WordPress 4.7 Final Release! Enjoy the Updates!

WordPress 4.7 Final Release! Enjoy the Updates!

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Finally! The highly anticipated WordPress 4.7 was released on December 6, 2016. The updated platform has been named Vaughan in honor of the renowned jazz singer Sarah Vaughan (Sassy). Now the new version is available for download or update from your dashboard, so go ahead!

Recently we’ve been discussing the sensational updates here, so just follow the link to learn the details. We have already mentioned the main changes made to the default theme Twenty Seventeen and Live Customizer. So let’s specify some more updates made both for front-end users and developers.

Set Up Your Website The Way You Want

Now you can customize your website and see your main changes in a steady flow. Just let’s see:

1. Theme Starter Content is available. It is a helpful feature for those who want to have a base to start from and get a kind of assistance before starting to modify a new-made website.
2. Edit Shortcuts are provided. Visible prompts are going to show you which part of your website is better to edit right when you preview it in live mode. This is a great opportunity to customise your website as fast as possible.
3. Now you can put video as a moving header image! Choose an exciting video to show off your products and services.
4. Now you can add new pages while building your menus, so the menu building process is easier than ever. New pages are ready to be filled up with content right after your modifications are saved and published.
5. No slowing down and no page refreshing! Custom CSS is here for you to let you see the changes in preview mode once they are done.
6. Upload PDFs and see them in thumbnails! No need to click on each document to see what it contains. You can easily distinguish between them right after they are uploaded.
7. WP is closer to you! Dashboard is available in your native language. Add more languages to your website and a user language option is going to be shown up in your profile.

REST API Endpoints

Such content elements as posts, comments, users, terms, meta, and settings will now have endpoints. This means that a machine-recognizable external access will be available for your WordPress website.

More Opportunities for Developers

Some key changes have been made to meet the needs of developers and improve their working process.

1. Post Type Templates are now available. By opening up the page template functionality to all post types, the template hierarchy’s flexibility goes on improving.
2. New Theme API Tricks! More functions, hooks, and behavior are provided for theme developers.
3. List tables now come with more than bulk edit and delete.
4. WP_Hook. The code lying beneath actions and filters has been revised and updated, fixing bugs along the way.
5. Settings Registration API has been enhanced to include type, description, and REST API visibility.
6. Customize changesets make changes in Live Customizer renewable, like autosave drafts. They also make stunning new features possible.

Enjoy the changes and make your websites much better round and round!


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