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    Highly performance Free WordPress Theme with premium quality and tons of features. You can use this WordPress theme for any personal and commercial use. Discover the power of GT3themes products. Enjoy this theme.

    You can check our tutorial on How to Setup Neverland Theme

    • Clean & Minimal Blog
    • Fully Responsive Design
    • Different Blog Layouts
    • WordPress Native Customizer
      (preview the changes in real time)

      • Custom Logo Upload
      • Favicon Upload
      • Site Title & Tagline
      • Custom Widgets
      • Easy Font Selection
      • Theme Color Management
      • And More…
    • Blog Post Formats
      • Standard
      • Image
      • Video
      • Audio
      • Quote
      • Link
    • Retina Ready
    • HTML5 & CSS Code
    • High Speed & Extra Optimized
    • Coded with SEO in Mind
    • One Click Demo Import
    • Translation Ready (.po .mo files)
    • Google Font Support 600+
    • Awesome Slick Slider
    • Contact Form 7 Support
    • Mailchimp Support
    • Instagram Slider Widget
    • PSD Files Included
    • Extended Documentation
    • Free After Sale Help (forum and ticket system)
    • And much more…


  1. Rami M. Alloush Reply

    Where’s the download link ?

    • gt3themes Reply

      We’ve already added the form on this page, please feel free to download it.

      • Rami M. Alloush Reply

        Thanks that worked
        Keep the great work ^_^

        • gt3themes


  2. Laetitia Sd Reply

    Nice theme!

    Can you help me?
    I don’t see the option “full grid” for the home page (blog).


  3. leonie Reply

    Hello, how can I build two columns of posts as shown in your demo version? All my entries are shown below each other and I can’t find the right option to change it. Or do I need some plugin?

    • gt3themes Reply

      We’ve just updated the zip file with the demo content to make it it easier.

      • leonie Reply

        Thank you! I’ve got it now! But I still need some advice: The related posts under my posting include also the same posting. Is it possible to change that? I don’t want to show my readers the same article again.

        • gt3themes

          What do you mean the same posting?

          • leonie

            If I read one of my posts, there is sometimes the same article shown underneath it. Do you know what I mean?
            The “related posts” also show the post the reader is reading in this moment. Is it possible for me or you to change that?

          • gt3themes

            No, we can’t do that change, its WordPress standard functionality. Please note that its a free WP theme.

      • Ana Reply

        I installed demo, but still does not work in two columns =(

  4. Ricky Wetzel Reply

    link was NOT sent , more san 1 hour but no have a link

    • gt3themes Reply

      We had some temp. problems with the server, please try once again. Thanks

  5. Shannon Reply

    Ive requested a link 4 times, received nothing. When I finally received one, I was sent to an “Invalid Download Link” page.

    • Shannon Reply

      Just got one that worked! Thank you for the freebie GT3!

      • gt3themes Reply

        You are welcome and thanks for choosing our product

  6. Robert Nowak Reply

    Same here. Tried 3 times, no link send.

    • gt3themes Reply

      All the links are sent, please check your spam, bulk folders.

      • Robert Nowak Reply

        Ok got it now :). Was in SPAM this time, but when I wrote the comment there was nothing in SPAM, so there was some problems, but it got resolved so no worries 🙂

        • gt3themes

          Got it

  7. amber Reply

    I’ve tried three times over the course of two hours and I haven’t received any link.

    • amber Reply

      Finally got it in my spam folder, but when I click, it’s an Invalid Link.

      • gt3themes Reply

        Please try again, we had some troubles with the server.

        • amber

          Success, thanks!

  8. Tiffani Reply

    I’d also like additional info on how to list posts in the 2 column grid as I’m not seeing that option anywhere.

    • gt3themes Reply

      We’ve just updated the zip file with the demo content to make it it easier. Please import the demo content and you will get the same copy like we do on our demo page.

      • Tiffani Reply

        I’m not seeing the import option, I just downloaded a link this morning and it doesn’t contain the demo content, same file as before. Please advise.

  9. Tiffani Reply

    I’m not seeing the page builder plugin – how can I access that in this theme?

  10. Tiffani Reply

    @gt3themes:disqus – I’m not seeing the page builder plugin – how can I access that in this theme?

    • gt3themes Reply

      There is no page builder, we use native WordPress customizer, its available via Appearance -> Customize

  11. Marko Reply

    Unfortunately not working 🙁 tried with 3 e-mails

    • Marko Reply

      5 e-mails now, both online e-mails like Gmail and server e-mails (custom domains)

      • Marko Reply

        Got it now, everything seems to be ok, thx 🙂

        • gt3themes

          That’s great

  12. Julie Reply

    Download not working for me either, tried with two different emails yesterday, checked throughout the day in my inbox and spam, no email. Did the same today, still no link.

    • Julie Reply

      Finally received it, thanks!

      • gt3themes Reply


  13. Yaeger Design Reply

    The download button just links to the same page. I just happened to scroll down and noticed the email box to get a download link. You might want to rethink this failed UI.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Yes, we will change it.

  14. PETROS Reply

    Neverland is so compelling that I started working on it immediately!
    Too bad GT3 Builder is not compatible!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Its a simple Blog theme, there is no need to use page builder 😉

  15. Najmul Islam Reply

    Dear Team, I was able to successfully download the theme. On uploading on WP engine, I am getting an error that style.css is missing.

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

    • Najmul Islam Reply

      Correction! It worked. I was making a mistake in installing it. There was another zip file which I had to give and it beautifully got installed.

      • gt3themes Reply

        That’s correct 🙂

        • Tameka Jones

          I’m sorry — I am having the same issue — what other zip file needs to be installed?

          • gt3themes

            Unzip the downloaded file.

  16. fede Reply

    I imported the content and the last theme, but the home fage not show the 2 columns grid, one post after the other… what can be wrong?

  17. macanastuktuk Reply

    How can i change to spanish? or wich files I must edit?

    • gt3themes Reply

      You have to modify .po .mo file. Please read the tutorials on on how to do that.

  18. Sam Sung Reply

    No link sent ??

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please check your spam or bulk folders.

  19. Josefine Stäck Reply

    Just received a download link after trying 4 times, but the link is invalid. Could you please send a valid one? Thanks!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Its impossible, please try once again. All the links are valid.

  20. Artur Kierzek Reply

    Hi! This theme is really great! I like it very much 🙂 I would like to ask you one questions. How to create The most polular posts list in sidebar without installing any plugin? Is there any possibility? Included (Posts (current theme))
    widget can show only the newset post. Can you helpu me please 🙂

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can use either the default widgets or use 3rd party plugins.

      • Artur Kierzek Reply

        Many thanks 🙂 One more question. How can I use instagram slider only in footer?

  21. B. Juse Reply

    Hey GT3, great theme – really beautifully put together. Just a quick question: How can I remove the display of comments completely?
    I don’t want to see “0 Comments” or any mention of comments at all anywhere on the site. Thanks for your help!

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can do that by editing the single.php file.

      • B. Juse Reply

        Thank you! I actually found a workaround with CSS.

        • Chelsey A. Thornton

          What was the CSS workaround to no show comments? I would like to do the same since I have disqus installed. All the ones I’ve tried haven’t worked.

  22. disqus_RaX00Bco7z Reply

    Hi guys,

    Probably a dumb question but I’m a WordPress newbie, how do I change the Neverland header title to my own logo?

  23. Mehedi Reply

    Hello Team,
    How can I make the about me section.Is there any documentation.

    • gt3themes Reply

      simply import the demo content. The documentation is right in the main zip file.

  24. Silvana Reply

    Hi there! First of all; I LOVE this theme, you guys did such an awesome job!

    I was wondering if there is a possibility to turn off the comment sections. They are at every page and I would like to turn them off. Second of all, is there some kind of theme documentation for this theme? I can’t seem to find it in Help > Documentation. Thanks in advance!

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can disable them in the wordpress dashboard.

  25. Kristian Adolfsson Reply

    You ca’t handle an address as:

  26. SKT Wordpress Themes Reply

    Gracious wordpress themes & its features friendly…..!!!!

  27. macanastuktuk Reply

    Please I need your help, I love the theme! is great !
    I Trying to change the image header, I want it to be smaller, like the half of it…I couldn´t find at the css wich line is it or where can I change it?

    • gt3themes Reply

      The customisation service is a paid service.

  28. Jenny Reply

    I’m loving this theme so much! Just have one tiny thing I haven’t been able to figure out. I’d like to remove the featured image from showing on single posts (without removing it altogether as I like it to show on the home page). As it is now, I have the same image appearing twice when viewing posts because of it. Is there anyway for me to do this or work around it?

    • gt3themes Reply

      It can be removed only by removing the code in the theme file. This request can be considered as customisation.

  29. Adriana Spinoza Reply

    Hello :)… Please, i just have one question, how can i activate the instagram slider on my homepage?.. Thanks

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please read the documentation for obtaining information.

      • Danielle Nozaki Ogawa Reply

        I can´t find the documentation for this theme!

  30. Natalia Reply

    I’ve downloaded the theme, but I can’t find how to change the layout from standard to grid layout.

  31. Natalia Reply

    I’ve downloaded and activated the theme, and I’d like to change it from the standard layout to the grid layout. How do I do this?

  32. Adam Reply

    Hi, thanks for giving such a nice demo for free. I am facing one problem. Why my post coming one under another instead of side by side as showed in theme demo? Also, how can I remove the post suggestion showing under the post?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please import the demo content.

  33. Paula Reply

    This theme looks great! What font is in Neverland logo?

  34. Natalia Reply

    I’ve downloaded and activated the theme, and I’d like to change it from the standard layout to the grid layout. How do I do this?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please make sure that you’ve imported the demo content, it will ease your life.

  35. sZalmo Reply

    hi, how can i switch from normal to grid layout?

    • gt3themes Reply

      It would be better if you import the demo content and see how it works inside.

      • sZalmo Reply

        but i have a live blog with real content… if i import the fake data i loose everything

        • gt3themes

          You can simply select this custom template

          • sZalmo

            thank you for the quick reply but i don’t see that option in the theme customizer. could you please be more exhaustive?

          • gt3themes

            Here you go

          • sZalmo

            all right, done! thank you very much indeed 🙂

  36. Mike C Reply

    Does this one work well with your page builder plugin?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Its a simple blog theme, it does not come with page builder.

  37. Inga Heydenreich-Barth Reply

    Hi, I love the theme and would like to apply it to my existing blog. Before doing that I am interested in 2 things: how can I add the widgets to the right (if I clock on “widget” in the design are, the sidebar is always displayed on the bottom). and how can I customize the blog-page… it would be perfect if there would be a short documentation available.. (I can not install the example as i have a living blog) thanks a lot!

    • gt3themes Reply

      You can always active the theme, check how it looks and then switch to your current theme, you won’t loose anything.

  38. Melanie Haselmayr Reply

    Love this theme!
    I do have a question about a setting – I need for links in my posts to appear in a different color from the rest of the text, and I can’t figure out how. Right now, the color only changes when hovering over the link. Can you help? Thanks!

    • gt3themes Reply

      You have to modify css file. Its customisation service.

  39. Seongmin Kwak Reply

    i have a question. i was installed in few hour ago. but this file is not working. this file can not find style seat. is it correct file or i just can’t find correct way??? please answer to me as soon as possible.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Do not install the main zip file, you have to unzip it and install only the theme.

  40. Hazel G Reply

    Hi, installed the theme and looked at your responses to the grid layout questions. Is it possible to have a grid layout when my default front page is latest posts or is that only possible when i have a static home page? Thanks!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Sure, you can have a grid home page layout based on the latest posts.

      • Hazel G Reply

        Can you take a screen image of how to change that? I’ve only seen the template option on a page layout but I can’t find that the grid option when the home page is latest posts, it’s only showing up as the standard format. Thanks.

        • OddGirl

          This is the same problem I am having. I’d love to know how to fix it.

  41. OddGirl Reply

    Hi! This theme is just the thing I’ve been looking for! Do you have any documentation on how things work? For example I’ve only seen the template option for the blog-grid on a page layout, not a post layout, but I can’t find that the grid option when the home page is latest posts, it’s only showing up as the standard format. Also I installed the instagram slider and inserted the shortcode (which was the same as the default code) to the customizer but at the bottom of my blog it just says “Not found”. Lastly When i direct the blog to have the sidebar on the left, none of my widgets show up on the home page, it does on the right side and also for the left on a post. my blog is a few years old so demo content won’t work in these. my blog is thanks!

    • OddGirl Reply

      I’ve figured out most of this but the instagram widget is still “not found” thanks again!

      • Hazel G Reply

        just saw your website, how did you figure out the grid layout on a latest posts homepage?

        • OddGirl

          besides frustration? 😉 I created a page titled Home and in that page’s options under Neverland settings told it to hide the page title, sidebar left, number of posts per page 8 and posts in rows 2, then under discussion unchecked the “allow comments” box. Then on page template set it to blog-grid. I then set my blog to a static homepage directing it to that new home page. phew!

          • Hazel G

            thanks for sharing, i didn’t think about making the blog post page the home page, great idea! also, i don’t have much on instagram yet but if i can’t figure out that part of the theme can i ask you for help again? ^_^ i had the same not found before

          • OddGirl

            happy to be helpful, Hazel! I hope it solved your problem too. The theme suggested installing the “instagram slider widget” and after installing if you go to your widgets page there’s a special spot for it labeled with instructions. If you do it and use your user name instead of hashtag don’t put the @, I think that was my problem at first.

          • C Smith

            you helped me so much and saved me time! Do you know how to set the featured image for a post?

          • gt3themes

            It can be changed manually in the theme code.

          • gt3themes

            You have to choose image post format.

          • OddGirl

            happy to have been helpful! The mod suggests the Image post format but for me, not every post is an image post, but every post has an image. I already had Auto Post Thumbnail PRO installed which assigns the first image of a post as the featured image if you don’t specifically assign one (which I often forget to do) so that fixed it for me as well as having the featured image on the portfolio page you can turn on thru jetpack & settings. HTH!

          • Margarida Salvado

            hey!! You have been really helpful in getting the instagram slider working!! I have on doubt, I don’t want it to slide through images, I just want the images static. I checked your website and your instagram slider is exactly how I want mine to be. Could you tell me how to? I’ve tried setting the slider time to 0 milliseconds, turning of the slide navigation and nothing seems to work :/ thank you so much in advance!

          • Nadine A

            Hi Hazel! You seem like a pro! I love this theme, but am struggling as a newbie. I’m following your post above, but do not see where I can enter “posts per page” or “posts in rows.” I also do not see (under Page Attributes) a “Template” row as they have here: Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

      • OddGirl Reply

        got that working too. not sure what i changed though

  42. C Smith Reply

    Hi is there a way to make the featured image smaller, once i click on the blog post the featured
    image is at the top of the post and it is huge

  43. OddGirl Reply

    is there anyway to apply the grid format to my portfolio page?

  44. Evelyn Ratti Reply

    My mobile menu does not take up the full width of the screen and also pushes my logo and social icons down. Have you had this issue and if so how do I resolve this?

    • gt3themes Reply

      We do not experience such issue on our end.

      • Evelyn Ratti Reply

        Hmm ok.. I havent changed any of the code since the download, so I wonder why my menu looks so different from the demo menu? Thanks for your quick response!

      • Celia G-Castaño Quintana Reply

        I have exactly de same problem, and i havent touch the code… =S

        Yo can see it at

        • gt3themes

          This popup may cause the issue

          • Celia G-Castaño Quintana

            No, this is happening from the beginning, before i installed that.
            And I disabled the plugin and the problem continue.

          • gt3themes

            Its really strange, if you provide your wp-admin and ftp details we will take a look. But please note that it may take some time because its a free product. You can send those details to support at Do not forget to mention the issue that you have.

          • Celia G-Castaño Quintana

            Ok, thank you

          • Celia G-Castaño Quintana

            Sorry, but i cant see the website you sent me, the website only shows me “{“error”:”Couldn’t authenticate you”}”

            Could you give another solution?

          • gt3themes

            It was email support at ….

          • Celia G-Castaño Quintana

            at where?

          • gt3themes


          • Celia G-Castaño Quintana

            I can’t enter in that website, when I try I can only see this message: {“error”:”Couldn’t authenticate you”}
            Could you give me another option?

          • gt3themes

            Its email, not a website, you have to send your email to support[at] Please note that [at] – its a @ which is used in the email. We do not wish to post the email to avoid spam.

          • Celia G-Castaño Quintana

            Ok, thank you very much and sorry

  45. Nadine A Reply

    Hi! I love this theme, but when I downloaded it and uploaded it into my site, it said: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.” What does that mean?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Do not upload the entire pack, you have to use only the theme one. The main zip file includes PSD and other files…

      • Nadine A Reply

        I see now! Thank you!!

        • gt3themes

          Thanks for choosing our product.

  46. Jenny Venn Reply

    I’ve uploaded the demo content but can’t for the life of me seem to figure out where to input the quote in the “quote” post template?! Help!!! What am I missing?! My download also didn’t include the PSD or documentation files?! Where can I find those? Thanks!!!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Jenny!
      Its free theme that’s why it does not come with the documentation and source files. As for the quote, did not get what you are trying to achieve.

      • Jenny Venn Reply

        Oh! My apologies – I thought I saw elsewhere in this thread that those files were included. Was worried I was loosing my marbles. In regards to the quote post – I can’t figure out where to input the actual quote text in the post page. I’ve selected the quote radio button and there’s a box (where the featured image appears in a standard page layout) when viewing the published page but how/where does one input the quote type to show up in the box?! I’ll attach screenshots in hopes of that helping. Thanks so much for all the help! Loving this theme to the max!!!

        • gt3themes

          You have to choose “quote” post format and put the quote here

          • Jenny Venn

            Thanks for such a speedy reply! That’s the mystery! The image that you posted is what I’m looking for. It doesn’t appear on my “edit post” or “new post” pages. Same goes for all of the other post types with the exception of “standard” which shouldn’t have it anyway. Here’s an image of all that I see. Should be near the bottom left – just below the text input box, right?!

          • gt3themes

            Maybe its disabled in the screen options.

          • Jenny Venn

            YESSSSSS!!!! That cracked the case!!! It was totally disabled in the screen options! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! LOVE this theme!!! 😀

  47. Pauline Reply

    Hi ! Thanks for this amazing theme ! I juste have a problem with grid page. In fact, i want to have the latest post like standard layout (with big image) and the others posts below in grid. but i don’t know how i can change it.
    Thanks in advance

    • gt3themes Reply

      This functionality is not available in the theme. It can be done only as a custom solution.

      • Pauline Reply

        ok thanks. is that possible to have the grid directly on the index ? i create a home page with grid but when someone comes on the front page there is the standard layout 🙁

        • gt3themes

          Its a standard WordPress functionality. You have to change which page is loading as a home one in the settings -> reading

      • Pauline Reply

        how to add an Instagram button at the top ? or other social icons ? where can i edit the icons ?

  48. Nicole Nesti Reply

    Hi, i have a problem with page navigation in home page. My site is

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello! Do not see any issue on the page.

      • Nicole Nesti Reply

        Hello! The post navigation below the grid post in home page doesn’t work (

        How can I do?

        • gt3themes

 it returns 404 page not found.

          • Nicole Nesti

            Yes! Why?
            I don’t have change the code…

          • gt3themes

            We do not know, its your website, we even do not have an access to it.

          • Nicole Nesti

            but the post navigation in home page has never worked from the first installation!

          • gt3themes

            The post navigation does not work because it looks like there is an issue with the permalinks. If you provide your wp-admin details we can take a look. You can send them to help at gt3themes dot com

          • Nicole Nesti

            I send email

  49. Sharon Ferrari Reply

    I have downloaded the theme! (its great) how do I set up a grid layout homepage? I made a new homepage and set as static with blog/grid layout but comes us as normal layour page. My website is:

    Thanks a lot!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Sharon!
      Please import the demo content, it will ease your life while working with the theme.

  50. Celia G-Castaño Quintana Reply

    I created a new custom post type, and I can’t see the option to add a featured image like in the normal posts of the theme.
    Do you know why happens?

    • gt3themes Reply

      What new custom post type are you referring to?

      • Celia G-Castaño Quintana Reply

        I am using the plugin “Post Type Builder” to create new custom posts.

        • gt3themes

          You have to contact the developer of this plugin and ask why this happens.

          • Celia G-Castaño Quintana

            I asked them and they told me that is a problem of the theme.

          • gt3themes

            Its required the detailed review then, taking into consideration that its a free theme, we won’t be able to assist you with that 3rd party plugin.

  51. Bab Babz Reply

    hi, nice theme, i would like to know how is it possible to have the fullwidth grid layout for the “latest posts”? i already read all the comments and i found out how to assign this to a “page” inside the page attributs but this isn’t what i am looking for….i want to add this layout to the latest posts not a page. Maybe you can tell me which page i should edit inside the editor? i can do it alone if you tell me! Thank you

    • gt3themes Reply

      There is no way to have such layout within the posts.

      • Bab Babz Reply

        thanks for the fast reply! but it isnt within the posts it’s on the page ” your latest posts” … can you just tell me which is the page inside the editor that represent the ” your latest posts” please? Thank you

        • gt3themes

          You can modify the single post php file.

  52. Nina Cherry Reply

    Dear @gt3themes:disqus Team,
    I’ve installed the Theme and i like it a lot. I’m just unable to install the grid display on the first page. So when I go to the start Page, it dont show up in grid’s.
    If i change it to static page it wont show the sidebar and it wont change to page 2 or 3.
    I would appreciate your help!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please import the demo content, it will ease your life while configuring your site.

      • Nina Cherry Reply

        Thank you!
        I did, and can see what to change, but it wont affect the first page 🙁 just subpages

  53. Leah Reply

    Hi,I love the theme and have it all setup, i changed my font and the normal weight is just too light and small, how can I change the font weights and increase the default size a bit. I am just learning wordpress,so having a hard time figuring out how since it is not built into the customizer. Appreciate the help.

  54. Evelyn Ratti Reply

    There are a couple questions I have:

    1.) How can I set an image as a featured image (to show on the blog landing page) but not have it show up on the blog page itself (above the title)?

    2.) On mobile devices, the hamburger menu pushes down the logo and social and does not look like the demo. I didn’t change any code so can you please offer a solution?

  55. Abbie Sue Bauer Reply

    The file won’t upload because it says that it’s missing the style.css stylesheet

    • Alyssa Ann Reply

      I tried uploading just now as well and got the same error message. Help please?

      • gt3themes Reply

        Do not upload the main zip file with the PSD and other files inside. Unzip it and upload only the theme.

  56. Sooraj Kaippilly Reply

    How can I make categories page in small grid layout like the attached image

  57. Allan Høst Bramsen Reply

    I really like this theme, but have som minor issues.

    Menu on smartphones is not showin complete only a couple of lines 🙁

    Instagram ID mayby im totally off but have doet it work ?

    • gt3themes Reply

      We do not have any issue with the mobile version of the theme. You can check our demo, Instagram works like a charm.

  58. Erin Richins Reply

    Just downloaded the Neverland theme, but as I try to install it, I get this error:

    The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

    Any idea what the issue is, or how to correct it?

  59. Pauline Reply

    Hi, i have a big problem with the homepage (grid). i can’t click to “older posts”… it just stays on the homepage and i can’t find why. Could you help me ? Thanks in advance

    • gt3themes Reply

      Its a WordPress bug, they said that this issue will be fixed in the next update.

      • Kristy Dalman Reply

        any idea when the next update is coming?

  60. Is there a way I can make the grid display a manual excerpt instead of the first words from my posts?

  61. Lauren Flanigan Reply

    There is a bunch of white space under my header image, on the mobile theme, can you please help me solve why this is happening?

    • gt3themes Reply

      What whitespace are you referring to? Any link to your site?

  62. Arlene Hidalgo Reply

    Hi I love your theme. I have a few questions :
    (1) Is there a way I can hide the post date and tags? Or at least move them at the bottom of the page?
    (2) Also, how can I edit / customize the social media icons appearing top right on the home page
    (3) How do I edit the site icon / favicon?
    Thank you so much & great product!

    • gt3themes Reply

      1. Yes, you can hide them either via css or remove them from the code.
      2. Its a simple HTML code, you can modify it to your needs.
      3. You can do that in the theme settings.

  63. Frank Reply

    Whenever I try to install a theme into my wordpress I get a “missing style.css” error. Any clue why? all other Themes from wordpress work fine

  64. Kristy Dalman Reply

    Hi! I’ve been using and love this theme! But I can not get the pagination to work on the static homepage, help!!! (

    • Artur Reply

      @kristydalman:disqus Hi! I’ve found you have solved the problem. Can you tell me how have you done it? Than You!

      • Kristy Dalman Reply

        Hi Arthur! I haven’t solved the problem, even when clicking to older posts the page shows the same posts no matter what the page URL says. I have 5+ years of posts there so that’s not that. Any ideas?

        • Kristy Dalman

          As far as I can figure the problem is either with the static homepage and/or the grid layout. If you set it to latest post the pagination works fine but then you’ve lost your grid layout, which is why I got the theme. I’m not php savvy enough to troubleshoot the functions.php file to see if its there or elsewhere. I’d really love help :/ I’d rather not have to get another theme

    • gt3themes Reply

      That’s WordPress related issue, you can find the solution here

      • Kristy Dalman Reply

        Thanks! I’m not a php pro, do you replace the red with the green in the code?

        • Kristy Dalman

          nevermind! The ticket post explained it, I didn’t see the tiny link before asking. Thanks again!

  65. La Voisine Reply

    Hi ! Just installed the theme but the homepage won’t appear as grid pagination ! what should i do ? I just get that (photo)
    help !

  66. Виктория Зуйкова Reply

    Hello. I can’t make a standard menu with theme(

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello! What do you mean “standard menu”?

  67. Kristy Dalman Reply

    Hi! Since the WP update have you noticed any issues with the IG slider? It disappeared from my footer after the update.

  68. Lauren Flanigan Reply

    I am trying to delete the following image from my page and for some reason the link is still working:×880.jpg i have deleted that image from both the media on wordpress and the file manager in my cpannel, but it’s still working. My host told me to check with the theme to see why the image is still working. Any help?

    • gt3themes Reply

      The attached image is not loading.

      • Lauren Flanigan Reply

        (×880.jpg) forgive me… if you put this link into your browser it should work. however i have deleted it everywhere I can think to.

        • gt3themes

          It gives 404 not found error this image is not available on your server.

          • Lauren Flanigan

            Ok my apologies, the issue I keep running into is that no matter what image I upload to the theme, no matter the size.. I always get this message back from gtmetrix (image) is resized in HTML or CSS from 1170×880 to 316×237. Serving a scaled image could save 122.9KiB (92% reduction). i’ve erased all images that were that size, and reuploaded them at the correct size, but still i get that error

          • gt3themes

            The images are resized automatically by the theme. You can consider gtmetrix data like recommendations.

          • Lauren Flanigan

            ok perfect! thank you for your help. I love the theme and don’t want to have to switch. ill just ignore that information.

          • gt3themes

            Thanks for choosing our product.

          • Lauren Flanigan

            When I contact my host, they say its something with the theme that’s doing it, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out

  69. Lisa Nguyen Reply

    Hi there! How do I get the home page to display 2 columns of posts? I can only seem to get it to display 1 column (aside from the widget section on the right-side). Is it because I’m only in ‘Live Preview’ mode, and it will adjust once I click ‘Save & Activate’? I don’t want to click save unless I know 100%.


    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Lisa! If you import the demo content, you will have the same layouts like on the demo.

  70. Lauren Flanigan Reply is there anyway to get rid of all the white space between the header and the body of the grid on my homepage? anytime I resize I lose resolution of the image

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello! We can do that only as a custom solution, which is a paid service.

  71. earliecia Reply

    Hi, i just installed your neverland theme. It’s great! I do have a question. When I choose the (blog) grid template the sidebar won’t show. What to do?! tnx

    • Catrina Reply

      Also hoping for an answer to this! My sidebar goes down to the footer…

  72. chumbo Reply

    Hi, how can I have the Instagram slider on the footer, while using the full width grid?

    • gt3themes Reply

      It should work on all the pages.

      • chumbo Reply

        Thanks, but it’s not showing up.
        I have the widget configured, but chose to not display the sidebar on the home page. Is there a way to only display the Search form and the IG slider in the footer?
        (website at

        • chumbo

          Hi, any ideas on this question about the Search form and the Instagram slider in the footer?

          Also, is it possible to show the categories (or tags) in grid/masonry format?


  73. Rosa Gregoire Reply

    Hi! I can’t find where to switch to the grid lay-out. Can you tell me where to find this option?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello Rosa!
      1. Create a new page
      2. Once its done, please select “Grid blog” and save the page
      3. Select this page as a front one in the Settings -> Reading.

      • Rosa Gregoire Reply

        Thank you so much! 😀

        • gt3themes

          You are welcome 😉 Thanks for choosing our product. Btw, can you please share your website URL or its in development at the moment?

          • Rosa Gregoire

            It’s in development but public, so feel free to check it out:

          • Rosa Gregoire

            It’s in development but public, feel free to check it out:

          • gt3themes

            Cool… Btw, you have a great hairstyle on the about me photo 🙂

          • Rosa Gregoire

            Thank you! 😀

  74. rhymeswithchaos Reply

    Hello. I modified the Neverland theme for a friend’s site and now comments are not appearing at all on her page. When I use the modified version of the theme on a test site they appear fine. Do you have any advice?

  75. Megan Dumas Reply

    I received this message when trying to upload this theme to WordPress: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” How can I fix this?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please unzip the main zip file and upload only the theme.

  76. chumbo Reply

    Hi, I am using the fullwidth grid on the Home page, but the Instagram slider doesn’t show up. How can I make it work? Anyone? Thanks! (

  77. gt3themes Reply

    You can check our tutorial on how to setup the theme

  78. Christy Reply

    How do you get the instagram slider to work? I have implemented / entered in all requested info. Pasted the code in under customize, general. Absolutely will not work.

    Would also be nice if you didn’t have the headers set up to all caps. I have tried to use the edit css function, but it isn’t overriding your settings to have those set up as all caps. I like Google handwriting fonts but they can’t be used efficiently when you have this set to all caps. Thanks.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hi there!
      1. We do not have the issues with the instagram, please make sure that you’ve put the right info.
      2. You have to modify theme css file or create a child theme.

      • Christy Reply

        The right info has been entered as to the instagram slider. I’m thinking it might be an issue with the plugin itself. Is your demo running the current version of WordPress? I ask just to confirm if it IS the plugin rather than the theme.

        Further, I’ve looked at the theme’s css theme. There is nothing in it? (stylesheet.css) So if I create a child theme, will the changes be implemented?

        • gt3themes

          You have to modify the css file which is inside the /css/theme.css folder.

  79. Jill Chua Reply


  80. hypeem Reply

    Is it possible to change the colour of the background of each post depending on author?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello! The background is not related to the author.

  81. hypeem Reply

    Is it possible to add a “read more” by automatic when the theme cut the text?

  82. Rosa Gregoire Reply

    I have another question about the theme: how do I get rid of the ‘featured posts’ block underneath every post?

  83. Suzon Mrn Reply


    I love this template! But I have a problem. On the “home” where we find the full articles. In the demo, you have 2 items 2 items. On mine there are sections 1 each time. So it’s huge and not very pretty. Is there a tool to define the number of items per line?

  84. Natalia Reply

    Hi, I can’t install the theme on wordpress. It miss style.css.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Do not install the entire zip file, because it has different folders inside. Unzip it and upload only theme zip file.

  85. Balle Millner Reply

    WordPress won’t allow me install the theme.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please do not install the entire zip file, because it has different folders inside. Unzip it and upload only theme zip file.

  86. hypeem Reply

    Is it possible to change where the text is cut off displaying posts at main page? Or add an automatic: “Read more…” link?

  87. Jeffrey Butler Reply

    Hello. I have a problem with the images. When i upload a image the “alt” dont show in the code of the page.

    • gt3themes Reply

      What images are you referring to?

  88. sarah Reply

    hey guys! I am in love with this theme! Just installed in my WP, but I have an issue with the sidebar. Can you help me? I want it to show on all pages and posts, and its not showing at /home.

  89. sarah Reply

    Also, I want my posts @ home to be as small as the picture above. The posts at my blog are huge! Your can check it out at

  90. Yohei Wakita Reply

    Hi! I love this theme and thank you for making this theme.
    I have a question, and it’s about Header image.

    It shows in PC, but it doesn’t appear in mobile (iPhone 6s).
    Is there any way to solve this problem?

  91. Laura Reply

    Hello, I love the theme, but when I load my website, the header picture “jumps” into place for a second. I uploaded the recommended size of 1920×1080, but noticed the demo picture with the trees is a different size – could that be the reason?
    Or is there anything else I can do to solve this?

    • Meredith Everett Reply

      I am having the same issue. It crops my header image even if it’s resized to required pixels.

  92. Nytrm Reply

    here is a little bug report:
    On smartphone sized screens, when the mobile menu is used, you can easily open the mobile menu, but you can’t close it again, if you after all don’t want to tap on a menu link, but stay on the site.
    A fix would be very nice!
    Thank you and greets!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Do you have this issue on our demo page?

      • Nytrm Reply

        No, your demo site menu works perfectly on mobile screen.
        The thing is: I tested the theme today on a completely new wordpress installation. I just Ultimate Member to have fast enough sites for the menu. I have sill the issue!
        I shot two pics to show what I mean. First one is directly from mobile phone, the second one is out of WordPress’ mobile preview. The menu is kind of overlaid and on mobile screen you can’t press the menu button again, if it once has been opened. On the WordPress mobile preview, you find some pixels with your mouse to close it again. No idea why I have this issue?

        I’m using WordPress v. 4.5.2–de_DE and your theme in version 1.0.0.

        • gt3themes

          Please provide your site URL, we will check it for you.

          • Nytrm

            My domain for testing:
            Theme is now online

          • gt3themes

            The info has been passed to our developers, they will check it.

          • Nytrm


  93. Shehla Ahmed Reply

    How do I change the text color from gray to black?

  94. Yva Reply

    Hi. I have set the blog page with left sidebar but the sidebar is not showing up. The same with categories submenu. It only shows up on the single posts page. Do you know how to fix that? Thanks.

  95. elena Reply

    i could not instal the them becouse the file style.css. is missing. what can i do?

    • gt3themes Reply

      Please download the zip file, unzip it and you will find the theme folder inside.

      • elena Reply

        I have done it. BUT the answer is: the same

        • gt3themes

          Its impossible. You upload the entire zip file to your WordPress thats the common mistake.

  96. Meredith Everett Reply

    How do I get the images behind the posts like it shows on the landing page on the demo? Likewise, when I am editing the post, how do I put an image/quote/link above the post as in the demo? Also, how do I edit the menu items at top of page?

  97. Harold Ambeau Reply

    how can i change the header size?

  98. Gabi Jardim Reply

    Hello! How do I add the Instagram Slider to the bottom of the page like on the Demo?

  99. Margarida Salvado Reply

    hello, thanks for the amazing theme 🙂 i’m a newbie around here and I have some doubts!!
    1. in your demo the instagram slider is static, but mine slides through the 8 images and I would like to stop it, I just don’t know how;
    2. are psd files for the social icons available? and how to you add different icons to the ‘socials’ in the header?

  100. Monica Stone Reply

    Hi! i’m trying to edit the css for the theme, but the stylesheet doesn’t seem to be set up like I’m used to. Where can I edit the font color & size on the home page?

  101. Natashai Ragavan Reply

    Hi! I am having difficulties with my header. It is the recommended size, however it is zoomed in on my site and the whole header doesn’t fit in.. The same issue on my mobile (even more zoomed in) 🙁

  102. Tammra Rashell Reply

    Hello. Can you tell me how to get the about author image and text to show?

  103. Tammra Rashell Reply

    I left a comment yesterday and now its not showing. My about author image is not showing. Can you tell me how to fix it? Thanks.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello! If its not available on the demo then it was not integrated in this theme design.

  104. Meredith Everett Reply

    What should the size be for featured image? My pics keep getting cropped and I can’t fix it!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hi there!
      What is the link to your website?

      • Meredith Everett Reply

        • gt3themes

          Sure, if you use for example portrait image, it will cropped and resized.
          Other images simply resized, like this one×880.jpg

          • Meredith Everett

            Ok I’m still not sure how to resize the images so they’re not cropped. This happens even with square images.

          • Meredith Everett

            Please help! I finally got the thumbnail to look normal (even though I’d rather it be larger) but the image is still cropped when you click on the page. I really need to know how to fix this.

          • gt3themes

            Please provide your wp-admin details and we will take a look. You can use the contact form on our website.

  105. Margarida Salvado Reply

    hello, thanks for the amazing theme 🙂 i’m a newbie around here and I have some doubts!!

    1. in your demo the instagram slider is static, but mine slides through the 8 images and I would like to stop it, I just don’t know how;

    2. are psd files for the social icons available? and how to you add different icons to the ‘socials’ in the header?

    • gt3themes Reply

      1. You have to limit the number of items to display in the widget settings
      2. We use fontawesome, you can check the full list of available icons here

      • Margarida Salvado Reply

        I have limited the number of items to display in the settings and it stills doesn’t work

  106. Amirhossein Rzd Reply

    I have created a child theme for this theme. I just cannot overrid the CSS files in the “css” folder of the parent theme.
    Could you help me please?

    I have the style.css working but cannot get theme.css to work.

  107. Em Sze Reply

    I need help with three things…1. How do I make the header image on all pages smaller? 2. I can’t seem to find how to install the links to the social media icons. Does anyone know how to do that? 3. How do I change the color of social icon and menu font?


  108. Anna Helena Reply

    How can I get the grid of the homepage onto my homepage? Now the posts show up for one for, underneath each other.

    • gt3themes Reply

      Hello! You can do that via Settings -> Reading.

      • Anna Helena Reply

        I made a grid page ( using the grid template, and selected it for the Reading settings, But no grid appears… what do I wrong?

        • gt3themes

          Please send your site credentials to help at gt3themes dot com and we will take a look. Thanks

  109. Tara Reply


    Is it possible to have a grid layout with the free version?? I’ve been trying to figure it out but am having a bit of trouble. Please let me know. Thanks!

  110. One Sage Mama Reply

    Beautiful theme but the zip file is invalid. Please fix soon!

    • gt3themes Reply

      Tested, everything works like a charm. Do not have the mentioned above issue.

      • One Sage Mama Reply

        Really? This is the message I get, “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

        Theme install failed.”

        • GrowersBrasil

          same here

          • gt3themes

            Pleas download the main zip fie and follow the instructions in the documentation.

  111. Laercio Civali Reply

    Anyone can help how to fix menu on top and a go to top button in the footer? Tks.

  112. GrowersBrasil Reply

    Would love to use this theme but I get this message, “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.”

  113. Tetelle Gadrat Reply

    @gt3themes:disqus is it possible to change the color of the menu? I have a white header background and as a consequence, the white menu is not visible. Thanks

  114. Lou Giet Reply

    Hello, I have a problem with subtitles. I would like tu use wp-subtitles but it doesn’t work with this theme (subtitles doesn’t appear) ? how can I do ?

    Please help 🙂

  115. Lou Giet Reply

    Hello, have a problem with the subtitles plugin. Doesn’t appear ! Please help :s

  116. Demi Lovato Nederland Reply

    I just installed this theme to my website. We really like the grid thing as our first page (for the blog posts). But I can’t seem to find how you can put that on your own page. Is there a way? Or was it with the download package?

    • Demi Lovato Nederland Reply

      I found it!

  117. Demi Lovato Nederland Reply

    Hi, in the end almost everything worked out. But I can’t seem to find out how you can get 8 or 10 post on one page, we new have 9, so we have a white spot. (the website:
    The “normal” way doesn’t work.

  118. Lou Giet Reply

    Hello, I have a problem with subtitles. I would like tu use
    wp-subtitles but it doesn’t work with this theme (subtitles doesn’t
    appear) ? how can I do ?

    Please help 🙂

  119. Karina Ramos Reply

    Hello! I absouleltly love this theme. It is the best seriously. I would like to add an instragram icon to the list of social media at the top. It was not included originally and I am not sure how to add it in white to match the others. Please help, thanks.

  120. naomi Reply

    Cant install because the style.css is missing! Help me out.

    • GT3 Team Reply

      You have to install only the theme folder. Please unzip the downloaded file and upload only theme files.

  121. Jon Page Reply

    Is this theme optimized for SEO? Thank you.

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Hi there!
      Sure, it is. You can use Yoast plugin to make it more SEO friendly 😉

  122. anne Reply

    there’s no grid option in the static page. when i click latest post it doesn’t show any other options like in the tutorial video

  123. Anais Reply

    Hi there ! I imported the live demo, but I still have only one colum and no two… Can you help me ? Thanks

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Please read the documentation that comes with the theme.

  124. Marcus Reply

    is there a way i can remove the watermark at the bottom? or perhaps pay for it so that it looks ‘white labelled’?

    • admin Reply

      Yes, there is an option to do that, please send a request to help at gt3themes dot com

  125. Sid Reply

    I did get an email with download link.
    However, on clicking the link, I get an “Invalid Download Link” Message

    • admin Reply

      It sounds really strange, just tested the download option, it worked fine

  126. suzhe Reply

    how to download it? have no received

  127. Defne Reply

    Hej there, it says the stylesheet.css is missing. What does this mean?

    • GT3 Team Reply

      It means that you are trying to install the entire zip file with Documentation, PSD and other files inside. Please download it, unzip and follow the steps in the documentation.

  128. Rosa Reply

    Hey! I have a question about the excerpt/summary that shows on the front page of my blog. Can I change the summary of a post to something I want instead of the first few lines of the blog? I tried excerpts, but that doesn’t seem to change anything. Thanks!

    • GT3 Team Reply

      Hi there!
      Can you please provide your site URL to better understand what you mean?

  129. Hanna Reply

    How is it possible to see an excerpt (teaser) of an article in the frontend that I have changed manually? I don’t want to see the very first lines of my articles but an individual text. Thanks 🙂

    • Hanna Reply


      for those of you who would also like to have individual teaser / excerpts on your pages. I changed the following code in the single.php and it worked:

      ‘ . apply_filters(“the_content”, to_excerpt(strip_shortcodes(get_the_content()), 23)) . ‘
      ‘ . apply_filters(“the_content”, to_excerpt(strip_shortcodes(get_the_excerpt()), 23)) . ‘

      So, just change “get_the_content” to “get_the_excerpt”

      Happy changing 🙂

      • Hanna Reply

        Oh, I forgot. If you would like individual excerpts on your category-sites as well, you just have to change get_the_content to get_the_excerpt in the file loop.php, so that it looks like this:
        ‘ . apply_filters(“the_content”, to_excerpt(strip_shortcodes(get_the_excerpt()), 50)) . ‘

  130. Jennyfer Vogel Reply

    where can i edit the social incon’s links ?
    Thanks! 😀

    • Hanna Reply

      Hi Jennyfer,
      I had the same issue. You can change them by clicking on “customize“ > “general“ > scroll down to the bottom to “socials“. There you find the Html-Code for social media-icons (font awesome). Hope I could help 😉

  131. Magda Reply

    Hello, I cannot find where I can edit social media links. Please help

  132. Magda Reply

    And how can I do grid in categories? I have only in homepage but I need in categories as well. Please help. Thanks

  133. Andrea Reply

    Hello, How can I change the language of the comments part ? I’m french, I would like to translate “Leave A Reply”, “Logged in as ….. Log out?” and “Submit comment”. Please help me to find it in the code… there’s too much informations! Thanks

    • Hanna Reply

      Hi Andrea,
      you can edit this part in the the comments.php. There you just search for “leave a reply” and got the lines you need. ( ‘title_reply’, ‘logged_in_as’ and ‘label_submit’).
      Remember before doing this, you have to change the file authorization from 664 to 666 (per ftp). Otherwise you cannot change the file.

      I hope this helped 😉

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