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    If you love photography and plan to open your own photo studio, our brand-new Triangle Photo Studio HTML One Page Template will help you turn it into a professional web project which will connect your business with the people behind monitors.

    Even if you don’t plan to run a photography site, but still you are going to create your own website and place some quality photos and related images, this template will also will fit your project perfectly as it has great layout to place content as well as images. Whether it is a business website, online store or a creative web project, people always need some visual presentation which help them better imagine the concept of your offer or service. You can read or think about anything, but you will have a harder time understand it until you have seen it. That’s why web design and photography comes together and this is the main idea of our Triangle Template.

    There is nothing more important for design, than style. That’s why we tried to create modern and visually effective layout which can transform your creative ideas on the web canvas. Entering the template, you will see the huge background image with the menu navigation at the main page. Though Triangle has one page design and can be look through with the help of scrolling, your visitors can also use the menu navigation to find faster what they need. There are Home, About, Services, Gallery and Contacts categories. This template allows you to highlight your studio and staff, the services you offer and the projects you’re currently involved in. Of course for any photography website the Gallery is real treasure, so we designed it in Masonry style with mouse hover effects.

    The editing process can take you several tweaks as this Triangle template is based on HTML technology. You have the real freedom in editing, such as you can change the color of any element, fonts, background images, etc. Also you can implement some color accents which can add to the overall design more identity and uniqueness.

    Browse the Live Demo of our Triangle Photo Studio HTML One Page Template and open your creative potential through this cool and stylish design.

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