timber free bootstrap template

Timber – Free One Page Bootstrap Template

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We have great news for you guys! As we promised earlier, we are back with the HTML version of Timber One Page Bootstrap Template – amazing freebie for your next web project! If you want to become noticeable online, this ready-made solution will fulfill all your needs to start an effective and catching website in minutes.

The main concept of this template underlies the smart balance between attractive and user-friendly design as well as powerful and easy-manageable functionality. Possessing modern style and optimal look, we implemented the minimal layout with the wooden patterns which make the overall design visually structured and pleasant to the eyes.

The main slider, counters, icons, widgets, and fonts are adding more edgy touch to this template, delivering content to the user in a clear manner. With the help of a one-page layout, you can present your web project in an original way, including all necessary information within a single place.

So if you are going to set up a professional website and concentrate your visitor’s attention on the main idea of your web project – our goodie is created just for you! Moreover, Timber is based on a Bootstrap framework which means you can use it in any device whether it is a desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

Hurry up! Download it for free and enjoy!  View Demo 


timber free one page template

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Being involved in this diverse world of web design, I enjoy writing various blog entries regarding WordPress and all around topics, starting from its functionality and capabilities to the latest news and updates. Also I’m always ready to share some useful materials and free stuff that can be really helpful for your website maintenance.

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  1. Disqusting Reply

    Just wanted to say thanks, great work and very kind of you to share it!

    • gt3themes Reply


  2. sisu Reply

    Great work, thank you!!! This template is perfect for my portfolio site. I have downloaded template and I checked it in Firefox and Opera, works nicely but in IE9 slider and pretty gallery does not work.

    I checked your live demosite in IE9 and it works almost. I noticed pretty gallery images move only horizontally. Problem is images line on same row when “all works” button is active.

    Anyone else has problems with IE?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Just tested in IE, it works fine. Please make sure that you do not use the compatibility mode in IE.

      • sisu Reply

        Thanks for reply. I am testing template on my desktop. I have not uploaded to server.

        Here is print screen from IE9.

        • sisu

          Image when I tested live demo.

      • Kit Reply

        To auto detect and turn off compatibility mode in IE, try to add the following codes to :

        Thanks for the great template! 🙂

  3. fadilfaizal Reply

    Awesome theme!

    • gt3themes Reply


  4. Florian Reply

    Does this mean that i can take it online? Just want to get sure 🙂

  5. jess Reply

    Awesome theme that really challenged me developmentally and increased my understanding and ability to manage, alter and understand code… Can’t thank you guys enough. Here’s my finished product: http://jvdesigns.net/

    • Jess Reply

      I have received a few inquiries regarding how I got the contact form to work. Here are two links. One is the HTML coding that can be found in the index.html file of my site and the other is for the mailer.php. You will obviously need to copy the php coding into it’s own php file and then upload onto the correct area of your server.

      index html: http://pastebin.com/Apy3QVSr
      mailer.php: http://pastebin.com/Cx6HhByj

      • Maynor Rosales Reply

        Thanks Jess!! you’re very kind.

        • Jonathan James

          Can I get some tutorial for contact form? 🙁 pls

      • isildoo Reply

        thank you so much, works perfectly!!

        • Jonathan James

          Can I get some tutorial for contact form? 🙁 pls 🙁

      • Jonathan James Reply

        Hi Jess. Can I get some tutorial for contact form? 🙁 pls 🙁

      • Haryo Purnomo Reply

        Oke first. that template really awasome, thanks you.. my page still under development.. hei beautiful jessica thanks for share contact form, i update a little,with captcha from google first you must register reCaptcha from google
        screen shoot : http://prntscr.com/6plex2
        and then change
        index.html code :http://pastebin.com/Fz7iqUha
        mailer.php :http://pastebin.com/knwCrwLw
        result : http://prntscr.com/6pl90q
        at bottom footer you cant see massage has been send ” thank you for posting comment”
        result : http://prntscr.com/6plcue
        so why use captcha.. for anti spaming bot.. better you change it

    • iamjared Reply

      Great site Jess. Was there a trick to getting your logo to work on the mobile version? I have everything running fine on computer, but when the window is made smaller or viewed on a mobile screen, the logo is cut off. I even made a new test logo the exact dimensions as yours and I’ve got the same problem. Weird. Thank you.

    • Joe Manzella Reply

      Great work!

      • gt3themes Reply


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