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    Planning on blossoming out in beauty industry? We hear you. What makes things look good is a team of professionals and high quality products. Well, look at that. We are happy to present both!

    Our team has designed a brand new, simple but stylish SpaLand Template, which has everything you need to attract new customers. We’ll start with the business card of every web site – the Home page. This is the first step for your clients to get to know about your beauty salon or a studio. That is why our designers made the emphasis on visualization: smooth rotation of large gorgeous images makes you mesmerized there for a moment.

    Introducing your company to the clients is easy as 1-2-3 in the About section of the template. See how compact the tabs for descriptions are. Plus all pictures can be swapped or replaced with those of your own, and you can play with the content within the same file.

    On the Services page you are able to describe the variety of nice treats that people can get, and include the information about the professionals who would perform these procedures.

    Of course, there should be a Gallery to share the examples of what a certain procedure entails. It helps your customers to understand which services you provide, if they are not familiar with terminology etc. Also we make it possible for you to put price lists right under the gallery.

    While the website visitors are mesmerized by the sophisticated design, they step by step get to the last section – Contact, where the 100% working form suggests them sending you a message to make an appointment. There is no way they can resist it.

    The SpaLand theme makes your business more beautiful with its simplicity. And what can be more appealing?


  1. Laercio Civali Reply

    Is there WP version for this template?

    • gt3themes Reply

      There is no WP version available.

  2. themefisher Reply

    Nice one. I am a big fan your design..

    • gt3themes Reply


  3. CH Reply

    This theme has a Recent News section. The news items have a read more button. Is a single item template for displaying a full news item included with the theme?

    • gt3themes Reply

      The template has only one page, there is no additional page

  4. steinchen64 Reply

    Sorry, I’m new and my english ist bad. I have this template and I ask me, if I must make a second Site if I want more Text for the “read more” buttons? Because I don’t understand why there ist “javascript:void(0)” as a link on the button.
    It’s my first single-page Template.

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can replace that “javascript:void(0)” with any link.

  5. chrisB79 Reply

    Great templates, can you tell me how we can change the height of the slider at the top ?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please use the contact form on our website to send this request.

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