in this theme for creating new galleries ? Best Regards, Matthias

  9. doughboybakes Reply

    If only you made a shop theme like this id go ballistic over it!!

    • gt3themes Reply

      The WooCommerce integration is almost ready.

      • doughboybakes Reply

        when will it be done do you think?

        • gt3themes

          In two weeks.

  10. Patricio Reply

    Hi, I recently purchase the theme and I can’t install the Demo content. I try different things but seems to be always downloading. I wait for an hour and nothing. What can I do?

    • gt3themes Reply

      The issue is with the execution time limit. Please increase the execution time limit up to 5 mins., because it can’t download all the media (the theme has a lot of images to download) within 30 sec, please read this article, I recommend you to contact the hosting provider in order to do that. If you are using the shared hosting, that’s the common issue.

  11. Luuk Reinders Reply

    can the videos in the portfolio be embedded from vimeo?

  12. Carmen Camey Reply

    Hi, I bought the theme but it is not working properly. I try to make changes and they don’t work, also it tells me that the GT3 page builder needs to be updated and then it doesn’t let me update it. What can I do?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Carmen!
      That’s not the right place to submit tech related questions. Please provide your wp-admin details and explain what exactly is not working and we will check it. You can send the details to help at gt3themes dot com

  13. Carmen Camey Reply

    hello, I bought this theme and I am having trouble with it. I try to make changes but they don’t work and also it tells me that the gt3 page builder needs to be updated and then it doesnt let me update it….

  14. Carmen Camey Reply

    And I want to know how to create a fullscreen page??

  15. Roderick Estimada Reply

    I just purchased this theme and it looks awesome!
    One question though:

    I have put a video in my portfolio (grid style) but when I click on it the video is very there a way to adjust the size of the video thats being played?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Thanks for the purchase. Please post all tech related questions on our help forum

      • Roderick Estimada Reply

        will do thanks

  16. neatdesign Reply

    I try to login in the ZENDESK…….. because i have a problem and the support people told me to send the ftp accesses to ZENDESK but i cannot make login…….. i keep getting this error {“error”:”Couldn’t authenticate you”} ………………. and i cannot make login with my account it tells me that the password is incorrect, BUT ITS THE SAME THAT I USE IN EVANTO AND THEME FOREST…. EVEN IN THE gt3 FORUMS……

    • gt3themes Reply

      You do not have to use the same login details, you must register on our help forum. You can send ftp details to support at

  17. Suresh Menon Reply

    Hi. I am using the soho-fullscreen-photo-video-wordpress-theme. Just bought it yesterday. Am trying to get a page with a borderless picture header, like the one you used on the second level of Striped – About section in the demo. Can you help out? Image attached.

    I bought the template with the email yesterday

    • gt3themes Reply

      This layout is available for the blog and portfolio posts only.

      • Suresh Menon Reply

        Yes. I do not see an option for zero borders. Pls clarify

        • gt3themes

          What zero borders do you mean?

  18. Jason Campbell Reply

    Sorry but I’m completely new to this. Is a ‘Theme’ the same as a website template? If I buy the Soho Theme do I then just need this and WordPress to build a site?

    • gt3themes Reply

      This is a wordpress theme, you can manage the entire content via CMS, but if you purchase HTML template, then you have to do all the changes in the code manually.

  19. Federica Reply

    hello, I click “Import demo content” but now I can not change the site. I mean that if I edit an article and public it, when I open the site the changes are not really taken place. which may be the reason?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please disable all cache plugins, that can be a reason. Also, please visit our help forum for obtaining information

  20. Federica Reply

    Hello. I can’t adapt the image’s size in landing page and fullscreen slider. How can I do? I tried to resize the photos but the problem persists, and the pictures are cut.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please post all tech related questions on our help forum. Thanks

  21. Andreas Roth Reply

    Hi, I’m already using this Theme and I’m trying to get the portfolio page where all the portfolio post are running. I get the page running but the post do not appear. I did it like you did it in your video on YouTube. Do you have any suggestions?

    • gt3themes Reply

      What page are you referring to on our demo?

      • Andreas Roth Reply

        I sm referring to the Portfolio Grid with Margin page.

        • gt3themes

          It does not help, please send your wp-admin details to help at gt3themes dot com

          • Andreas Roth

            Maybe we can continue our conversation via email. So you can send me exactly what you need.

            My emal is

          • gt3themes

            We’ve mentioned our email above, it is help at gt3themes dot com

      • Andreas Roth Reply

        I tried making abou 20 portfolio posts. But it didn’t work. Do you have any suggestions based on the screenshot?

    • Hal Long Reply

      If you’re working with video and some other media clips, you need to set a “Featured Image” to create the thumbnail used in portfolio.

    • gt3themes Reply

      And choose the post format, image or video

  22. Alex Tassot Reply

    how do i use this theme? i do not find any doc anywhere, and the ‘easy theme setup’ video, i get stuck after 12 seconds…
    the green bar gets stuck…

  23. Silvia Juliana Rolón Rolón Reply

    Hello, I’m new at wordpress and I would like to know if this theme has a demo content (like joomla) and if I can edit all texts, change pictures, etc. Thank you

  24. pirmg Reply

    The theme looks great and I just purchased it – but the wordpress install failed. Here’s the message: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Thanks in advance for your help

  25. Carlos Alberto Pelayo Reply

    HI. I am new in wordpress. I bought SOHO full, in ThemeForest. I need your help to get the files and documentation for Shop page and also the 404 error page, which is not what I received . There is nothing documentation or guide I received from themeforest. I am following the steps clearly explained on your website gt3theme.

    i wait for your answer . my ID purchase 13794559. PD. sorry about my english.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please post this request on our help forum

      Once the woocommerce installed, all you have to do is:

      Please go to your WordPress Dashboard, open WooCommerce Settings and do the following. Product Image Sizes (WooCommerce settings)

      – Catalog Images 270×270 px + Hard Crop

      – Single Product Image 565×485 px + Hard Crop

      – Product Thumbnails 140×140 px + Hard Crop

  26. Brenton de Rooy Reply

    Would you be able to email for the answer GT3. I have the Soho theme and when you click an image in the gallery to enlarge it, this for example comes up, picture is fine, but the text on the top left above the image and bottom left of the image, how do you fix that or turn it off as it looks not good? Regards Brenton

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Brenton!
      All the tech related issues are discussed on the help forum at

  27. Robin Reply

    I need help…

    I purchased this theme, but when I want to use the text area module, I can see the heading but the text is invisible ! And, when I go back to the modification page, everything I’ve written has disappeared…

    Sometimes the text box does not even work ! :

    That’s the problem :

    On the page :

    The text does not appear !

    If I go back to the modification page, I can see that :

    Nothing… Where is my text ?

    Please, I need help !

    • gt3themes Reply

      Yes, we are aware of this issue. It happens only in the latest WP. It will be fixed shortly.

      • Robin Reply

        Thanks ! I received the update. 🙂

      • Albert Kampermann Reply

        For some reason the problem still exists, with GT3 builder the text in Text area dissapears after updating a page.

        • Robin

          To correct the problem , after installing the update , delete the plugin Page Builder , then go to “Pages” , there will be a notification requesting to install Page Builder. The new version will be installed. 🙂

          • Albert Kampermann

            Hi Robin, which update are you referring to? Because I was not lucky after re-installing the plugin. Thanks for your kind reply.

          • Robin

            Hi 🙂 For my part , I downloaded the 1.7.1 update on ThemeForest then I installed. Then I deleted Page Builder , then I reinstalled from the notification that there was at the top of “Pages” in the dashboard.
            After that, Page builder working again … I think it is therefore also a plugin update but that does not happen if we do not remove the old plugin before !
            I hope it will work for you , and sorry for my English , I use Google Translate lol

          • gt3themes

            Yes, that’s the right way to do that.

    • Albert Kampermann Reply

      I have the same problem, but for some reason it still exists, with GT3 builder the text in Text area dissapears after updating a page.

  28. Xarrie Reply


    I bought the template and I am having problem with the facebook share, not sure whether the issue is caused by WordPress or Plugin in this template.

    When I share my posts to facebook, it does not display the right image and sometimes image is correct but the excerpt display codes. Have any of you encounter this issue? how do i fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please note that facebook script selects the image automatically.

      • Xarrie Reply


        Is there a way for me to share exactly what i post to facebook. I just want the right featured image to appear in facebook.

  29. Mark Matsuno Reply

    I am very interested in this theme! Are there any options for viewing gallery thumbnails in the album or grid layouts? Also, in the album layout, would you be able to hide the title/image number/like information?

    • gt3themes Reply


      You may have only one layout for the albums. Its possible to hide the info via css

  30. Albert Kampermann Reply

    I updated the theme to 7.1.1. but in GT3 builder the Text area does not work properly. Added text will dissappear after updating a page.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Its impossible, please provide your wp-admin and ftp details and we will check it. You can send them to help at gt3themes dot com

  31. Albert Kampermann Reply

    This soho theme looks awaesome on windows based pc’s but for unknown reasons my menu does not appear on any Mac device and the css seems not wo work (default browser font and so on). Please any suggestions?

    • Albert Kampermann Reply

      Sorry, problem solved but a tip: do not install a seo plugin that edits your pages and blogs:)

  32. Edgars Reply

    Hi. How do i make a gallery appear in masonry style on my home page? I am using default page template for the home page and the images never get masonry style there, but they do on their respective single gallery page.

    • gt3themes Reply

      If you are using the gallery module, you can display either square or rectangle. To display in masonry style, you have to choose the custom template.

      • Edgars Reply

        By choosing custom page template, you mean i need to create a whole new page template manually? (as in the page template dropdown in backend i do not see an option “custom page”).

        • gt3themes

          Yes, that’s correct.

          • Edgars

            Alright. Thanks for the quick answers. Have a great day!

          • gt3themes

            You too. Btw, please read the documentation for obtaining information. Thanks

  33. christoffer Reply

    Hi there

    I just purchased the Soho theme because of the shop that I really like. I’ve just installed the theme but I can’t find anything related to setting up the shop part. What to do?

    I want my shop to look like this:​

  34. Sofien M'Bakha Reply

    Hello !

    I downloaded your theme a few months ago and

    I noticed some problems as links of videos YouTube which do not work in my photo gallery.

    When I click on the youtube’s video, it don’t work.

    I shall like knowing if there is a solution to repair that
    The name of the theme is SOHO – Fullscreen Photo and Video WordPress Theme

    Best Regards

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please update the theme to the latest version. You can download it at themeforest

  35. Attis Reply


    I try to uploading a gallery with more than 200 photos. After publish shows only 156. It’s a limitation in Oyster? Or in WordPress? I need galleries for my clients with more than 800 pics!

  36. Rick Gladwin Reply

    We’re using this theme for a photography website and it’s excellent.

    Is there any way to increase the number of photos that can be added to a gallery? We’re currently using the Masonry style, and it looks like 45 images is the limit.


    • gt3themes Reply

      Please add this to your htaccess file at the very end:

      php_value max_input_vars 3000
      php_value suhosin.get.max_vars 3000
      php_value 3000
      php_value suhosin.request.max_vars 3000

  37. Imran Rizvi Reply

    Hey ! If i purchase Only SOHO HTML template so is there any problem ? I don’t want any woo commerce options. I just want to show image galleries and videos on my website that’s it..

    • gt3themes Reply

      Its up to you either to use WooCommerce or not.

  38. Imran Rizvi Reply

    Hey ! If i purchase Only SOHO HTML template so is there any problem ? I don’t want any woo commerce options. I just want to show image galleries and videos on my website that’s it….

  39. Cory Shubert Reply
    I setup your coming soon page and have two issues:

    1. The counter. I wanted to have it only up for a few months, but if I select 2016/6/1 the counter doesn’t move. I have to select 2017 for it work, but that is wayyy too far down the road, I will have this working in a few months… how do I let my audience know that it will be up in by say June of the same year?

    2. The email box and submit button are not aligned. I have Contact Form 7 installed and have used it before, so I just created a new one as shown, but this is happening…fix would be?

    Thank you,

    • Cory Shubert Reply

      Ok, figured out the count down part, month and days were reversed, now working. Just need some help to align the email field with the send button.

      • gt3themes Reply

        Please post all tech related questions on our help forum

  40. đẹp trai vô đối Reply

    Hello, I just bought the theme last month and am still building my photographic site. I’m generally happy with SOHO theme. Is there anyway to reduce the height of the slide control bar (at the bottom of the screen)? Also, would be better if I can reduce the height of the menu (or navigation bar) at the top. Please help or let me know if the answer to this question already exists somewhere. Thanks!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello! Please post all your tech related questions on our help forum Here we answer only pre-sale or general questions. Thanks

      • đẹp trai vô đối Reply

        oh sorry, thanks!

  41. Clare Burnett Reply

    Can I make the menu bar transparent so I only see the page titles?

    • gt3themes Reply

      The page titles are not displaying on the menu. Or are you referring to the menu items?

  42. Rohil Visariya Reply

    Hi I really liked, Goodwin, SOHO, and Oyster theme. I would be mostly going ahead with one of these. But can you tell me if they have an option of popup (modal) preview of Gallery/Portfolio videos?.
    My site is all about vimeo / youtube videos [Video portfolio]. I don’t want to redirect on individual video page, instead a modal or something to preview the video will just work fine. Can you help me out with this feature in the above themes or any other theme for that matter which supports this format.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Sure, all the galleries support youtube and vimeo in lighbox. The portfolio custom post type does not have this option. Check grid or masonry layouts.

  43. Manemos ن Reply

    How is possible to have a secondary menu as your live demo for “Shop” section? Thanks

  44. nashirr Reply

    hi can opening before click enter to website using video?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Do you want to load video instead of the image on the landing page?

      • nashirr Reply

        yeah, can?

        • gt3themes

          The theme supports only the images.

  45. Jöran Reply

    Hello, can I use FastWP with this Soho theme?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please do not duplicate your questions.

  46. Jöran Reply

    Its a wordpress plugin for protection it does not allow click right . Its for protection of images and prevent unauthorized copy

    • gt3themes Reply

      Those plugins are just waste of money. You can easily download the image even if you disable right click. Add firebug to your browser and that’s it. Unfortunately the only way to protect your photo content is to add watermarks.

  47. Jöran Reply

    Thanks for your reply. I unfortunately know. Is it still possible ? It is supposed to deter only the amateurs .

    • gt3themes Reply

      There is no way, only watermarks.

  48. Ania Janowska Reply

    Hello 🙂 i have a problem. What i do wrong? how can i repair it? Thanks

  49. Ania Janowska Reply

    Hi 🙂 Can i add ,,facebook like and share button ,, to the single picture in galery? Please help 🙂 and i Love Your template! 🙂 Thank You

  50. sung woo Reply

    I recently updated to new wordpress version. Edit section( GT3 Page Builder) of this theme became wired in each page. The edit section is still there but if I click the section, text area is gone. I cannot edit any text.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello! Its really strange, we’ve just tested it and it works like a charm. Please make sure that you have the latest theme version.

  51. rm Reply

    i already purchase but cant upload the theme. any tutorial with picture?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello! Please download the main zip file from your account, unzip it and follow the instructions on the documentation. Thanks

  52. Milos Reply

    Hi, I saw this soho theme and before I purchase i have some questions.
    1.Can logo be replaced with my logo?
    2.What is the last time when this theme is updated?
    3.And are you still provideing support for this theme?
    Great work, awsome theme. Thanks

    • GT3 Team Reply

      1. Yes, there is an option for the custom logo, you can easily replace it.
      2. It was updated on 12 April 17
      3. Sure, the support is provided with theme purchase.

  53. Joe Reply

    Are you able to have both photos and videos on the theme in one gallery? that would be very helpful to know as I am looking to buy. 🙂 thanks

    • admin Reply

      Yes, its possible to do that.

  54. Robin Canfield Reply

    My website running SOHO is currently unable to process customer payments until the woocommerce.php file is updated. Is support still running for this theme? And is there any date at which we can expect the theme update to be available?

    • admin Reply

      The theme is up to date. Please download the latest version in your account at themeforest.

  55. gilles de Caevel Reply

    I had made so much work with your theme and I’m proud to share this with you. I hope you will like it.

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Hi there!
      Thanks for sharing. Your website looks great.
      p.s. if you have a minute, please rate our theme on themeforest.

  56. LRIESE Reply

    I get an Error if I would like to Install the GT3 Version:
    The Plugin cannot be installed:
    httpd.www/wp-content/themes/soho-child/core/tgm/plugins/ …
    Download fehlgeschlagen. Es wurde keine gültige URL übermittelt.

  57. GT3 Team Reply

    Thanks for contacting us.
    1. To get a support, please send all your request via your personal gt3 account or
    2. You are getting that error because to install all required plugins, you need to have a parent theme enabled.

  58. Marc Reply

    I’m using SOHO for approx. a year and it is still looking fine to me.
    Due to recent change in european law I’m trying to remove the social media buttons. But I got no clue how to do. Already tried a dozen tutorial. Every saying it is possible, but none working.

  59. Peter Reply

    Is there a password protection plugin available? For example, for the whole page and / or individual galleries?

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Yes, the theme comes with the password gallery option.

  60. Alan Reply

    Morning. I’ve installed and enjoy the Soho theme so far. Is it possible to add additional websites/services where videos can be embedded from and not just YouTube and Vimeo?

  61. Farrukh Hyder Reply

    Please help. The header on my site has turned white without me making any changes to it, so cannot now view the menu. Can you tell me how to change it back to default colour? Thanks

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