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    There is no need to say what it takes to do a charity work, or describe the volunteers who do this beautiful thing around the world with love and passion in their hearts. Because there is plenty of those who seek help, and those who are willing to provide such, people need an effective way to communicate and work together no matter where they are.

    With our new BeMercy Single Page Template the formal aspects of charity can be handled with no major nuisance. It was designed for the tasks you perform during any online social work.

    The template consists of the Home page, where you can briefly identify yourself and what it is that you do, or what people can find on your website. They can also donate and send you an e-mail using the active Donate Now form right in this chapter. In the About section you can share your experience, explain how the organization functions, and change the pictures to the ones which show the people involved. It does not require any complicated actions, as we have taken care of everything for you. The following page is dedicated to charity programs. Here you can list open volunteer vacancies, describe how it works, and most of all show with your own pictures who need your and your associates’ help the most these days. Section News is perfect for informing about happy and sad events from all over the world. With its help you can reach out to those who care, and by sending a message through the simple Contact form, they can get back to you.

    Modern and multifunctional design makes an excellent combination for all types of charity work.

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